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Meet Sharkey

I was born on February 18, 2005, in Trappe, Maryland. While my personality is laidback and easygoing, I’m always ready for a good adventure. If I see something I need to chase, like a squirrel, for example, I’m out the door and across the field without hesitation. I also really love to intimidate the donkeys even though a kick from them would probably really hurt. Francesca complains that I’m much too spontaneous and daring, but I just really like to have fun. I think Franny believes that I’m just not as smart as she is, but she is a bit of a snob.

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What you don't know about stuffed animals

Posted by Sharkey

I always suspected that our stuffed animals come to life when Francesca and I are sleeping. She insisted that they do not. I wanted to prove her wrong and then I remembered about the BirdCam.  Martha likes to use this camera to take pictures of birds outside. It is …

Our photo shoot at the office

Posted by Sharkey

As you know from Friday’s blog, we Frenchies had a very important engagement at Martha’s offices and studios at the Starrett Lehigh building in New York City.  Because of our great beauty and fame, we were called to be part of a photo shoot, modeling the latest in Halloween costume couture.  As usual, the craft …

Custard and Mustard

Posted by Sharkey

I really love a good book, don’t you? Last April, I blogged about a book called Ankle Soup all about the adventures of a French bulldog named Carlos. Well, I guess Carlos has a hard time sitting still just like Franny and I do. Now there’s a new book about Carlos visiting the …

Staff meeting, Sharkey speaks out

Posted by Sharkey

Last Friday, Martha called a staff meeting for all of the workers on the property in Bedford. She had many things to discuss with them about jobs and procedures. Of course, Franny and I wanted to join in. The meeting was a big success and even I contributed to the agenda.

Our very own picture pins

Posted by Sharkey

Uncle Carlos takes us to so many places and we meet so many great people. To advertise our blog, he thought it would be a good idea to make picture pins for giveaways. We agreed, so we posed patiently while Carlos took a photo and then he did his magic. We …

Dogs and blooms

Posted by Sharkey

Francesca and I decided to take a little ride around the farm yesterday to see what was in bloom. There were so many beautiful flowers to look at and so many nice fragrances to smell. You may wonder what it’s like living with Martha and her gardens and all we can tell you …

We like birthdays

Posted by Sharkey

Last Friday was Chiiring Sherpa’s birthday and since Martha was out of town, she asked us if we would deliver the very nice gift she got for him. We did a great job wrapping it and drove the Kawasaki down to the equipment barn. The guys were eating in the lunchroom there, when …

We want bicycles!

Posted by Sharkey

Franny and I have been doing a little thinking about objects on wheels.  We have already mastered driving golf carts and Kawasaki vehicles and now we have a keen interest in bicycles.  The problem is, they are so big and our feet don’t reach the peddles.  If anyone can make it happen, it’s Martha!  Two …

Practicing our Yoga

Posted by Sharkey

Francesca and I have been watching Martha practicing yoga for so long.  In fact, humans seem to be crazy for yoga.  We dogs, however, were born doing yoga and it comes very naturally to us.  I mean, they even name yoga poses after us.  By the way, how is your yoga practice coming along?

A visit to the New York Botanical Garden with Martha

Posted by Sharkey

Recently, Martha took us to the New York Botanical Garden. She actually got special permission to take us there because dogs usually are not allowed on the grounds. Knowing this, we, of course, were on our best behavior. The reason Martha went there was to plant the Martha Stewart Culinary Herb Garden, which …