Yesterday Was National Dress Up Your Pet Day!!!

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Did you know that yesterday was National Dress Up Your Pet Day?  How many of you Glue Squad members got dressed up?  Martha's employees were encouraged to bring their dogs to work in outfits and stay there for the day.  We Frenchies donned our Martha Stewart Pets outfits from PetSmart and went to the office to join in the fun.

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Yesterday, January 14th was National Dress Up Your Pet Day.  Here we are in a couple of new outfits from the Martha Stewart Pets Line from PetSmart.

1 Yesterday, January 14th was National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Here we are in a couple of new outfits from the Martha Stewart Pets Line from PetSmart.

Don't I look adorable in the Champ Hoodie?

2 Don't I look adorable in the Champ Hoodie?

And how about me in this wonderful Raincoat, which is perfect for this rainy day!

3 And how about me in this wonderful Raincoat, which is perfect for this rainy day!

We better be going now, we wouldn't want to miss all the excitement at the New York office!

4 We better be going now, we wouldn't want to miss all the excitement at the New York office!

All MSLO employees were encouraged to bring their dogs to work for the day, all dressed up, of course, preferably in Martha Stewart Pets apparel.

5 All MSLO employees were encouraged to bring their dogs to work for the day, all dressed up, of course, preferably in Martha Stewart Pets apparel.

A table was set up in the clerestory with extra dog apparel from our Pets line for borrowing purposes.

6 A table was set up in the clerestory with extra dog apparel from our Pets line for borrowing purposes.

These outfits are adorable!

7 These outfits are adorable!

It was a popular table!

8 It was a popular table!










































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  • Hello Girls, G.K., & all my Glue Squad Buddies,
    Boy oh boy,is this a date on the calendar, that I am glad my Mom didn't see. I must say everyone looked quite "fetching." Hehehehehehehehehe

    Actually, I do have a favorite----#28, our buddy G.K. You go buddy!!!!! I hear talk of a Broncos bandanna for the big Sunday game. That is the most you will get on me at this point, is a colorful bandanna.

    I am very supportive of those that participated however. I can tell bright colors are the in thing for this spring. There should be a kitty dress up day at work too. Hey, did you all hear about the kitty superbowl on Superbowl Sunday, like the puppy one last year? That should be cute.

    Have a GEM of a day all.
    Love and licks,

  • This was interesting to see the same outfit on different types of dogs. For some reason I had always pictured the outfits the way they would look on a French Bulldog!

  • Good morning girls,
    That must have been a fun day yesterday. Someone should gave told the Glue Squad. They could have sent pictures in wearing their Martha Stewart pet outfits. Karen had a chow puppy that went to a very nice person in New Jersey. The puppy was named Bella Rose McFee and the lady took her on a shopping spree to Petsmart. OMG. That puppy walked out of there with so many outfits and toys, unbelievable. Karen told the lady that she will only be able to wear these things for a short time as she is only 10 weeks old now but she will grow fast. The lady said that is why she got all the outfits now so she can enjoy them while she is little. She even wore an outfit and a big bow on her head when the lady took her to the vet for a get to know you visit. Naturally, the staff fell in love with her as did the vet. And Bella Rose McFee was eating it up cause she is the kind of puppy that thinks the world revolves around her and apparently it does. Hehehehehe
    Love you all,

  • Good Morning F & S

    Okay tell me what day it is ????? What day??? It's HUMP DAY :)

    Glad my mom missed that date - dress your dog up silly - whewwwww escaped that one.

    So let me tell you how my day started. Mom wakes up does her normal routine. I hear the dog bowls coming out so I stroll down for my breakfast, enjoy a nice meal and it goes down hill from there. The next thing I know she is following me outside in the dark with a flashlight with a tinfoil thing she made trying to catch my pee as I'm going - really???? (I should have known something was up when she was boiling aluminum foil and a tiny jar last night) So I survive that now I'm trying to poo and here she comes with the darn flashlight again, plastic bag in hand waiting for me to finish. Can a girl have some privacy please!!!! All this before I go get a cold stick up my butt!!! Can I tell you I'm not having a good day already.

    Now I don't even feel like blogging I'm going to go hide.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Wow I didn’t know there were that many little dogs at Martha’s work place. I liked them all and would have a hard time picking just one. If I did have to pick one, that would be the dog dressed up like GK. But wait, was that really the illusive GK? I had to think really hard to come up with that word. Hehehehehe Now I’ll have to take a nap and rest my brain. It was cold this morning with frost on everything; 30 degrees. Now I know that isn’t cold for a lot of you out there but it sure feels good in Georgia. Now I’ll have to listen to everyone complaining about the cold weather today.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, How fun to see you two beautiful girls in photos #1,2,3,&4 and handsome GK in #28,29,&40 plus so many other charming dogs in all the rest of these great photos! All of you must have had a fantastic time at Martha's office all day long! How fun it was that there were extra outfits from Pet Smart made by marvelous Martha! Sure wish I could wear one of those outfits, but I just can't do it! Hope you all had a great day and Mom had fun seeing some great tweets about this yesterday! Ruby, a Kitty dress up day and a Dog dress up day would always be fun to see! Maddox, how fun to hear about Bella Rose McFee and would love to see a photo of her! Zoe, sorry you had so many problems! My Mom always clears up my poops every day and puts them somewhere else so I have a clean place to use every day! Will check back later to see more comments! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Sharkey, photo #2 of you in the Champ Hoodie should be put in the "cutest photos" album of you! The same outfit looked great on several other dogs in the photo series, too. I wonder how you would look in the outfit, situated next to G.K.? Hmm...

  • :-) Now that's what I call cuuuuute!! Seems the Lion outfit was a big hit, it looked adorable on all the dogs that wore it., especially Sharkey...guess it's my favorite one too!
    I can't believe all those cute dogs, they are so precious, hope they all were adopted ;-)
    GK didn't need an outfit he wears one every day.
    How is our special Lynn doing? Hope you are feeling better and that Ruby gives you plenty of love licks.
    Kitty is upset because of all the snow that fell, she looked at the open door turned around and ran off, making a noise just like a car peeling off...too funny.
    Hugs to all my buddies here and hope everyone is well. For me, this is the first real winter that my body aches from arthritis ....sure sign of going down hill :-(
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • What a delightful fashion show! :)

    I checked my closet and nope, none of my apparel is quite as snazzy as shown above!

    Sun is out, snow is melting...there is hope. At least until the next snow event!

    Happy Wednesday!

  • Good morning ladies,
    Boy, oh, boy. Do I like that lion outfit! Mimi has to go to Staples today & just down the line is Pet Smart. I'll have to tell her we need to go check it out! I wore my "woof" sweater.
    Maddox and G.K. don't need outfits, they have their natural lion costumes on all the time! Their fur is too pretty to hide.
    Ruby, have you ever tried to dress a kitty? We'll need to hear from Delia & Kitty about this topic.
    It is so nice to know that Bella Rose found a happy home. Mimi says that she would write to the breeder and send pictures for the 1st year to the breeders of the Shelties. The dogs they had before me. They were Rocky and Sandy. Their registered names are too weird for everyday. LOL
    Zoe, baby, you have my sympathies and full understanding for your trials today.
    Your pal,

  • Morning Girls & Glue Squad Buddies - How fun to see the newest fashions and all the new faces. Sharkey, just love the lion outfit on you. Mom had to take a double look. Great seeing GK also, he was busy checking everyone too. Well, it has finally stopped raining, it really shorten my day yesterday and outside time was very limited-did I mention I don't like soggy grass & wet paws!! Makes "nature calls" questionable. Ruby, you night owl, hope Mom isn't allergic to the grass. Zoe, hope your appointment goes well. Maddox, sounds like Bella Rose McFee has a loving & forever home. Dudley Do Right, are you going to try a new receipe from Martha's new videos? Rebel, sounds like you will have new sprouts before everyone else in your garden. Chloe, so you will have Jaime Grace visiting during the week, what kind of adventures do you have planned? Kitty, stay warm, remember the snow will melt and you'll be outside before you know. Abby & James Dean, where are you? Hi Dixie Boy & George, Brutus & Max, Martha, Lucy & Riley and all my friends.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow
    Greetings to all my friends.

  • Good morning everyone! Hump day Hellos!!!
    Thank goodness Mom didn't know about the Dress your dog Day yesterday! She would have nabbed Maxie for sure. Me, Brutus, not so much. I think she's pretty tired of wrestling with me from the weekend and that bandage and IV bag. Thank goodness all that is gone now and I can say my foot is feeling fine. Thank you to everyone for all your nice messages.
    GK great seeing you! As always, you are looking good.
    Zoe, we both feel your pain and embarrassment.
    Maddox sounds like Bella Rose found a wonderful Mom.
    We woke up to snowing, but then it stopped. Just a tease. Major bummer.
    Must be off, things to do.
    Pugs and lots of kisses,
    Brutus and Max

  • Nice pictures! We didn't know that yesterday was a special day. We don't dress up all the time, but I have been wearing my favorite red sweater a lot lately since it has been so cold. And Millie even had to wear one of my coats the last time we went to the dog park, and Millie hasn't needed to wear a coat since we lived for a while in Boston. Although we usually have things custom made for us by our Auntie Ellen, the sweater and coat are both Martha Stewart PetSmart items.
    A bientot

  • Hello all our GS buddies, F&S and GK:
    What a bunch of fashionistas! Very, very nice on the little dogs, don't know if we could squeeze into anything. We have so much fur that we are just fine in our "au naturel" outfits!
    Well the last few days have been quite warmish up here, and of course, Riley boy once again took an unauthorized excavation job. OMG, what a mess, white dog turned black. Mom has had the "talk" with him, no unauthorized foundation excavations, but does that boy listen, not much. We saw what was happening, but did we alert Mom or Dad? No way, we knew he was going to get in trouble and we just let him go at it! He doesn't listen to us anyways. Last night everything froze up solid again, and it snowed yet again. Its just going to be one of those winters, lots of snow which seems so nice to begin with but by the end you are just praying it will end soon! Max, our black cat who is only about 9 lbs. appeared to be walking on water this morning, the water above the pool cover has frozen solid and even though Mom and Dad have fenced it off, he still can get in and cruise around the pool. We sure hope he knows the difference between ice and water! Need to think about how to keep him out of there - anyone got any ideas? Well, gotta go, Love and Beardie bounces Martha, Miz Lu and Riley boy.

  • ..dress up!..I wear my orange vest out every day..just so i don't get shot..some idiot on the logging road might think I am a Lucinda is an embarassament..I can hear and see the critters laughing and snickering in the bushes..she wears her leopard print sweatpants tucked in her rubber boots..with a giant coat and orange vest and a white sherpa Cora-Belle may have thought that was cool..but I say where are the fashion police??? later, Chewy

  • Martha's line has the cutest pet clothes! You two look adorable in your outfits.

  • So adorable!!!! I saw one cutie that really stood out as lots of personality... that would be Birkin.... the Smirkin... lol.... great idea martha!!!

  • Way behind trying to catch up. Wow do you and all of the other cutie dogs look adorable. My my my it's Mr. G.K.!!! :lol:

    Zoe I hope you are feeling better. Your Mama loves you so much, she'll do anything for you. Flashlight and boiled tin foil? Pfffft! :lol:

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