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Wowser! Are we ever getting some snow here in Minnowville!

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1 Minnow, "Mummy mummy, I'm a little nervous but I'd like to try sledding ok?"

Dr. Pia,

2 Dr. Pia, "Ok cutie! Let's try the Mini Minnow sized sled we got at a yard sale!"


3 Minnow. "Hey everybody....see the one 'sock' on my front right paw?"


4 Minnow, "Well my mommy tried to make some foot/leg warmers for me, out of this glove, but it didn't really work :( She's no Martha when it comes to crafts. But I still love her!"


5 Minnow, "Anyway... socks or no socks! I'm ready... let's sled mommy!"

6 "Why won't it go mama?"

7 "Umm.... I'm pretty cold...it's hard to stay warm being so little n' all..."

8 "I think I'm gonna go inside now mummy..."

9 "Brrrrr.... where are my siblings? Let's cuddle and get cozy by the fire!"


10 Luna, "I'll be right there Minnow! 'Just need to do like my friend Ruby and 'butt-vroom' in the snow a bit!"

11 "I'll be in in a sec Minnow! Need to make some paw prints in this white stuff so the wildlife know who lives here!"

12 "This is some quality snow here! And I just love a good frozen cocktail!"

13 "Hmmmm... that looks like a raccoon print! Or is that one of us canines? Maybe the Glue Squad can clue us in."

14 "Hey Luna! Maybe we should go in now and check on the kitties and Minnow!"


15 Luna, "Ok... I could use some warmin' up and critter cuddles anyway!"

16 "Let's go check on the fur kids!."


17 Minnow, "Ooooh! Cozy! I'm getting cozy here but it's awfully lonely!"


18 Minnow, "That's better! Cuddling is my favorite thing ever!"

Stay warm everyone! Cuddles are highly recommended!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Good morning Dr Pia and all!
    Couldn't see all the pictures, but loved the comments. You furry peeps are kinda like Brutie and me. I only go out when I have to and then I do my thing and get back into the house. Brutus stays outside until Mom and Dad tell him to come in. Of course he does have a few pounds and lots more fur than me.
    The "high" today is suppose to be 10. brrrr. Guess it will be another couch napping day.
    Stay warm, stay safe everyone!
    Pugs and frozen nose kisses.
    Brutus and Max

  • Hello Minnow, Luna, Dr. Pia and all my glue Squad Buddies,
    It is snowing here today, finally. Only a couple inches, but I will take what I can get. Tomorrow, 60's. Darn!!

    You all look like you are having fun. I want to know the name of your new sibling, or has she been a secret. I like her outfits, Luna. Very stylish indeed. Daddy is due home hopefully with some Rainbow Trout for me. Everyone cuddle up a storm and have a GEM of a day.
    Love and licks,

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, WOW! You sure did get a lot of snow where you live and we still haven't gotten any yet this winter! Minnow, you look so cute in your outfit and too bad those covers didn't work for your feet! You must have had fun ridding on that sled which was better than getting your feet so cold! Luna sure did have fun out in the snow and how fun it must have been to finally cuddle up afterward! I think photo #13 was of a raccoon's paw! Sure hope you stay warmer inside after being out in the snow for a while! Have a great weekend and I'm sending you a big hug! Brutus, sure hope you stay warmer and say Hi to Max for me! Hope to hear from more of you great buddies later! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Good morning everybody,
    Oh, little Minnow, that sled is swell. My Rebekah would love to pull you around the yard and give you a ride. That would include complimentary hugs and kisses, too. Mimi has been saying I need boots. I'll let you know how that works out. I've been running in and out so fast that I even skipped wearing my coat this morning. It sure is nice to have a pal like Luna. Keep warm everybody.
    Your pal,

  • :-) A good cold morning Dr. Pia, Minnow, Luna and Pit Bull! Looks like fun for the big canine...and of course Mini Minnow can't possibly like snow, even with that gorgeous coat...she is after all a Mexican chihuahua, they like warm weather ;-) oh Mini Minnow that sleigh is darling!
    We are going to go to a dinner and show at the Fireside tonight and it's suppose to be -25 degrees...right now about 0 wind chill -20 I'm not thrilled driving 20+ miles on Hway 26 at night.
    Kitty wants out so bad, she will try but when the door opens she runs back in...

    Have a great and safe day my GS friends...
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Good Morning Dr. Pia

    Minnow I feel your pain I hate this cold weather. My cute little frenchie butt does not like this polar vortex one bit!! Luna I'm sure you like the snow since your a big dog and everything. None of your private parts have to hit the snow :(

    I have no plans to leave my house today!!!


  • After watching the news this morning the 3 of us have made a pact to never complain about the amount of rain we get ever again. We know our buddies like Ruby & Luna don't have too much trouble with snow, but those of us are that are height challanged hate it when our tummys and other portions of our anatomy are dragging in the snow!
    Do you have a new friend Minnow? We have 2 Pit Bull friends that we just love to death! Bowzer and Doja obviously have never heard the stories about what BAD DOGS Pits are supposed to be...and mom says we aren't going to tell 'em! When Sophie was a tiny puppy Bowzer thought he was her mama and would herd her around with his nose and when she would lay down to nap he would curl up around her and not move till she woke up...it was really very cute...you would see this big red dog curled up around this tiny little black puppy. And when we go on walks together people stop and laugh at the 2 big Pit Bulls and their tiny little friends!
    We hope all our friends on the East Coast are snuggled in and warm and cozy! We have you all in our prayers!
    Chloe, Sophie & Mr. Mayer

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