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Meet Francesca

I entered this world on December 13, 2004, in Pinewood, Minnesota. I’m a bit older and certainly far wiser than Sharkey. Like Sharkey, I’m also friendly and quite curious, but I’m more cautious about letting my curiosity get me into trouble. I must admit that we do have fun together. I just know when to stop. Martha describes me as being a bit obsequious, but that’s just my ability to pull the wool over her eyes. I’m just clever! I do have a high opinion about myself, and my fashion sense is magnifique! In fact, Je suis fabuleuse (I am fabulous.)

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Exploring Skylands

Posted by Francesca

Skylands is such a beautiful place to explore and we’d like to show you one of our favorite places way up on a hill. The ground is carpeted with moss and the path is covered with soft pine needles. We slipped out the door and went on a little adventure. Take a …

Our little escape at Jordan Pond

Posted by Francesca

Today on Martha’s blog, she has posted photos of the hike we all went on around Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Forest in Maine. It’s really a lovely spot to go hiking and Sharkey and I love the trail. When Martha and company stopped for a little rest, she took off our …

Making Cupcakes!

Posted by Francesca

Martha has been talking so much about cupcakes lately, promoting her new Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes book. We, Frenchies, have actually been feeling a bit left out because cupcakes look like so much fun and we can’t eat any ourselves.  But, we remedied that situation and came up with a plan – a no-bake cupcake made …

An Ambush

Posted by Francesca

On so many of these blogs, Sharkey and I look so poised and well-behaved.  While it’s true that we are those things, it’s also a fact that we love to run and chase and wrestle with each other.  Come and see what I mean.

Central Park Adventure

Posted by Francesca

Last weekend, Martha had some appointments in New York City and while she was busy with that, Uncle Carlos took us for a walk in Central Park.  That park is so big and beautiful and there is always so much to see and do.  It’s fun looking at all the people and of course, meeting …

Giving a tour of the property

Posted by Francesca

It’s a busy time of year for garden tours and people just love coming to see Martha’s gardens.  As you know, I am very fond of showing off the farm to visitors and this time it was a group from The Royal Oak Foundation.  And as for Sharkey, as usual, she went off and did …

Francesca gives a garden tour

Posted by Francesca

Yesterday, I looked outside and saw a large group of people standing down at the stable. I told Sharkey that we should go and investigate, but wouldn’t you know it – Sharkey spotted a squirrel and ran off chasing it. I didn’t mind because I soon found out that it was a garden …

Going to the office again

Posted by Francesca

Last week, Uncle Carlos took us to Martha’s offices in the Starrett Lehigh building in New York City. We had a very important engagement, but we wanted to be sure to see as many of our friends as possible. Carlos got us there nice and early and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and …

More artwork for our collection

Posted by Francesca

It’s time to pay a visit to Le Museé du Bulldog Français once again. This time the work is by John Rios of Grafix Jam.  This artwork came our way because John’s friend, Cheryl Robinson appeared on Martha’s show, demonstrating her craft called ‘The Crafty Buffet Oven.” You may recall that …

No dogs allowed again!

Posted by Francesca

Last Sunday, we piled in the car with Martha and Uncle Carlos and took a ride to Beacon, New York. It’s very pretty there because Beacon is on beautiful part of the Hudson River. Martha was going to a museum called Dia:Beacon and we, of course, had to wait outside for her. …