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Our friend Hope

Posted by Francesca

This is a story of Hope. Hope was adopted by Robb Schwartz who is an Ad Sales Manager for Martha Stewart Living in the Chicago office. Robb and his wife adopted Hope from the Furry Friends Foundation in Chicago, IL when she was only 10 weeks old (she is now 5). Her breed is …

We found the garlic and onions!

Posted by Francesca

The other day, Martha and Shaun, the gardener, were discussing the fact that the onions and garlic needed to be harvested. Shaun had planted many, many varieties of onions last spring and there was plenty of garlic planted last autumn. Sharkey and I heard them talking about how you must cure the crop …

Dinner Party Etiquette

Posted by Francesca

Martha really enjoys having dinner parties and Sharkey and I asked if it would be all right if we could sit at the formal table and take part in the festivities. Of course we reviewed all the rules of etiquette, as Martha likes us to be very polite. I think you can see …

The scent of a Lily

Posted by F&S

While Francesca is still resting up from the Lyme disease, I decided to go outdoors and look for some pretty smelling flowers to bring indoors to cheer her up.  Right now, Martha’s lilies are in bloom so I headed out to the lily garden.  I learned something interesting.  Although lilies are gorgeous flowers, not all …

Recuperation and Hitting the Books

Posted by Francesca

Sharkey told you yesterday that our veterinarian, Dr. Marty, told me that I had to rest because I have lyme disease. What fun is that? To help pass the time, I hit the books and did a little research about my breed in French Bulldog A Comprehensive Guide To Owning and Caring For …

What you don't know about stuffed animals

Posted by Sharkey

I always suspected that our stuffed animals come to life when Francesca and I are sleeping. She insisted that they do not. I wanted to prove her wrong and then I remembered about the BirdCam.  Martha likes to use this camera to take pictures of birds outside. It is …

Francesca's baby pictures

Posted by Francesca

Martha has some pretty amazing books in her library, including this one about me. I know how adorable I am, but wait until you see these baby pictures. I am just too cute! Well, little wonder – I have an impressive pedigree. Make sure to click ON the photos to make …

Sharkey's baby pictures

Posted by Sharkey

You know, we dogs grow up so fast and it’s hard to remember ever being little. The other day when we snuck into Martha’s library, Francesca and I found some documents with pictures of us when we were tiny. It said something about pedigree. Make sure to click ON the photos to make …

Pinheads?? We don't think so Mr. O'Reilly!

Posted by Francesca

Mr. O’Reilly, the bark stops here..

We are not “Pinheads”, we are Frenchies. You’re only jealous because you are not as witty and cute as we are. YOU are in the dog house for giving us a RUFF time, stop being a “Bonehead”.  Fellow canines and all animals,  rally around us!
Because WE are the ones …