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Meet Sharkey

I was born on February 18, 2005, in Trappe, Maryland. While my personality is laidback and easygoing, I’m always ready for a good adventure. If I see something I need to chase, like a squirrel, for example, I’m out the door and across the field without hesitation. I also really love to intimidate the donkeys even though a kick from them would probably really hurt. Francesca complains that I’m much too spontaneous and daring, but I just really like to have fun. I think Franny believes that I’m just not as smart as she is, but she is a bit of a snob.

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We Speak Out

Posted by Sharkey

Recently, our company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, invited its employees to attend a meeting called Speak Out.  Franny and I were asked to attend because Martha wanted everyone to know how famous we are becoming.  I must admit, that part of the meeting was pretty interesting.

Bunnies everywhere!

Posted by Sharkey

Last week, Martha had our friend, Marc Morrone, on her TV show and he taught the audience all about pet bunnies. Francesca and I were watching it at home and it’s a good thing we weren’t at the show because Martha said right there on television that Francesca would probably go after …

A gorgeous portrait of me and Francesca

Posted by Sharkey

In celebration of our new blog, artist Rachel Rossman painted a really special watercolor and sent it to Martha.  It’s of me and Francesca!  We really like her painting technique and she used very pretty colors.  You should check out her Web site to see more of her work.  

Opening an email on our laptop

Posted by Sharkey

Somebody sent this computer link to Martha the other day and when we clicked on it, we were really surprised by what we saw. There was this pug inside the computer screen and it was licking, licking, and licking. Francesca seemed really upset and was trying to communicate with the pug. I …

Francesca and I visit the donkeys

Posted by Sharkey

Franny and I went for a nice long walk recently, when I noticed that the donkeys were out in their paddock.  They looked like they were having a relaxing time, so I decided that I would go and stir up a little mischief.  I really enjoy playing tough with Clive, Rufus, and Billy.  Francesca says …

Skunk attack

Posted by Sharkey

OMG!!! You will never believe what Francesca got us into.  It’s no secret that we, French Bulldogs, love to chase squirrels. In fact, I love squirrel hunting so much that I really wish I knew how to climb up the trees right after those little critters. Well recently, we went outside for some fun and …

Our trip to the TV studio

Posted by Sharkey

Recently we took a car trip to New York City to be on the Boss’s television show.  The segment we appeared in was about healthy pet food and it will air soon.  Television can be such a demanding medium, but we’re professionals, so we’re game for anything.

Playing in the snow

Posted by Sharkey

Just before Christmas, Francesca and I got dressed in our finest holiday garb and went out into the powdery snow for a little romp.  The snow was deep and it was difficult for us to run.  Francesca, who isn’t as tough as I am, thought that the snow was just too cold on her feet …