Dreaming Of Warmer Times

Posted by Francesca

Like so many of you Glue Squad members, we Frenchies are having a difficult time going outdoors because of the frigid temperatures.  It's really cold on our little feet, not to mention other body parts.  We were looking through our photo archives and came across some photos, taken in warmer times, that we have yet to share with all of you.  Please enjoy this photo gallery of us and some of our friends at the farm.  And please, everyone - keep warm!!!

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  • :-) oh my goodness what adorable photos!...especially #26 of Sharkey, love the lighting! The Donk's looking out of the shed is so cute ...yes we want to see green grass, leaves and warm weather.
    We just came home from our dinner & show the 60's music and song...it was so much fun...now time to go to bed..Kitty is running around because she's happy we're home.

    See you in the morning...
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Good morning everyone ,
    This was a great blog today for everyone that wants warm weather. Karen was laughing at Francesca sticking her tongue out in photo # 11. She said that is what she says to the cold weather too. Now me, I enjoy it. Karen does not enjoy it because she has to go out and bring every one of us chows back in because we want to stay out and do face plants in the snow and side slides and roll on our back and kick our feet up. She says we are crazy. But then she stands out in the cold laughing at us. Now I ask you, who is the crazy one? We chows have double coats on. She is standing out there with a light jacket and shorts . I rest my case. Hehehehehehehe
    Well Glue Squad, we are into the weekend again. I think there is a big game this weekend. And then we move on to Nascar racing soon. Happy. Happy.
    Enjoy the snow, the weekend and each other
    Love to all,

  • Aw, just what I needed! These photos warmed my heart and my bones!

    Seems like the arctic weather will hanging around NH at least until next week. Yipes!

    Getting out the long johns and hunkering down!

    Happy Friday to all the gluey's! :)

  • Good Morning F & S

    Ahhhh one can dream of warmer weather, nice dirt to eat and grass to roll in :) Those pictures put a smile on my face.

    Well I do have some good news to report. I'm sitting on moms lap reading the paper this morning and there was an article about the polar vortex and the effect it has on those nasty stink bugs and skeeters. They don't do well when the temp stays this cold for several days like we've been having. So, maybe come this spring and summer those suckers will be outta here or at least not as bad. How is that for a Friday fact :)

    Ok enough serious stuff for me - what's everyone doing this weekend? Maddox the big game is next weekend - what kind of football fan are you anyway.
    We are getting more snow tomorrow - YUK. Only bright side is that I'm sure mom will be in the kitchen trying new recipes. Oh F & S she made a Martha cream cheese pound cake last weekend and it was really good.

    I might have to invest in some long underwear this weather is getting ridiculous.


  • Hey it's Frrrrriiiiiiiddddddaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!
    Now Francesca and Sharkey, we are not sentimental pups at all, but we have to say Ahhhhhhhhh.
    We just love the pictures. Has Martha thought about a calendar? Maybe to proceeds could go to a doggy rescue or something. We would buy some, that's for sure!
    Maddox, Brutus here, I'm with you. I'm loving these temps and all the snow. Max here...negative!!!!! I want to be romping in green grass and warmness.
    Zoe, we certainly hope the fleas and ticks get frozen this year. At least something good would come from all this.
    The temps around here are not expected to be above freezing until February! Now it's zero with a wind chill of -10. Yikes! And the weather geeks say we are getting more snow tonight and tomorrow.
    Shiver me timbers!!!!!
    We are going to find sometime warm and soft to nap.
    Have a great, warm and safe weekend everyone!
    Pugs and ice covered nose kisses.
    Brutus and Max

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, How nice of you two beautiful, sweet girls to show so many gorgeous photos of you two and GK enjoying your time all around the beautiful Bedford farm before the cold, snowy weather like you have right now! Sure wish it would get a bit warmer for you so you could wonder all around the farm any time! It was so much fun to see the donkeys and the horse and especially handsome GK again! Hope the weather gets a bit warmer and hope you all have a great weekend! We have been having foggy mornings and sunny afternoons with temperatures up to 50s! Was so nice to hear from Delia, Maddox, Gail, Zoe, and Brutus and Max so far and will check back for the rest of you buddies later! Stay warm! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Girls, G.K. and all my Glue Squad Buddies,
    Yep, Brutus and Max it's Friday. Yahooooooo!!! And only one week from Sunday for the Super Bowl and 2 weeks from tomorrow Mom and Dad get to meet Zoe's parents. It is a bummer I don't get to meet them, but I am in charge of the sign Mom and Dad get to hold up so they see they are MY parents. It is looking good.

    All these photos are so cool. I kept thinking this one is my favorite, and then the next one would come and that was my fav. Brutus and Max, we have suggested the calendar thing before too. There would be no work much to it as the photos are all in front on Martha's nose. As for the weekend here, it will be in the 60's with snow on Monday. We got 4 inches and it was in the 20's yesterday. I just seem to get quick little winter time views. Nothing like many of you are getting. A good deep snow for butt vrooming is what this girl needs. Now everyone have a GEM of a weekend and stay warm.
    Love and licks,

  • Thanks for posting the fun photos! Mom and I really enjoyed them. Our home city (Austin, TX) is covered in ice this morning, so Mom and I are stuck at home until the ice thaws this afternoon. Your blog brightened our day!

  • :-) again, Kitty and I enjoyed those photos of you F&S and the rest of the gang featured.

    Holy Moly it is WINDY! The snow blowing off the roofs swirling around, the noise is so loud, wind chime banging against each other, branches falling.
    Poor Squirrels are hunkered down in their leaf nests, which I'm sure will come apart.
    Wind is from the SW so bringing in a bit of 20's temp.

    Karen, really...Shorts? You silly girl! :-)

    Stay inside everyone and enjoy a hot cup of brew...I am, with a shot of Rum Chata in my coffee...yummy! ;-)

    delia & Kitty == (hunkered down)

  • Good morning ladies & G.K.,
    What a super idea. You made us smile this morning. I love Frannie's cute face in #6 and Sharkey sleeping & smiling in the grass in #27. Of course the pic with the entire gang was great, too. Oh, the donks, love the donkeys. Rinze, was that you? I can hardly tell the horses apart. Anyway, thanks for the green grass and sunshine.
    Have a great weekend everybody.
    Your pal,

  • Hello all our GS buddies: Yes, we are going into another weekend - aren't the days just flying by? We are so looking forward to Spring, today was brutally cold again. We are double coated dogs like Karen's chows, but last night we were all doing the chicken dance on our walks, its just too cold out there on our feet. Hopefully it will warm up just a bit! Well not too much happening this weekend, Mom says that if it gets a little warmer we'll go out to a large field where we can run like stink and burn off some energy. Riley especially is in need of some energy burning activities!
    Have a good weekend everyone, stay warm, stay comfy and stay safe! Love and Beardie bounces Martha, Miz Lu and Riley boy.

  • Hello Glue squad buddies,
    What wonderful pictures! G.K., Franny and Sharkey look stunning! Loved the close ups of the girls and picture of the donks too.
    Karen must be getting ready early for spring to brave this weather in shorts! Maybe Maddox is talking about another game, hockey or college basketball. He is very wise as everyone knows. So maybe the joke is on other people!
    Mom started running indoors this week due to frigid weather. She is eating all sorts of fruit and tried to get me to try a banana... please, do I look like a monkey??? Dog biscuits for me! Zoe, must be with me on this...
    Off to nap again before work and the polar dog walks. Keep warm everybody!
    Abby the pug/peke/frenchie polar dog

  • Just what was needed, warm weather photos. I see over on MommyM's blog G.K. who looked handsome as always was not in a snow mood but you two ladies were running like the wind. I would have been laughing silly to see those little Frenchie legs flying across the farm.

    I hope everyone stays warm and has a lovely weekend! :smile:

  • What a wonderful array of photos. This made my day. It is frigid here in Austin, but looking at all the sweet pictures of "The Donks", the horses, and of course the canines has warmed my heart. Stay warm and safe.

  • OK, yes I do know that the Big Game is not this weekend. I thought I could throw Lynn off. I thought she would start making the food for her party so Ruby could get goodies twice. But, that did not work too well. Sorry Ruby, I tried. Hehehehe
    Oh and by the way, Karen wears shorts winter, spring, summer and fall. The only time she had long pants on is if she had to show a dog at the dog show. The last time she wore a dress was when my human brother Scott got married. After the reception she took it off, rolled it up and put it in a duffle bag and all I know is the gown is still in that same duffle bag somewhere in one of the closets. Yup, that is my mamma. But I don't want anyone feeling sorry for us. She is a little quirky but she loves us with all her heart and we always come first with her. On the other hand, if anyone feels a little sorry for us, you can make us feel better by sending us biscuits. Hehehehehehehehehe. Just joking around.
    Maddox .

  • Afternoon Girls & Glue Squad Buddies - Happy Friday to all! F & S, your pictures are a breath of freshness. Seeing green grass, bare ground and smiles on your faces along with the donks, even though Rinze(?) might have had his blanket on. Ahhh, can't wait for spring and spending more time outside in nice weather. Even though I have a double coat like Maddox, and have had a few short walks, it's still too cold. Melt, snow melt.....sorry Ruby. Have a great weekend, stay warm..better days will be coming ;)

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • sharkey......tell your namesake Mr. Kevin i can't locate new blog/webspot/whatever......MISS his feature.......please put access on MS homepage........ p.s. keep warm by frequent snuggies with mommiemartha..... thanks...memoir & puppieperson oliver.....

  • Oh my goodness. What beautiful pictures. Francesca Baby you have no idea how much I loved seeing your pretty face. It's been so long since I was able to kiss that dear little Raven face, so Mom said she would try to figure out how to print one of the pictures of you up so that I could at least kiss that :) Sharkey, you are quite a stunning girl too, but you understand how I might just be a little biased-- that's how moms are! Thanks for ALL the lovely pictures, it made a grey, snowy day much easier!!
    A bientot!

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