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Meet Francesca

I entered this world on December 13, 2004, in Pinewood, Minnesota. I’m a bit older and certainly far wiser than Sharkey. Like Sharkey, I’m also friendly and quite curious, but I’m more cautious about letting my curiosity get me into trouble. I must admit that we do have fun together. I just know when to stop. Martha describes me as being a bit obsequious, but that’s just my ability to pull the wool over her eyes. I’m just clever! I do have a high opinion about myself, and my fashion sense is magnifique! In fact, Je suis fabuleuse (I am fabulous.)

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Preparing for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Posted by Francesca

Martha was invited to make an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this evening. Now that we’re so famous, she wanted to share the limelight with us. We miss Conan, but we think Jimmy is so hot and very funny and we love watching him when we curl up with Martha. …

A going away present for Irma

Posted by Francesca

Irma, one of our housekeepers, announced that she was leaving to have a baby. Sharkey and I wanted to do something nice for her as a going away present. Martha says it’s always nice to bake something, but her ovens are much too big for us. Sharkey reminded me of a little …

A visit to Parrots and Company

Posted by Francesca

Uncle Carlos took us to Parrots & Company in Stamford, Connecticut to get canary food. We had such a good time. All of the toys for birds are really amazing – there are so many different kinds. The owner, Laurie Fierst, told us that each type of bird has different requirements for …

Mozart the cat is so serious!

Posted by Francesca

The other day when I was able to leave the kitchen, I tried so hard to get Martha’s cat, Mozart to play with me. I find those cats, however, to have very little sense of humor. And, they are so territorial and kind of bossy.

Wandering around the house

Posted by Francesca

Martha likes to keep Sharkey and me gated in the kitchen, where we usually stay out of trouble. But, whenever I see the gate left open, I like to wander around the house to see what’s going on. I usually find a fluffy cat or two and it’s fun getting them all riled …

Francesca's baby pictures

Posted by Francesca

Martha has some pretty amazing books in her library, including this one about me. I know how adorable I am, but wait until you see these baby pictures. I am just too cute! Well, little wonder – I have an impressive pedigree. Make sure to click ON the photos to make …

Owl at Cantitoe

Posted by Francesca

Today on Martha’s blog,  she explained that Betsy doesn’t like to let her cats outside because of the birds of prey flying around the farm. You know, she has a point because look what this owl did to our pal, the squirrel. Good thing we Frenchies are too big for these predators.

Juicy Couture makes a very nice cabana

Posted by Francesca

Martha gave Sharkey and me a cabana from Juicy Couture and it said something about assembly required. I thought it would be a good rainy day project for the two of us. Well, you know how it is – things don’t always go as planned.

Boat ride for Francesca

Posted by Francesca

Martha took us to a lake the other day where she was testing out a new boat. It was pretty exciting. Sharkey had a fun play date and I had some quality time with Martha.

Inspecting the new trees on the farm

Posted by Francesca

There was so much commotion at the farm last Friday. We heard that 500 Christmas trees were being planted as part of a reforestation project. We always like to keep on top of what’s going on so we decided to go and inspect the progress.