Minnow Has A Little Lamb...

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Minnow has a little friend named Sammi. And while Sammi is in fact a little canine, she is often mistaken for a little lamb!
And as it happens, Ms. Sammi recently got to meet a little lamb!

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On a recent trip to a local farmer's market, Sammi got to bump noses with a lucky little lamb who had been adopted by some kind humans...

1 On a recent trip to a local farmer's market, Sammi got to bump noses with a lucky little lamb who had been adopted by some kind humans...

According to Sammi,

2 According to Sammi, " My new lamb friend (a lamb is a baby sheep) was the only one left after the rest of her lamb kin were sold as meat. She was lonely and confused...."

3 "...but luckily her cries were heard by those willing to help and adopt her!"


4 Sammi, "I guess our curly locks and gentle lamb-like manner aren't the only things we have in common..."

5 "We both get to go everywhere with our loving adoptive humans..."


6 Sammi, "Most people don't realize that lambs/sheep and other farm animals are smart, loving, protective and each has a unique personality just like cats and dogs!" (Photo by Mike Lorrig)


7 Sammi, "In fact, farm animals often end up at local municipal shelters hoping to be rescued by a sanctuary or adopted into a family! They actually make great family members...."


8 Sammi, "Sooooo, I was thinking....maybe we could either adopt a 'lammie' sister for me... or at least sponsor one that needs help... then maybe adopt her....please mom...pleeeease"

I wish I could have been privy to the conversation between Sammi and her little Lammie!

While many might think that shelters and rescue groups house only dogs and cats in need of adoption- this is not the case. Many species of animal end up homeless and in need of help nationwide.

We all know that love and loyalty can come in in a variety of shapes and colors- but let's not forget that it also comes in a variety of species!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk


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  • Hello Minnow, Dr. Pia, and Sammi,
    I must make this quick today, as I am in the doghouse, well not really but in biiiiig trouble. I found an opening in the back 40 fence from the raccoons or a fox and just followed my nose to about 1 block from a busy 4 lane street and 2 blocks from a highway. When Dad found me, I was lost and happily got in the car. So my computer time is limited today.

    Sammi it is so nice to meet you and your lamb friend and others. You do look like a lamb and I am so glad you got to become friends with one. I had never seen one, but hear they are in mangers for the holidays. Thank you for introducing me to your friend.

    Have a GEM of a day all.

    Love and licks,

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, Thank you so much for another wonderful blog you shared this morning and I love seeing new friends whenever possible! You know me who loves meeting new people, cats, dogs, and other friends! How fun to meet your new friend Sammi and she is a doll just like you are, sweet Minnow! I would also love to meet that gorgeous little lamb! I hope more people will be kind and protect all animals! Hope you and Dr. Pia have a great weekend and can't wait to see you again! Dearest Ruby, sure hope you aren't in too much trouble and please stay safe! I'm never in trouble because Mom always goes outside with me and keeps an eye on where I am at all times! Mom is very busy all the time, but she always takes great care of me! I know your Mom takes great care of you and hope you stay safe! Will love to hear from the rest of you buddies! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • ..lost little lambs need homes too, all critters deserve loving homes..over and out, Chewy

  • :-) How precious, I love Lambs! They do have personalities and get attached to other pets/animals and people!
    Sammie you are as cute as a button, looking very sheepish (I mean, not a scardie-cat like) Minnow, does mommie Pia let you play with Sammie? ;-)

    Ruby, Ruby, Ruby what on earth were you thinking?? I about had a heart attack seeing your name....never put your forever loving humans through that again...you are just too loved!

    Kitty is prowling since the time change, hope she gets out of this habit. We moved our deck glass table next to the house and a small portion is under the kitchen window...when Kitty can't get us to open the door she jumps up on the table and looks into the window...really is funny and adorable.

    Weekend is nearing AGAIN!
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

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