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Meet Sharkey

I was born on February 18, 2005, in Trappe, Maryland. While my personality is laidback and easygoing, I’m always ready for a good adventure. If I see something I need to chase, like a squirrel, for example, I’m out the door and across the field without hesitation. I also really love to intimidate the donkeys even though a kick from them would probably really hurt. Francesca complains that I’m much too spontaneous and daring, but I just really like to have fun. I think Franny believes that I’m just not as smart as she is, but she is a bit of a snob.

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Shopping for Martha

Posted by Sharkey

Last weekend, Martha took us to one of her favorite nurseries called Hardscrabble Farms, located in North Salem, New York. Miraculously, there was a break in all the rain we’ve been getting and Martha was able to choose some pretty plants, with our help, of course. It’s always fun for us to visit …

Sharkey's baby pictures

Posted by Sharkey

You know, we dogs grow up so fast and it’s hard to remember ever being little. The other day when we snuck into Martha’s library, Francesca and I found some documents with pictures of us when we were tiny. It said something about pedigree. Make sure to click ON the photos to make …

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Posted by Sharkey

The other day, we were trying on our Juicy Couture and the little cashmere sweaters were so warm and cozy that we started to doze off. But, something smelled really good and startled us from our nap.

Skunk attack again!

Posted by Sharkey

Oh why, oh why do I like to run after skunks? I guess I get all wrapped up in the thrill of the chase. You know, when you’re strategizing the critters every move, it’s easy to forget how it smells. Well this time, I avoided the tomato juice routine because Martha had …

Working out at the gym

Posted by Sharkey

Recently, when we were out in the Hamptons with Martha, we wanted to stop at the Southampton Gym and visit our friend, the Mascot called Charles. He is a bulldog, but an English bulldog and you know how tough they are. Franny and I don’t think that English bulldogs are as refined as …

Sneaking into Martha's library

Posted by Sharkey

The other day when Francesca and I snuck into Martha’s library, we spotted a book about a French Bulldog (Ankle Soup) and decided to give it a go.  We liked it because it was very adventurous and just a little scary at times.  It was written by Maureen Sullivan and illustrated very nicely by Alison …

An update from our friend Karen Tracy

Posted by Sharkey

We know how sad you all were about the horrible explosion and fire that took place at Karen Tracy’s Pazzazz Chow Kennel. Fires are really, really scary. Karen posted this comment on Martha’s blog and we asked her if we could honor Karen by sharing it with all of our furry readers.
This is …

Hunting for Easter eggs

Posted by Sharkey

Don’t you all just love a good Easter egg hunt?  Francesca and I put on our Bunny ears and tails and went outside and had some fun.  We wish you all a happy Easter and Passover. 

A road trip with Uncle Carlos!

Posted by Sharkey

This past weekend when Martha went to Palm Springs, California, Uncle Carlos took us for a road trip up to Maine. He was helping Martha out by delivering some props to our home, Skylands. Francesca and I love, love, LOVE going places with Carlos. He makes it so much fun for us …

We Speak Out

Posted by Sharkey

Recently, our company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, invited its employees to attend a meeting called Speak Out.  Franny and I were asked to attend because Martha wanted everyone to know how famous we are becoming.  I must admit, that part of the meeting was pretty interesting.