Howl-O-Ween Part II

Posted by Pia

I think Ruby here sums up Halloween best for our nations fur kids!

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Ruby speaks the Halloween sentiments of companion animals nationwide...

1 Ruby speaks the Halloween sentiments of companion animals nationwide...


2 Zoe, "While some beings choose to spend tonight hunting for candy, I prefer to spent some QT with my new toy..."


3 Zoe, "If I were to dress up...hypothetically... I'd make my own costume... Perhaps a mummy get-up like the one i'm making here...but that's just IF I were to do as the masses...."


4 Zoe, "Check out my mom's decorations! I must say, for a human, she does a pretty nice job!"

5 "Missy Chow here... modeling a genuine Martha costume. Note: Results may vary. Not all fur kids will produce such fabulous results."

Since Kitty refuses to dress up, mama Delia has to resort to her imagination to play dress-up!

6 Since Kitty refuses to dress up, mama Delia has to resort to her imagination to play dress-up!


7 Minnow..." Sooooo, who exactly am I supposed to be here?... A punk rocker... A teenager...I need a bit more to make this believable?"


8 Minnow, "Just hoping to blend in behind this kitchenware..."


9 Minnow, "Yeah, I'm a rocker...who wants to know?"


10 Minnow, "What you've never seen an orange Mohawk?..."


11 Minnow, "Being a rock-star is exhausting!"

12 "Make the photo black and white mommy and I'll pretend I'm a skunk! This is Fun!"


13 Max, "Ummmm, yeah...about the hat..."


14 Max, "Hmmmmm, trying to shake it off my head does not seem to be working...."


15 Max, "Did I mention that I HATE you?.... But, you can change that if you remove this silly contraption from the top of my head...pronto"

Cowboy Mouse,

16 Cowboy Mouse, "Yeehaw! I'm saddled up and ready to trot...meow meow horse kitty..."


17 Chauncy, "OK cowboy mouse, I will do this once and once only..."


18 Chauncy, "Do NOT tighten those reigns and do NOT pretend I am bucking you like a horse.... Let the record reflect that cats do not buck like horses..."


19 Chauncy, "Hey mouse-boy, let's be clear... I am doing this ONLY for the sake of the DW and to entertain my buddies on the Glue Squad... So settle in...Capice?"


20 Chauncy, "Excuse me...Did you just say Giddy-up? I'm hoping I heard that wrong... Well actually, YOU are hoping I heard that wrong..."

21 "So you want to know if my blond mane is natural?... Define natural..."

22 "If you come much closer, I'll assume you are asking to see my fangs..."

23 "Ummmm, just a heads up...this here adorable little vampire is about 1 blink from bearing her fangs..."

24 "I'm assuming that by 'evil', you mean...'exceptionally cute'..."


25 Luna, "Minnow! Look what we just got from Ruby's mommy... The prettiest Halloween card ever! Ooooh, this is fun!"

That said, Minnow, her crew, and a few friends on the Glue Squad reluctantly agreed to model a few more festive 'get-ups', as promised...

Enjoy your tricks and treats tonight- But please do keep in mind that Halloween can be dangerously spooky for our fur kids!
Be sure to share these important cautions and tips with others today:
Part I and Part II.
Stay Safe and...

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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    Ruby Gem, as always, you are looking lovely. And Zoe, love the Mummy look! Our Mom likes your Mom's decorations. Our Mom didn't do much outdoor decorating this year, but the inside looks like it's thrown up fall and Halloween. (Actually it's nicer looking than that sentence) are one brave and patient pup.
    Hey, we received a great card from Ruby Gems' mom as well! It is sitting on our entertainment center in the living room! Ruby, your Mom has so much talent!

    Now, on to the celebration....HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY CHOW!!!!!! Two years old today!! Such a youngster. Here is hoping you get lots of treats and no tricks.

    The weather is suppose to be nasty today...wind and rainstorms and...I hate to say this word...thunder! Yikes! I'll have to ask Mom to keep the basement door open today. I'll try to not bother her while she is sleeping, but there are no promises.

    We hope everyone has a happy, safe and fun Halloween. With lots and lots of treats!

    Pugsy Malone and Brutus Beefcake

    That will be as festive as it gets for me. I am cracking up looking at all the photos of everyone. Kitty and all the other cats are looking so fine. Mama Delia, you are showing the artist in you with your creativity on Kitty. Punk rockers, vampires, wigs oh my. We are sure a diverse bunch. And Brutus and Max I am laughing off my chair at Pugsy Malone and Brutus Beefcake, and envisioning too.

    Now for my special singing for a special friend and cutie in her punkin costume---For Missy, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Missy, Happy Birthday to you....and many more!!! Could ya hear me, could ya hear me??? Hope you get lots and lots of treats and party on.

    Hugs and boos,

    Enjoy your day sweetheart.
    Love to you,
    Maddox and Karen

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you to Dr. Pia. Well Howl-O-Ween is here. That means that I will have to stay inside and just watch the little children get their treats. I’ll bet that they don’t know that too much candy is bad for them. But just one day a year won’t hurt that much. Did I just say “one day” here. Gee I see some children with candy everyday while they are going to school. Now why would a mother give their child candy and then send them off to school? I would think that a good breakfast would be better for them. Well I can’t wait until the evening comes. Have a Howl-of-A good evening all.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good Morning Dr. Pia

    Thank you so much for posting all the Halloween pictures they were great :) That Minnow sure does like to model I'd be tearing everything off then chewing it up ;)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY CHOW!!!!! I hope you get lots of presents and treats today. Any big party plans?

    Mom got all the candy ready for the kids today and made sure she placed it where Sophie and T-Bone can't steal it. She knows how bad candy is for dogs but they don't care they'll eat anything!

    Happy Halloween!!!!


  • Good morning everybody!
    Happy boo-day to you all and Happy birthday to our Missy Chow, you're a big girl now!
    Against my will, I am wearing my black sweater with skulls all over. I guess I look tough, but I just don't like to wear stuff.
    Rainy here, too. The Grandkids are having a party at their taekwando class. They'll be stopping by to show me their costumes. I can hardly wait to see them.
    Mimi showed me our pretty card from Ruby's mom, I think it's a keeper. We'll put it out every year for decoration.
    Have a great day everybody!
    Your pal,

  • Hello Dr. Pia, Minnow and Luna: Happy Halloween to everyone and we just love the pictures, especially of the kitties and dogs and of course, Lady Ruby Gem! You have a fine sense of humour Ruby - we'd like to borrow that magic wand for a little while, perhaps it could make lots of other "bothersome" things go away as well!
    Missy Chow, we wish you a very happy Birthday - as the Duckmen from West Monroe would say, Happy, Happy, Happy!
    Everyone please have a very safe and happy Halloween - we unfortunately will have to stay downstairs with Dad while Mom gives out the candy, all three of us don't do the "Sit and accept praise" bit very well at all! We like to get right into the thick of the action, and Mom says we can't scare any little ones tonight, so we'll have to watch TV with Dad! Oh well, could be worse!
    Love and Beardie bounces to all - Martha (Miss tutu), Miz Lulu Tinkerbelle and Mr. Riley pumpkinhead!).

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, OMG! I absolutely love seeing all of these awesome photos that you shared with us right now on Halloween! Sweet Ruby, you look so wonderful and I don't wear outfits either! Zoe, you look so charming in your photo! Missy Chow, you look so sweet in your photo and I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday today on Halloween! Hope you have a great party! Sweet Kitty, you look so cute, but unhappy with that outfit! Have fun anyway! Minnow, I absolutely love all of your photos and you look so much like me in all of them! Beautiful Max, you are charming, also! Cowboy Mouse, you look cute, too! Chauncy, you look so cute in all of your photos! Love photos # 21 & 25, also! Sure hope all of you great buddies have a nice Halloween! A special thank you to Dr. Pia and Minnow! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • :-) Dr. Pia you did work magic, and splendid at that! Well the magic worked for Ruby girl....there she is sitting proudly without a costume and to boot on the Grass, yes that is magic!
    All the Pia fluffs are adorable, and the GS buddies just as cute. :-)

    Yes indeed mama Lynn is talented, so is mama Pia, see all the fun photos and her expressive and imaginative descriptions, they make me smile :-)

    Missy Chow have a Wonderful Woofable Birthday with the Love that surrounds you.

    As you can see Kitty was not a happy volunteer for a costume, but hey I had the upper hand here......he he

    It's raining cats and dogs here, hopefully it stops for the trick or treaters by tonight.

    Happy Thursday!
    delia & Kitty =^.¥.^=

  • Hi Y'all!
    Mis is sorry that she missed the memo Dr. Pia. Did I ever tell you that George rocks an Eddie Munster look. Mis has got to share some photos with you guys! Missy Chow, you look stunning! Kitty great look! Not everycat can pull off that look! Minnow and Luna, great looks for you too. Zoe, a tp mummy wouldn't last long on you! From earlier in the week, Franny, you make a perfect witch! You had the LOOK! Sharkey, Mis got such a kick out of you having a tail! Hilarious!
    Well another ho hum day! Lets just hope that George can stay out of trouble! Mis left us in the house for a couple of hours yesterday and George found her hiking pack. He's quite talented! Un-zipped every pocket and found prizes. Honey stixs all over the carpet. Wonderful!! Just love that dog! Ripped up some other things and thankfully had not broke into the pain relief bottle. Close call! She's going to get one of those puzzles for him to play with when she leaves. He may stay occupied trying to get to the treats.
    Mr. Mayer, that was a great job, alerting your family of the fire!
    Happy birthday Missy Chow!!! Have a Doggy Good Day!
    Let's see, we've likely forgotten alot of things that we needed to comment on but please don't feel slighted! Reading about all of you is fun!
    Got to go!!
    Dixie Boy

    Party it up and lots of hugs and purrrrs and woofs to you!
    love ya,
    Trace, Abby and James Dean
    P.S. Loved all the pictures of the Halloween dogs and cats!!! Party on Glue Squad like its 1918!

  • Thanks Dr. Pia for the great Glue Squad Howl-O-Ween photos.


    I hope everyone has a fun and SAFE HOWL-O-WEEN!!! :lol:

  • Happy Birthday Missy Chow from the Chiweenie family. Hope you have a spook-tacular day with lots of birthday treats and goodies!
    Ruby, how was dad's birthday dinner? We hope someone dropped some steak for you!
    This is going to be one great day! Besides being Halloween, our mom's favorite day of the year, our favorite little human is spending the day with us. After she and mom get home from her swimming lesson they are going to go trick or treating at the stores in town.
    Booo to you all
    Chloe, the Queen Chiweenie

  • cute must be halloween, Lucinda has a big spider bite this a.m., yikes!..Missy Chow, Happy Birthday to you!...we here at the farm/ranch will act naughty all day in your honor..really wet, so Black Mama and the tribe might have to hold off till later for a trophy mole hunt in your honor..enjoy your day!!love, Chewy

  • Hi Dr Pia & Minnow - Thanks for the smiles today with all the costumes; it's fun to get dressed up from time to time..Happy Halloween to everyone!!! I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes today. Even though I'm now "officially" in the terrible twos so to speak...I still feel like a pup.hehehehe..Mom says I've been in the terrible twos for some time...she has no sense of humor at all. ;) . I've been watching the front door for trick or treaters, but not a one..maybe the rain had something to do with it. Oh well, maybe next year. We'll talk in the morning.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Happy Belated Halloween! Love this sweet picture and funny sign! Ruby is a VERY smart doggie :-)

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