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I entered this world on December 13, 2004, in Pinewood, Minnesota. I’m a bit older and certainly far wiser than Sharkey. Like Sharkey, I’m also friendly and quite curious, but I’m more cautious about letting my curiosity get me into trouble. I must admit that we do have fun together. I just know when to stop. Martha describes me as being a bit obsequious, but that’s just my ability to pull the wool over her eyes. I’m just clever! I do have a high opinion about myself, and my fashion sense is magnifique! In fact, Je suis fabuleuse (I am fabulous.)

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What we think about Obama, Bo Obama that is!

Posted by Francesca

Well, it’s official! Bo, the White House dog is moving in. Too bad allergies had so much influence in their choice of a pooch because a Frenchie would really look good and influential in Washington. We can only hope that we, Martha’s Frenchies, will be invited to the White House for an …

More of our trip to Maine with Uncle Carlos

Posted by Francesca

Now that we celebrated Easter and Passover, we thought we should show you some more of our road trip to Maine with Uncle Carlos.  Once we crossed the Maine border, we drove for another four hours, or so, before we got to Skylands.  Of course, we did make some interesting stops and, by the way, …

Sightseeing in the Hamptons with Martha and Uncle Carlos

Posted by Francesca

Last weekend, we went to visit Sag Harbor and East Hampton with Martha and Carlos. You know, way out at the end of Long Island. Martha was doing something out there with her television show and we, of course, traveled along. We love going to the Hamptons because there are so …

No fair! We can't enter the big photo contest

Posted by Francesca

We’ve been hearing so much buzz about a contest on Martha’s Web site where pets can enter a photo of themselves dressed up in their Easter finery.  We wanted to win so badly because we heard that the prize was a year’s worth of our favorite Purina One dog chow.  We worked so hard getting our costumes …

Negotiating our salary!

Posted by Francesca

Since Sharkey and I have been working so hard on our new blog, fourteen hours a day and no overtime, we thought we might ask for a bit of compensation – $$$$$$.  We decided to go see Martha’s business manager, Heidi, down in her office in one of the stable buildings.  Sharkey was feeling a …

Pinheads?? We don't think so Mr. O'Reilly!

Posted by Francesca

Mr. O’Reilly, the bark stops here..

We are not “Pinheads”, we are Frenchies. You’re only jealous because you are not as witty and cute as we are. YOU are in the dog house for giving us a RUFF time, stop being a “Bonehead”.  Fellow canines and all animals,  rally around us!
Because WE are the ones …

What is that thing up on the shelf?

Posted by Francesca

The other day when Sharkey and I were dancing down in Betsy’s office, I was distracted by something perched on her shelf.  It really didn’t look like it belonged there and I wanted so badly to investigate.
A note from Betsy:  These stuffed chickens were a gift from Whiting Farms.  Whiting Farms raises specialty chickens so …

We go antiquing!

Posted by Francesca

Not too long ago, Martha took us antiquing in Stamford at The Antique & Artisan Center.  We usually stay outside in the car or walk around the neighborhood a bit, but it was so cold that the owners asked us in.  Their cute little dog, Parker, was there and we had an impromptu play date, …

The dog show behind the scenes

Posted by Francesca

Did you get to see the dog show the other day on Martha’s television show? Well, it was so much fun to be there with so many other fabulous canines. In case you missed it or in case you didn’t get enough, here are some photos for you to enjoy. Please let us know …

Our field trip to a place called St. Louis

Posted by Francesca

Bonjour! Recently, Martha packed our bags for the day and took us on a plane ride to a place called St. Louis, Missouri.  She had an important business meeting with our good friends at Purina and she wanted to show us off.  She said it was good business strategy.  Fortunately, Sharkey was on her best …