Sharkey Struggles Through The Snow

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Whew!  Do you think spring will ever arrive?  I cannot believe how much snow has fallen and keeps on falling.  The grounds crew has to shovel special paths for us dogs to go out and do you know what.  What do dogs do who don't have paths shoveled for them?

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Was I really so smart to venture so far to do my business?

1 Was I really so smart to venture so far to do my business?

All this snow makes me feel so cold and so very small!

2 All this snow makes me feel so cold and so very small!

It's like traveling through a very grand canyon!

3 It's like traveling through a very grand canyon!

Whomever shoveled this path could have been a little more generous in width.  Still, I'm grateful that someone shoveled at all.

4 Whomever shoveled this path could have been a little more generous in width. Still, I'm grateful that someone shoveled at all.

Oh, thank goodness!  I'm nearly there!

5 Oh, thank goodness! I'm nearly there!

Hah!  Would you look at this!  GK didn't even bother going away from the house, as I did.  I was trying to be ladylike, making my deposits where they won't be seen.  Men!  Who can figure?

6 Hah! Would you look at this! GK didn't even bother going away from the house, as I did. I was trying to be ladylike, making my deposits where they won't be seen. Men! Who can figure?

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  • :-) Sharkey you made me laugh, drudging through that deep snow just to do your business, and then to come back and find GK's turd near the house...too funny!

    So I heard from a snow fairy that it's your Birthday ~ Well how about that!....Wishing you a special Birthday filled with doggie cookies and other treats ...including our Love :-)

    We had tons of snow today! Kitty ran back into the house to go potty in her box because she didn't want to go in the snow. It was funny because she makes this sound prurrmeeww, like a squealing car running and sliding around after she's finished...then she sleeps all day....jeez

    Hugs to our Glue Squad buddies!
    delia & Kitty =^~,~^=

  • Good morning Francesca, Sharkey, GK and all our Glue Squad buddies!
    Well, first and foremost....Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Sharkey!!!! You are looking wonderful, girl!
    We are sure you will be showered with lots of presents and yummy treats. Enjoy your day, sweetie!
    Max here...I am glad my Daddy shovels me a pee path. I am like you, Sharkey, I'm too short and the snow is too deep. Brutus here, I'm much taller than Maxie and I love this snow, so bring it on. Of course, our yard is in need of some cleaning. But Dad can't do a thing about that now since everything is frozen. And yes, as guys we tend to go wherever we feel the urge. Girls seem to like their privacy.
    Our temps are climbing and Monday afternoon we had rain. Some freezing rain, but then just rain. We don't like the rain, but God didn't ask our permission.
    Brutus here...Boy was I ever mad at Mom Monday. I was outside enjoying life and it started to rain. She was busy cleaning the house and didn't notice the rain. When she FINALLY came to my rescue I was soaked! She dried me off and apologized like crazy...then she gave me treats. After the third treat I forgave her. But that freezing rain was not fun at all! I'll take snow any time over that yucky stuff.
    Well, it's late and the wind is blowing now. Geez! Funky weather indeed! We are going to bed.
    Pugs and wet smelly fur kisses,
    Brutus and Max

  • Men is right! :) They aren't very discrete in their piddling, now are they! :)

    Another snow storm is coming to NH this afternoon. Snow on top of snow. Rinse and repeat!

    The snow has to stop one day, right? :)

    Happy Tuesday to all...

  • Good morning everyone,
    Geez Sharkey, being that today is your birthday, maybe one of your gifts will be a wide lane for passing in the snow. Hehehehehe. Happy Birthday Sweet Sharkey. Have a great day.
    Anyone watching Olmypics? Can you believe they had to postpone some of the events due to fog? Fog? What is that? All we see is snow and more snow. Weather forecast for today? SNOW. At least 6 more inches. We took some snow off the roofs yesterday. We need a snow rake but they are all sold out everywhere. So we got off what we could with a regular rake. Snow and ice. That is my life right now. I am so glad I have so many hiding places for biscuits. Hehehehehe
    Love to all,

  • First and foremost Happy Happy Birthday Sharkadoodles! I can't believe you turn 9 years old today, you don't look a day over 4! :wink: (Thank you Birthday Reminder RubyGem Girl & Lynn) I think you should tell MommyM or Uncle Carlos that you need a bright orange snow jacket. Can't have your creamy self getting lost in all that snow. That G.K. I tell you. :wink:

    Well it snowed yet again in Chicago! :sad: Everyone even the snow lovers are worn out from it all. Now it is supposed to warm up so later this week the streets will become a goopy, slushy mess. I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe day! :smile:

  • Good Morning F & S

    Happy Birthday Sharkey!!!! And yes I am back :)

    F & S I wouldn't call that a path someone needs a lesson on how to shovel a poo path for sure. Mom was out there early this morning with the shovel more snow for us last night I'm SO OVER IT!!!!! I'm with GK sometimes even with a path since there is snow on the deck I'll just do a pee pee right in the snow :)

    Mom is still talking about her dinner with Ruby's mom too bad I couldn't go. And no presents for Zoe from this trip however Aunt Lynn sent us lots of Prince Warrior Biscuits at least someone loves me.

    Well not a lot of computer time for me today mom has to go shovel out her car and get to work.


  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, Happy Birthday sweet, beautiful Sharkey! Sure hope you have a great time today and stay warm and safe with all of that snow you keep getting! It was so nice to see you in these photos today and it must have been rough going through so much of that latest snow! So glad you got back in the house OK! Will you be having a party today! Sure hope so! It was so much fun to see you and F&GK with Martha, Carlos, and Laura traveling all around Martha's beautiful Bedford farm in that latest heavy snow! Glad you stayed in the Kawasaki! Be sure to hug your buddies for me and Martha, too! Nice to hear from Delia and Kitty, Brutus and Max, Gail, Maddox, Sonya, and Zoe this morning and hope the rest of you buddies can comment, also! Love you all! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Girls & all my Glue Squad Buddies,
    First of all, I am tuning up so you can hear me through all the snow drifts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BFF SHARKEY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU......and many more. Could ya hear me Sharkey, could ya, could ya? I know you will have a day filled with lots of surprises. Have a grand birthday from Ruby Gem.

    I think whoever shoveled your path, has never tried turning around in a narrow spot. Come on snow crew, you can do better than that tiny, little narrow path for the kids. We had it 69 on Sunday and low 60's yesterday. I noticed the sparrows are starting to nest in the pipe condo Dad made. I am so sorry for Mother Nature being at all the "grass" shops here in Colorado. I have seen her going in, not too far from here. I think she is having a biiiig party and has frozen the East Coast in time. I am in muck around here. What little snow we have gotten is melting into mud muck. I just want everyone to be safe--no roof cave ins and the like. Be careful, stay warm, and do a little butt vrooming in the snow for Ruby and have a GEM of a day.
    Love and licks,

  • Happy birthday, Sharkey!
    Being a short guy, I do my doo any place I can. The snow along the driveway is getting so high that I can hardly lift my leg! It's a big stretch sometimes when I try to write my name..he,he,he...
    Boy, what a day we had yesterday, giant snowflakes with lightening and thunder, then sleet, then rain all with wind and now there are a bunch of snowballs on the lake and in the fields. If anybody need birch twigs for a project, well just let me know. We have a bunch. Mimi and the kids still went out to lunch and the movies. I thought they were nuts. But they made it back o.k. They saw the Lego Movie and gave it 5 stars.
    Warmer temperatures the next few days. Whew.
    Enjoy your birthday, Sharkey & say "hi" to the rest of the gang.
    Your pal,

  • Hello all you GS buddies: Firstly Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Sharkey! Have the best day ever, hope you get lots of treats and a big slice of Birthday cake! We love cake (of any kind), but then again we love to eat anything, except green things, we don't eat green things! Your path looks very narrow, we just bound in the snow, find a good spot and everybody squats! Don't need to shovel for us, we are good to go! OK, moving along to another topic now, more snow again. The drifts are so high its like climbing a mountain to get to the other side. Supposed to be getting warmer, won't that be a muddy mess when it all melts. Well gotta go, Miz Lu is outside enjoying the fresh air, Martha is downstairs sleeping with her human sister Sam and I'm going to see if there are any cats that need herding. Everyone be safe, Love Riley boy.

  • Happy Birthday dearest Sharkey!

    OK, now over at our house none of us have the mad skills of a Martha Stewart and her wonderful staff, but at least OUR snow pee paths are wide enough for Frenchie butts, have scenic turn-outs, passing lanes, and rest stops. And that's just in our long but narrow little back yard. Shocked, shocked I tell you that Francesca Baby, you, and that *boy* GK wouldn't have something more elaborate ;)
    A bientot!

  • Hi Y'all,
    Happy Birthday Sharkey!!! Hope you're having a great day!
    And yes, we boys take our opportunities when and where we can. Just the way it is! Poor Zeke, his equipment is so low to the ground, he really dislikes getting out in this mess, a path or not.
    Kirby, did you feel the earth shake the other day?
    Ruby, got the cards today! Thank you!
    Rebel, snow and thunder, not a good omen! Means more snow! We're having warm weather this week, but Friday it could get stormy. Not looking forward to that!
    Hope everyone had a great day and a good evening!
    Dixie Boy

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