The Power Of Positive Thinking

Posted by Ghenghis Khan

Hi Glue Squad!  I've been reading your comments and noticed that many of you were wondering where I've been, so I decided to post today's blog and show you all that I'm alive and kicking!

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Francesca and Sharkey told me to meet them in this paddock, but I don't see them anywhere.

1 Francesca and Sharkey told me to meet them in this paddock, but I don't see them anywhere.

I'll just run around and see if they're hiding somewhere.

2 I'll just run around and see if they're hiding somewhere.

Sharkey!  Francesca!  Where are you?

3 Sharkey! Francesca! Where are you?

Here we are, GK.  Sorry we're a bit late.  We were just giving instructions to the arborists who are here pruning some trees.

4 Here we are, GK. Sorry we're a bit late. We were just giving instructions to the arborists who are here pruning some trees.

Come on, GK!  Let's get our blood flowing!  It's cold out here.

5 Come on, GK! Let's get our blood flowing! It's cold out here.

Oh no!  You're gaining on me!

6 Oh no! You're gaining on me!

Let's see what you're really made of, GK!  I'll twist this way!

7 Let's see what you're really made of, GK! I'll twist this way!

And now, this way!  It's called the element of surprise.

8 And now, this way! It's called the element of surprise.

Now I'll twist back again and take off!

9 Now I'll twist back again and take off!

Now where did they go?

10 Now where did they go?

Oh well, there's no rule that says I can't run on my own.

11 Oh well, there's no rule that says I can't run on my own.

The freedom of running through snow is exhilarating!  If I wish really hard, maybe it will start to snow again.

12 The freedom of running through snow is exhilarating! If I wish really hard, maybe it will start to snow again.

Whoa!  Did I do that?

13 Whoa! Did I do that?

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  • GK!!!!!!! It's so great to see you finally!!!!!
    You run like the wind for all of us old farts who can't, OK? Maybe I can get my mind working on some snow here. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....ouch, now I have a headache. Whatever.
    I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! Yes, Mom baked bacon!!!! Yummo. Love that stuff.
    Kirby Bear, we are hoping your eye appointment went well. Our Mom has something wrong with her eye and she has to see some doctor today. It's all red and yucky and she hasn't worn her contacts in almost a week. (Don't tell her, but we think she looks nerdy in those glasses...hehehehe)
    Rebel--Max here (Brutus just hogs the computer sometimes) I think you have the right idea about grabbing your Mom's fleece robe and making a bed. I like to cuddle up in Mom's bed and slip under the blankets. Cozy, warm and comfy....can't beat that!
    Brutus back....move it smash-face...
    That's about it.....wait....what????? I did it, I did it, too!!!!! It's snowing here now!!!!! Woohooooo! Thanks GK!!!
    We're gone.
    Pugs and kisses.
    Brutus and Max

  • Good morning everyone,
    Well. Well. Well
    There you are son. Long time no see. You are as handsome as ever GK. And the photo of you looking back and forth and the one with the with the snow were my favorites. Oh, and I liked the one where you kicked your heels up. You looked like a bucking bronco on that one. Awesome. Where have you been boy? Don't stay away from the DW blog so long next time. A lot of people missed you including your handsome as ever dad. Hehehehehe
    As for the weekend, all I can say is Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain which in this household equals SHOVEL SHOVEL SHOVEL. it took hours to get this place in shape. I think Karen was out there shoveling from about 5 am till about 3pm. And we are supposed to have another big storm tomorrow. I am just glad I put a bunch of biscuits away for emergencies. Hehehehe
    Love to all,

  • Oh My, GK, you look wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I loved all of the pictures today. Especially the head turning one and the snow. That snow picture was magical. Soooooooo pretty. Martha had one like that with the donks not too long ago. It must have been from the same snowfall. If I had a bunch of computers I would put the picture of you with the snow on every one and just leave it on for the whole Christmas season. I miss you big guy.
    Love you very much,
    PS Glue Squad
    I hope everyone made it over the snow storm this weekend without falling, without any accidents on the road and without losing any power.

  • Just who I was thinking - G.K. and look there you are! I've been absent a lot too but I always try to at least check in. Love the animated G.K. Nothing like a good run with your sisters Franny & Sharkey. How hard is it to get you back inside after a romp in the snow?

    I hope everyone had a lovely and fun weekend. :smile:

  • Good Morning!!!

    I'm back :) GK it was a nice surprise to see you running in the snow this morning with the girls. I bet you stay nice and warm with that thick fur coat you have, I froze my butt off last week :(

    Mom made it home from Aruba Saturday before all the snow and ice hit :) Boy were we happy to see her. I have to cut it short this morning she needs to get in the office early. Did everyone send their lists to Santa? I hung my stocking yesterday :)


  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, WOW! OMG! I am so thrilled to finally see you outside in the snow at Martha's beautiful farm and you look so handsome and happy! I absolutely missed seeing you with Francesca and Sharkey for such a long time and now I'm absolutely thrilled and you look so happy in the snow! We have only had one day with a little bit of snow and might get some again later this week! I don't mind it, but will run like crazy when it appears! These photos look so great and I will enjoy them forever and can't wait to see much more of you with F&S and they are so wonderful, also! Hope you, F&S have another great day and I'm sending hugs to all 3 of you! So nice to hear from Brutus and Max, Maddox, Karen Tracy, Sonya, and Zoe early this morning and hope to hear from the rest of you buddies very soon! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello G.K., Girls and all my Glue Squad Buddies,
    Oh what fun it is to play in the snow and BUTT VROOM!! This is what I am talking about. Yahoo!! Boy oh boy can you kids play and run. Love the turning heads and snow. I keep trying to get it to snow, but it is going to be 60 until Friday, and then FUN FRIDAY. Yahoo and snow. I am so glad Zoe is back. Yep, I have written my letter to Santa and am being real good. Already a few things from the folks have trickled out. Keep warm all and have a GEM of a day.

    Love and licks,

  • Hello all you GS waggers: So nice to see GK on the blog, we missed you! Did someone say snow, OMG we got snow like you wouldn't believe - about 15 inches of snow and it didn't stop all weekend. Yesterday it did finally taper off and the whole street was outside shovelling themselves out of their driveways. Riley here - I went out front with Mom and found two other dogs to run up and down the street with - Penny the llaso apso and Babbit the pug. We were racing up and down the street (its a court and very quiet) while everyone was shovelling, I had such a good time! I was much bigger than my playmates, but I was very gentle with them. Mom finally got the car shovelled out and I still didn't want to come in. We all went for a walk later on, the only thing about walking in the snow is that our feet get caked with snow that is uncomfortable to walk on, Mom knows its time to head home when we are biting at our feet more than we are walking! Hope everyone's weekend was good, talk to you soon! Love and Beardie bounces, Martha, Miz Lu and Riley boy.

  • Good morning Big Guy!
    Boy, you'd have fun at my house! We have 8 inches of snow. I love your action pictures! Your head turning back & forth and the snowy one was really cool! Looks like the girls skedaddled off some place. Wonder where there went?
    Hey Zoe! Glad you're back on line! Have you been a good girl? Hope so with Santa on the way and all.
    I'll check back later to see how Kirby's eye is and what Ruby & Kitty and everybody else has been up to.
    Your pal,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Boy what a day this has been. Mommy and Daddy were up at oh dark thirty. They have been to Atlanta and back already this morning. They had to drop off someone at the airport for an early flight. They put me in charge of the house; I really took care of things. When they came back Mommy wanted to know why my hind legs were crossed. All I could get out was a weak, “I’ve got to go bad.” And boy did I have to go. Watered every bush, and tree, I came across. And then came the number 2; enough said. My vet said that the pressure in my eye was back up soooo, I have to have more eye drops. I have a total of three; one three times a day, one two times a day and the last one is every other day. I have to go back in two weeks. If the pressure isn’t back down, I will have to have my eye removed. Heck, I always wanted to be a pirate. Look out Long John, the sea isn’t big enough for the both of us.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi GK,
    It's been a while! Oh, but how you to run! Just like me! Mis says that I'm a beautiful runner, like a stallion! From frame 12, you are too! Mis said that the first frame was beginning to give her vertigo. Maybe you need one of those double-billed caps that states, 'I'm their leader, now, which way did they go?'. Keep up the fun!
    Brutus and Max, you're in rare form today! Have fun in the snow Brutus!
    Nice to have you back Zoe. Get any treats from Aruba? Maybe a box of warm sunshine and sand?
    Got to get to work patrolling the perimeter and soaking in the SUN! UPS is coming, and I must be ready. Although I did hurt my leg on Saturday, I must RUN!
    Have a Doggy Good Day Everyone!
    Dixie Boy

  • :-) Love the Animation...especially seeing GK on the move! nice to see you buddy, it's been a look great! :-) Boy those Frenchies got you going, they enjoy playing with you. Looks like you are in a paddock, guess so you don't go running off ;-)
    Zoe is mom all tanned from her vacation? Kirby hope your eye will be OK.
    Kitty is in and out, she can't comprehend the cold, she wants to go in the woods and visit with the deer and squirrels, but it hurts her paws to be so cold, anything over 20 is OK....she's inside right now and feeling sorry for herself.

    Hope you all will have a safe Holiday.
    Got to run and make some homemade refrigerator soup(left-overs)
    delia & Kitty =^,_,^=

  • Hello Handsome G.K., Francesca, and Sharkey,
    It is wonderful to see you G.K. running and playing in the snow with your beautiful fur flying! What great pictures! We really missed you and am glad to see you.
    Zoe, welcome back!!!! We certainly missed you too! I am glad your Mom made it home from Aruba before the snow and ice settled in. My Mom spent the weekend with the dogs and cats at work, walking the dogs in the snow and reading her books. Abby does not like snow as she gets a cold belly and is low to the ground. She had some chicken last night and is being very good. On the other hand I decided to decorate Mom's bed with hairballs while she was away. Hope Santa did not see that! Hope everybody had a great weekend! Keep warm ...purrrrs to Kitty.
    James Dean the persian boy cat

  • Good morning all...sounds like most of you had snow this weekend;we just had yuckie rain and fog, and Sophie and I hate the rain so we pretty much stayed in the house and did naughty things to make mom crazy. Sophies favorite game is to grab a roll of toilet paper and run like the wind thru the house with Mayer hot on her heels..then they play keep away with the roll and tear it into little tiny pieces so it looks like it snowed in the hallway. I do not engage in this type of behavier and watched from the back of the chair while mom cleaned up the mess and gave those 2 a stern talking to, thinking to myself, why does she waste her breath? Sophie is just bad to the bone and a born instegator...I say put her in time out, but she'd probly just eat the corner!
    Sure was good to see pictures of GK. He is such a cool dude! Bet he would be fun to hang out with!
    Our favorite little human will be here in a little while. Haven't seen her in over a week, so I just am to excited for words!
    Have a great Monday everybody
    Chloe, The Queen Chiweenie

  • For shame GK, wishing for snow! :)

    I'll bottle some up and send some your way. NH got about 9 inches on Sunday.

    But, with all that fur, I'm sure you stay well insulated on cold Wintery days.

    Were's the donks? Staying warm and sipping hot cocoa? Or a hot toddy! :)

    Happy Monday...

  • Evening everyone - Just couldn't let the day pass by without saying it is great to see GK up and about in the paddock and waiting for the girls to have fun and go running. Mom loved the animated pictures. We had snow and rain over the weekend, when Mom & Dad went out to clean up & shovel, it was wet and heavy; then it froze over. Good thing the cars were cleaned off in time. Now another storm is predicted for Wednesday :( . Maddox, Mom saw the Christmas tree for the White House last night on TV, they mentioned it came from your town, it was a beauty! Zoe, welcome back, bet your Mom had a great time, hope you were a good girl for Dad. Riley, sounds like you had a fun time with your new playmates. Kirby, hope everything will work out for your eye, I'll be keeping my paws crossed. Hope all my friends are doing okay.

    Till net time,
    Missy Chow

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