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With Halloween just a week away, Minnow and her siblings are busy deciding which persona to don for this year's festivities!

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1 "Minnow who? The name's Zsa Zsa...or Marilyn... Wait no... it's Brittany... Brittany Spears... Perhaps you've heard my music?"


2 Minnow, "Sheesh... I'm pooped! Rehearsing with my dancers for the upcoming tour is exhausting!"


3 Minnow, "So i'm thinking that If I wear one can say I didn't warn them..."


4 Luna, "So this makes me what exactly? A clown?... A marionette?... A cupcake? Confetti?.... I'm just not feeling it..."

5 "When it comes to TuTu's... I prefer to go couture... one with a tad more sophistication than your average pink get-up..."

6 "Argh... Ahoy... Yeah, as costumes go, this is much better ... maybe I should adopt a parrot friend to hang out on my shoulder... Please mom! Can I? Can I?"

7 "While most people think I'm a "Minnow"... truth is, I'm a mermaid! Yup... I said it! You heard it here! Mermaid's do exist... and 'yours truly' is one of 'em...Minnow, Minnow the mermaid..."

8 "Take it eeeazy mon... I mean Mom... Me and my Minnow are jammin to the mellow island sounds...spreadin' the love...ya feel me?"

Luna asks,

9 Luna asks, "Okay...guess who's the real Princess Leia... This one..."

10 "...or this one?..."

11 "Again... This one? Ooooorrr...."

12 "...this one?... Take your time... I know it's tough to tell us apart.... But just know that, 'the force is with you' as you decide..."

I guess we'll have to wait until next week to see what the ladies decide!

In preparation for Howl-a-Ween, please take a moment to review some important cautions about this particular holiday. This otherwise fun occasion can be particularly spooky for our fellow creatures- so please spread the word, or words... Part I and Part II ...about how best to keep everyone safe BEFORE all of the ghouls and goblins come out!


In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Well Minnow, we think you look like Brigit Bardot. Not Brittany! And Luna, you look about as happy with that tutu around your neck as I (Brutus) would look. (Max doesn't have a neck so he doesn't count)
    Luckily for us, we don't have any kids coming to our house on Halloween. Mom is always bummed about that, but we like it. Our house is the last one on a dead end street....with only three houses on the the kids don't even bother. Mom use to go over to our brother's house in a huge subdivision, but Gideon moved to the country. Mom loves Halloween as much as Martha, so we feel bad for her.
    Kirby we like the lion-look. Brutus is going for his spa day (Moms words not ours) this Friday so he will look like a giant beagle. Guess since Max is a Pug, he could be Pugsy Malone if we had a Fedora and trench coat. hahahahahaha
    Ruby, since your teeth are so sparkling white do you look like that one commerical of the dogs with the human teeth? hahahahaha
    Chewey, so, so nice of Lucinda and James to rescue that lost doggy and find his humans. You really did find a wonderful forever home.
    We are finally having our fall weather, Dad is raking and/or blowing leaves every day he doesn't work and Max has to supervise. And Brutus spends hours out on the patio enjoying the cool breezes.
    We are going back to bed now
    Pugs and kisses.
    Brutie and Maxie

  • Good Morning Dr. Pia, Luna and Minnow

    I hope mom doesn't get any crazy ideas about dressing me up for Halloween :(

    Lazy morning here today mom has a dentist appointment then heading to work. We got to sleep in which was really nice :) It would have been a lot nicer if she would close the windows and turn on a little heat!!! She is always warm and dad is always cold. I was buried under the covers last night in fact dad is still in bed I think I'll go dig in with him :)


  • Good morning Dr Pia, Minnow & Luna,
    Minnow, I've got to say that you have way more patience than I do! What is that thing on your head? Oh, okay, Mimi says it's a wig, now that I'm straight on that, I think you look marvelous!
    Luna, I tink I luv the Bob Marley look or the pirate, but the Princess Leia, how do you do that thing with your ears? wow....
    We have too many trick or treaters at our house. I am always exhausted.
    It's chilly & dark & damp here today. I have on my sweater and now off to my morning nap.
    Have a great day everybody.
    Your pal,

  • Hi Dr.Pia, Minnow, and Luna, WOW! You all look so charming in your Halloween outfits and I love your comments about Halloween, also! I have never dressed up for Halloween and we usually don't get anybody to come by to get candies! I'm sending big hugs to you because I love you very much and hope you have a great weekend! How is your weather? We are still having fog in our area and it's a bit cool, also! Chewy and Black Mama, are you getting daily fog in your area south of where we live near Puget Sound? Hope all is well down there! Nice to hear from you Brutus and Max! Hope to hear from more of you buddies real soon! We have such a busy time with 3 extra relatives living here and I have to help Mom daily to clean up the house and the yard, etc.! Love Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • :-) Hello mini Minnow and Luna, I got a good chuckle from these tolerant! Minnow I love your "I Bite" shirt and Luna you fit right in with the Jamaican head gear..
    So what is mama Pia going to dress up like? ;-) maybe the fairytale Gretal?

    I think Kitty would look great as a Raccoon, she almost passes as one now from the back ha ha
    Got to go pick up our new SUV for hubby, he is so exited, but I know he won't know what to do with all those fancy-schmanzy doodads in the vehicle...and boy do I NOT want to explain know, man's selective hearing. :-(

    Thanks Dr. Pia for the fun photos of your kids!
    Happy Day everyone!
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Hello Luna & Minnow & Glue Squad Buddies,
    I must say, I believe you 2 have been into the dog nip. Luna, you are doing better than me at wearing a costume. You look sooooooooooo happy in #4. I wouldn't even get that far. Maybe someday I will wear my tiara at least. Dad and I are probably going to be in another room when the treats are given out. Not sure what I will think of everything. Your costumes are very cool and clever. You and Mom should go as the 3 Muskateers. I am just anxious for Christmas time. Oh, the sugar plum treats, oh my. Have a GEM of a day.
    Love and licks,

  • thank you

  • Hi Y'all,
    We went back and read the old posts that you linked to Dr. Pia. Great advice. And especially for those with black cats. It's sad, but true that they can become targets. We keep a close eye on Matilda every year around this time although she's so skiddish I don't think anyone could catch her and if they did they would require stiches for sure. Mis still has a bad scar from one of her freak outs. And yes Ruby, Mattie is one of three cats that hang out here waiting for food everyday. Mis loves them for some reason. I mean what do they do? I heard that Mattie horned in on my turf this week by writing a blog and then George wrote one! Before long, Mis will be letting the groundhogs write! I've got to get back in control around here!
    We share our home with Matilda the green-eyed black beauty, Spade, the tuxedo clown, he's the oldest and Pungo, the tortoise striped raccoon look-alike. Zeke and Izzy have two cats named Tabitha, the cat from hell, and Solomon. They do outnumber us dogs if they were put together which isn't likely!
    Max, we don't have kids coming to our door either. I'd scare them anyway, it's my turf! We also live on a dead-end road with a few homes along it. The area churches do a great job holding Halloween parties that are safe and fun. Mis says that's better for everyone. We don't do Halloween anyway since it's become more goulish than fun. Mis says that there are enough ghosts here without living ones visiting.
    Ruby, Thank You for the card! It brightened Mis's day! She especially liked the part about the broom fitting!
    Chewy, great to hear that the pup had a home! Great work! It warms my heart to hear that he was reunited with his owners.
    Well we are having our first bout of cold weather. We are going to skip the first frost and go straight to first freeze Saturday morning. This morning was nippy and our temps will be in the 50's for a couple of days. Great weather for running around and playing. Zeke and Izzy love this time of the year. Me too! George is becoming acquainted with it. I think he's going to be a wuss about cold! HEEHHEHHEE
    Have a Doggy Good Day and it was great to see you Minnow and Luna!
    Dixie Boy

  • Hello Dr.Pia, Minnow, Luna and GS friends,
    Well I am very confused, Minnow are you really a Mermaid?? Or a merdog??? Maybe you were originally from Atlantis... at least that is what Jimmy said.
    Love the rasta look on Luna and the pirate!!! I think I will be batgirl again!
    We still have not caught up with all the glue squad news. Mom is getting organized today after her mini-vacation. Last night the whole household was buzzing with World series fever!!!!
    Missy Chow, how 'bout those Sox!!!!
    I am supposed to know about baseball but would rather suggle next to gran papa and watch ESPN. Cold and windy today, Mom said to send hugs to Dudley, Kitty, Maddox, Ruby Slippers and all my buddies.
    high paws and woofs,
    Abby the pug/peke/frenchie

  • It finally came to me Minnow, who you look like in your wig---if it was white---Marie Antionette. Love it.

  • Brutie and Max- Yes! Bridget Bardot! Much Better as she was a huge advocate for animals!
    Chewey- Pleeeese thank your humans for helping get that pooch back home! It's so important to step up and help our fellow critters!
    In Minship,

  • costumes!...It is a bit foggy and cold here in my part of S.W. Washington, i have just been lounging around and helping clean house and do laundry..Lucinda wonders how two people and one dog can be such slobs?!..I don't think we are slobs..just comfy!...we don't get trick or treaters either..too far off the beaten path..but we get candy and just in case leave all the big outdoor lites on..besides Black Mama we have two black feral we are all ready in the black cat dept...over and out, Chewy

  • Dr Pia, Luna and Minnow,
    Bardot get up looks cute, Pic 11 a winner. Irie mon...I mean Mom. Bob Marley get up for sure. Spreadin' the love everywhere. Love it.
    Have a great doggy day.
    Hugs and kisses,

  • Thank You very much

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