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"Barking Allowed. Big Personalities Rewarded..."

Posted by Pia

While I am typically not one to ‘judge,’ last weekend I did just that! I was invited to be a judge in the “Go Dog Go” fundraiser show for HeARTs Speak, an organization that offers a unique and creative way for artists of all ages to help homeless animals.
The first annual “The Go Dog …

Strike A Pose.  Save A Life.  Part Deux.

Strike A Pose. Save A Life. Part Deux.

Posted by Pia

I recently shared the story of fashion photographer extraordinaire, Richard Phibbs, focusing his lens on the plight of shelter animals. Having now had the good fortune to spend a day with Phibbs, his crew and the NY shelter staff- who he very accurately described as amazing- I’m here to share my account of ’shelter …