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Something spooky is going on at our house...
Can't put my paw on it specifically....

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First of all, mom got these weird lights... Call me crazy but I think they look like human eyeballs!

1 First of all, mom got these weird lights... Call me crazy but I think they look like human eyeballs!

...And Luna encountered this unfamiliar feline-like creature ...

2 ...And Luna encountered this unfamiliar feline-like creature ...

3 "Her red eyes light up and flicker... I'm not sure if that is normal... I hope she is ok.."

4 "I'm really not sure what to make of all of this! Maybe a nap will help clear my head so I can make some sense of this strangeness..."


5 Minnow, "Ack! Luna....am I dreaming this or are we awake? Don't be alarmed but there's a creature on your head!"

6 "Seems to be yet another furry visitor... A soft little white monster of some sort..."


7 Luna, "Something about her seems almost unreal. She's kinda cute actually. Minnow, what do you think her name is?"


8 Luna, "I've got an idea!...If it turns out she doesn't have a home of her own, maybe we can adopt her and think of a really special name to give her..."

9 "Look Minnow! She fits right in! Mom adopted us when we needed a home... so maybe we can do the same for her"

10 "Minnow! She's trying to tell me someting... What's that little fur cutie? You'd like your name to be Sugar?..."


11 Minnow "Sugar! That's perfect... I think everyone will agree that Sugar suits her!"

12 "Awww... Luna look! Sugar is giving me a kiss! How sweet..."

13 "Ha! That's funny.... Luna did you catch that?... I said Sugar is sweet... Of course she is...she's Sugar! Am I witty or what?!""

What fun all of this is! I wonder what mom (Dr. Pia) and dad know about it all.

We should probably pow wow with our siblings and figure out a plan for how to tell them. They might be a bit freaked out at first, but something tells me they will share our willingness to either foster or adopt them!

This is so exciting!

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  • Minnow, you had us confused (granted it doesn't take much) today's post is dated October 2. Thought we were seeing double for a minute.
    Anyways....Mom has decorated for fall but no Halloween stuff yet. She says she's not sure if she will do any Halloween stuff. We live at the end of a dead-end street and we don't get any trick or treaters. Great Big Bummer. But our house looks fall-y and smells great! Of course the 6 loaves of zucchini bread she made Sunday doesn't hurt.
    Chewey...Brutie here. I understand all about protecting your family and house. I bark and show my teeth at just about anyone who comes on the front porch. I even use to jump up on the full glass storm door. Don't do that anymore. Mom was always afraid that I would break the glass. I've calmed down some, but I still don't like anyone coming onto my front porch.
    But you have found your forever home so don't worry about having to go back to that shelter. That's NOT going to happen!
    We are here for you and we are sending you good vibes.
    And remember that treats help!
    Now on to this hot weather. It's October! We have 80 degrees in October! Something is not right. Where is my cool autumn breeze? Where is my morning frost? Remember...frost on the pumpkins? Not happening with lows in the upper 50's!
    You all up in Canada start blowing that cool air my way!!
    Must be off....I'm too hot to type anymore.
    Only Brutus....Maxie is asleep next to Dad in bed.

  • Hi Minnow and Dr. Pia, Golly, I absolutely missed being able to comment on your latest blog yesterday! For some reason it wasn't here until this morning! Sweet Minnow, I just love all of the fun things you do for us and also love all the Dr. Pia does, also! These photos you shared were very spooky and you and Luna look so cute! Sugar and the feline cat are cute, too! Sure hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to hear from you next Thursday! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hi Minnow and Luna,
    What's even more spooky is that your blog was here early Thursday morning and then when we got ready to post, it was gone! Now it's back! Maybe Sugar is a magicians assistant? Great to hear from you guys. See you next week!
    Dixie Boy

  • :-) Oh Minnow you make my heart melt! Just looking at those big, beautiful, loving eyes...tell mama Pia to give you a kiss from me directly on your forehead between those sweet eyes.
    Luna is darling as well, so accommodating allowing that strange little mouse to pose on her. That kind of mouse you can play with and never hurt. You did great Luna ;-)

    I can't wait to see Kitty and give her a big kiss when we get home!
    So for now...tootles!!

    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

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