16 Months and One Microchip Later, One Lucky Family is Reunited!

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This family's happy tale truly underscores the importance of tagging and micro-chipping our fur kids!

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A very lucky Meko was armed with a microchip to assure safety... even after 16 months!

1 A very lucky Meko was armed with a microchip to assure safety... even after 16 months!

Meko's papa traveled 375 miles to fetch this lucky pup and bring the family back together!

2 Meko's papa traveled 375 miles to fetch this lucky pup and bring the family back together!

Having a tag and a microchip are the only way that a caring shelter staff (like the one at Yavapai in Arizona) can reunite a lost soul with his/her human family!

3 Having a tag and a microchip are the only way that a caring shelter staff (like the one at Yavapai in Arizona) can reunite a lost soul with his/her human family!

Mady and Meko are fortunate and have lots of catching up to do!
Be sure to watch the video from link in this post!

4 Mady and Meko are fortunate and have lots of catching up to do! Be sure to watch the video from link in this post!

From Ed Boks and Stacey Hawthorne at Arizona's Yavapai Humane Society:

How Meko made it Home for the Holidays
In July 2012, seven year-old Mady lost her best fur friend, Meko, when he was stolen during a family vacation in Parker, AZ. With heavy hearts, Mady's family headed home to California. They were devastated to lose their Meko.

16 months later and more than 375 miles away, Meko was found wandering along the side of a busy highway in Prescott, AZ. When he was brought into the Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) the staff was not prepared for just how lost Meko had been. After a microchip scan, some intensive research and a few phone calls later Mady’s father, James, was on his way to Prescott to bring Meko home. The long drive was fueled by his desire to bring some joy to his family, but especially for Mady.

Meko's homecoming was the best news this family had received since May of 2013 when Mady was diagnosed with brain cancer. The YHS staff hopes that there are more miracles in store for Mady and her family, and that this holiday season will be a time for this family to reflect upon the meaning of Meko’s return for one very tough little girl.
Wow! A huge thanks for the tireless efforts of the caring Yavapai Humane Society staff (and to Meko's family who went the distance to retrieve their furry best friend!!) Their efforts to connect the dots for one very lucky pup- and Meko's human family- resulted in a true miracle! Without tags and a microchip, such an happy ending would not have been possible.

No matter what anyone thinks regarding their pup- and whether or not he/she is apt to wander, be stolen, or get spooked and run- Please make sure to get a tag and microchip! Let's all do our part to assure that the necessary information is in place to get our precious fur kids back home.

Taking the time to tag and microchip is a simple, life-saving, step that every pet parent can take to assure safety in unforeseen circumstances! There is no good reason NOT to do this!

Consider giving the gift or a tag and microchip (contact a local vet or shelter) this holiday season to friends and neighbors who cherish their fur kids!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Thank you, Dr Pia for this great post. What a wonderful story. Here's hoping and praying the miracles continue for that family.
    The weekend is fast approaching. Mom has promised that the inside of the house will be decorated Saturday. We will see.
    Saturday night Mom and Dad will walk downtown to see the annual Carriage Parade in Lebanon. (There's always something going on here!) There's usually 100 or more horse or donkey drawn carriages...some minature horses and donks, too! And that's it...no bands, no cars, no floats. Mom says most of the carriages and horses are lighted and the drivers are in period clothing. She says it's magical. Maxie and I will stay home since there will be thousands of people roaming the sidewalks. We only live a couple blocks from the parade route so our tiny street will be packed full of cars and people. And Max and I will probably bark our brains out. We need to have fun too. Right?
    Hope we get some snow out of this "Winter Storm Watch" our area is under. Ruby...send some our way!
    It's bed time. (Max has been in bed for hours)
    Brutus...over and out!

  • Hello Dr. Pia & all my Glue Squad Buddies,
    This is such a wonderful story. Thank you to everyone bringing the family together again. I have a chip too. The folks say ever since they were available, all the dogs had them. I have many forms of i.d. besides the chip too--my parents name, number and address, the vet even has her name and number on the back of my Rabies tag. Not that I ever want to be Houdini Ruby again and anyone have to use these things, but good they are in place.

    Brutus and Max, your folks will have such fun at this wonderful parade. I will see the main street from the movie in my mind and imagine the parade. We liked the movie. Mom goes for that mush stuff. Is anything besides the Jam Shop real, like the Cafe. That was cool. You have a really fun, old fashioned town it looks like.

    Everyone have a GEM of a day. Shouldn't get above 10 here. Only got about 4 inches of snow. But it is fun.
    Love and licks,

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, Thank you so much for this great information about how wonderful Meko made it home for the holidays and that family was thrilled and so was Meko! Why people think it's Ok to steel a furry pet is hard to accept! Thank God she was found because she had a microchip and was extremely happy to be back home with her family! I have a microchip and I agree all furry animals should, also! My Mom never lets me go outside by my self and she is with me all the time! For some reason your photos are missing today and will check back later to see if they are present! Hope you and Minnow have a great day and weekend and please hug Minnow for me! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hi Y'all,
    I LOVE a happy ending so everyone go and get a chip. And our prayers for Mady to regain her health. Meko is probably contributing much to that end. When we are sick, it's nice to have a furry friend to keep us company and provide smiles and laughs. Hold on, Mis has to get a tissue, she's such a softie.
    I'll send my condolences now to those in the path of this latest winter storm. We'll only receive a glancing blow, but some of you might not be so lucky. We've had some bad icings here in the past, a couple we'd like to erase from memory. So, BE CAREFUL! And those temps! How do you handle being that cold for so LONG Ruby. I'd freeze my.....off. Mis would definitely have to turn the thermostat up!
    Brutus, that town sounds so idyllic. I would love to see that parade. We have holiday floatillas at the coast where people decorate and sail their boats into harbors for people to see. Around here we just have typical parades. The closest thing we have to your event is Benson Mule Days in October. Mis burned out on that one when she was in High School and had to dodge horses and people who shouldn't had been on horses, and a few that feel off their horses. Don't mix drinking and riding!
    Everyone have a Doggy Good Day and stay warm.
    We will, 72 today and 77 tomorrow.
    Dixie Boy

  • Good morning Dr. Pia,
    I am so happy that Meko found his way home. I don't have a chip, but Mimi has temporary traveling tags she puts on my collar. That tag has the address where I'm visiting.
    Remember friends, don't take a treat from a stranger.
    Brutus and Max, you sure live in a swell place. Mimi is like Ruby's Mom, Lynn. She loves old fashioned mushy stuff, too.
    Have a great day everybody.
    Your pal,

  • Hello Everyone: What a wonderful story Dr. Pia, we are so happy that Meko was reunited with her people. We are all microchipped (I think all breeders do this, but Maddox would know for sure)and have our names and parents contact information on our tags. You never know when you might be glad you have it on. Last week Miz Lu met Mom at the door and she just took off outside. Usually she doesn't go far, but of course as fate would have it, there was another dog walking way down the road, Lucy took off like a shot to find the dog (thank goodness there were no cars on our quiet street). Mom was running down the street with Lu's leash and of course Miz Lu thought it was all fun and games! Finally she was captured and brought home, but we all got a stern lecture on waiting to be invited to go outside. What a girl! Riley boy is going to the vet today, he is so pumped cause he gets to go in the car by himself, no one to share the attention with. He loves the car, and even the vet is not too bad, just a checkup and yearly shots. I, Martha am outside today as much as possible, it's 50 degrees outside now, but we are supposed to get a cold front coming through around lunch and it will drop to 0 in a matter of hours. Our poor fishes don't know whether to get up or go to bed (hibernate) cause the weather has been so up and down. Well, gotta go, talk to you all soon. Love and Beardie bounces, Martha, Miz Lu and Riley boy.

  • :-) what a great story that Meko was reunited with the family, but so sad to read about Mady...I pray for her recovery! It shows how blessed we all are, not having to deal with a terminally ill child, I can't even comprehend that...just like the passing of Maddie recently.
    Dr.Pia you have opened your heart and home to so many rescues....you are a saint! And as well as many here have done.
    I Hope Karen you can find the lost Lab his way home...what a gift that would be for his owners. Brutus and Max, hope your human family enjoys the Parade. Ruby are you still enjoying the "ONLY 14" snow?
    The sun is peaking out this morning and makes my heart shine!
    Kitty just went out, it's real windy but at least there is the sun, she loves to lay in...it was 56 degrees yesterday and today, well....it's mucho colder.
    Have a great enjoyable day my GS friends!
    delia & Kitty =^ . .^=

  • :-) if you get a chance watch this YouTube video that Dr Pia attached about Meko and Mady ....I shared it on Facebook :-)


  • Hello Dr.Pia and Minnow, and GS friends,
    Thank you for a very important reminder. When dogs board at Mom's work place sometimes people take their collars and ID tags off for baths. Mom always replaces the collars as soon as she can so they are never walked outside without identification. Even Jimmy wears an ID collar when he travels to the vet. Thank you for the great holiday reminder!
    Dixie Boy, you always bring a smile to my heart! I hope you and Mis have good weather down south and avoid some of this nasty ice storm. We are due for freezing rain tomorrow night so I am going to snuggle by Mom on a big quilt in a heated dog run overnight if we have to stay over. Its actually really comfy and with all the dogs snoring and sleeping nearby I feel so safe and part of the wolf pack.
    Kitty, Jimmy wants me to send you some purrrs and to Black Mama cat too. He knows all the presents but isn't saying a word... He gets a big Cheshire cat smile and writes "SANTA KNOWS" on a scrap of paper. So Glue Squad be good because he's watching.
    Abby the pug/peke/frenchie

  • Wow what a lucky little dog Meko is; and so lucky to have found her way home! Mom got the strangest look on her face reading about Meko. Long ago, in a life that didn't have Chiweenies in it, our mom lived in Prescott AZ...and that was after she, Lucinda & James had already had an adventure in living in the high desert in Congress AZ!
    Hope all of you that are having some warm weather are enjoying it...the high today at our house was 27' after being 14'on our porch at 4:30am...and how did we know what the temp was at Odark30?...Mayer jumped up out of bed about 10 min prior to that and was barking at the front window like a mad fiend and mom got up to investigate...we Chiweenies only get out of bed at that hour if there is food involved and we knew she would see no humor in us standing under the cookie jar and barking our heads off, so we took over Mayers warm spot under the covers and waited like 2 giant spiders for the Dobie wanna be to come back to bed and try and reclaim it...he's learning very quickly that you don't mess with the Queen when she is all snuggy and warm!...so he tunneled in on the other side of mom and didn't make a peep
    Friday is almost here. We have no plans except to stay indoors as much as possible and keep warm
    later Squaders
    Chloe, The Queen Chiweenie

  • For those of you interested in HELPING Mady's family, visit: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-mady-/75456

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