The Paddock Play Continues

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You may recall that on Wednesday, we Frenchies took GK to the empty paddock so he could run freely.  The reason the paddock is empty is because the two black sheep that used to live there have gone to live on a sheep farm, where their fleece is used to make yarn.  And by empty, we mean empty!  No manure to cause problems.  So, it's safe for dogs to run in.  Here's a continuation of Wednesday's fun.

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Let's play tag!  You're it GK!

1 Let's play tag! You're it GK!

Ha ha ha ha!  GK will NEVER catch me, as I'm the fastest doggie in the whole world!

2 Ha ha ha ha! GK will NEVER catch me, as I'm the fastest doggie in the whole world!

I think it's safe to slow down a bit.  Just look at that slow-poke back there.

3 I think it's safe to slow down a bit. Just look at that slow-poke back there.

Whoa!  No fair!  Where did you come from so quickly?

4 Whoa! No fair! Where did you come from so quickly?

You have it all wrong Franny.  I'm the fastest dog in the world!  At least, in our neck of the world!

5 You have it all wrong Franny. I'm the fastest dog in the world! At least, in our neck of the world!

Tag!  Now you're it, Franny!

6 Tag! Now you're it, Franny!

I'm gonna get you GK!

7 I'm gonna get you GK!

That's what you think!  There's a reason they like to put me in the paddock.

8 That's what you think! There's a reason they like to put me in the paddock.

It's because I run like a stallion!  And once I get going...

9 It's because I run like a stallion! And once I get going...

I leave everyone in the dust!

10 I leave everyone in the dust!

See ya later, Franny girl!

11 See ya later, Franny girl!

So whadda ya think GlueSquad - did I show her, or what?

12 So whadda ya think GlueSquad - did I show her, or what?

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  • Run like the wind, GK!!!! Run for those of us who can't!!!!! A few years ago, I could have kept up with you. But now even if I had my own paddock I could have run for only a few minutes, but regret it later.
    Moving on, now. You certainly DID show Franny who is King of the Paddock! You ROCK!!!!
    Hope everyone in Glue Squad land has a great weekend.
    The temps here are suppose to be great. I did hear the weather guy say something about thunderstorms Friday night. Not a good thing at all. I'll need to remind Mom to keep the basement door open.
    Must be off.....where is Max, you might ask? Snuggled next to Dad in bed. Slacker.
    Until later,
    Brutus.....without that little Beast.

  • Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Deeeeeeaaaaarrrrrr Lllllllyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnn
    Happy Birthday to you
    Love, Maddox and Karen
    PS - enjoy your special day
    We are glad we became a part of the Daily Wag and got to know you. You have become a very special friend to us and we treasure you

  • Good morning everyone,
    My first post was for the birthday girl. Now I have read the blog today and I am ready to comment. GK, you look great running in the paddock. I love to see you run free. And I know you truly enjoy it also. Francesca sure does love running with you. I just came back in the house after my run. I will head to the deck after I am done commenting so I can get in some nice cool air before today's activities begin.
    Well, Friday again. Where does the time go? Football, cleaning up the yard and helping Karen take some of my chow relatives to the vet. Abram gets acupuncture treatments and mojavecand Gobi get their last series of puppy shots. I get to ride shot gun and comfort everyone if needed. Big babies. Hehehehehehehe
    Well Glue Squad, going out to look at the full moon before the sun takes over.
    Love to all,

  • It's Super GK- faster than the speed of sound! :)

    All that free area to roam and romp, must feel good.

    Where were the donks? Manning the festivities from the side lines?

    Happy Friday to all the gluey's!

  • Good Morning GK, F & S

    GK if I were a gambler I think my dog treats would be on Franny. Us Frenchies might have short legs but like mom says we run like bats out of hell. Now think about it why would there be bats in hell? I just don't get that one.

    Well I understand Ruby's mom has a birthday today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA LYNN!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day in fact make it a birthday weekend. Tell the gang you want to party right through Sunday. Ruby you'll have to tell what surprises you have in store for your mom :)

    Well my Friday starts off just wonderful - a trip to the groomer. Really??? I think I look and smell great! However I was looking in the mirror last night and I could use a touch up on my face. I'm starting to get lots of gray around my mouth and I have a few long hairs that need to be plucked. I wonder if I can schedule a touch up while at the groomers? Tell me Franny do you cover your gray? Oh what to do what to do.......

    Looking forward to the weekend mom is in the cleaning mode. She did the garage Wednesday and the shed is Saturday. Dad stands and supervises to make sure she doesn't throw out any of his crap and boy oh boy is he a pack rat. Sunday Nicole is spending the day so I'll be hanging out with my girlfriend.

    Hey Brutus there is nothing wrong with a good snuggle with dad in bed in fact I'm heading there now ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  • Morning Girls, GK & Glue Squad, First things first...Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Lynn, Happy Birthday!!! Could ya hear me?? My singing voice isn't quite awake yet but I tried...Hope you have a wonderful day full of surprises, lots of cake & ice cream too :) . Now, Franny & GK, both of you looked like you were having so fun much. What happened to Sharkey? GK, bet you and I could race in the paddocks too, that would be so much fun. What do you think? Good Luck Riley at school, Rebel, hope you are okay at Dr. Becky's; Mimi & Papa will be home soon. Ruby, it's Mom's day, so be a good girl for her, okay, okay? Busy morning for Mom today so I better let her check her messages before she leaves. Hi to all my friends & buddies. Have a great weekend.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Arf arf arf arf, BARK BARK. Arf arf arf arf, BARK BARK. Arf Arf Arf Arf, Dear LYNNNNNNNNNNNN. Arf arf arf arf to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND MANY MORE........

    Hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!
    Love you!
    Brutus, Max and Pam

  • Too cute!! I've never seen a chow chow in flight - can GK ever run.

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad! WOW! You 2 sweet girls and handsome GK sure did have more fun playing in that delightful paddock where Martha's 2 sheep used to live and it is so nice and clean for you to run around and have fun!!! These photos and comments are marvelous and I would love to be there with all of you! Sharkey, I think you just enjoy watching Franny and GK! They sure do have fun running after each other! Sure hope you have a great weekend and be sure to hug Martha for me! Ruby, sure hope you have lots of fun making your delightful Mom very happy with her lovely Birthday today and please give her a big hug from me and my Mom! We love you and Lynn so much! Sure hope you weather is much better, too! How nice to hear from Brutus, Maddox, Gail, Zoe, and Missy Chow this morning! You all had great comments! Will check back later for the rest of you great buddies! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello G.K. Superchowman!!! Faster than a speeding bullet, able to jump over show rings, its a super fast dog running and stealing our hearts.. love those pictures with Franny playing too.
    Well Glue squad buddies its Friday and we are whooping it up because Mom is on Vacation for four days!!!
    Here is my poem:
    Happy Birthday Lynn,
    we all sing in chorus!
    From glen to glen and through the forest.
    Back to the days when we were pups and kittens,
    to send you Snowy days requiring mittens.
    The mystery is solved from this feline sleuth,
    YOU are the best that is the truth!
    Love and purrrfect day wishes!
    P.S. have a great day and hope Ruby brings you some cake,
    James Byron Dean

  • Good Morning Girls,
    You all looked like you guys were having a great time running free. But lets get one thing straight... I am the fastest dog in the WORLD :) I can out run anyone. But if GK were chasing me I would surely slow down to let him catch me ;)
    I got into a bit of trouble today :( I was upstairs on mom's bed and I chewed the cordless phone. I thought it would be better to chew that rather then her bed post since she was not too happy when I did that a few weeks ago. I guess I should have chewed one of the ten or so dog bones she keeps up there for me. Oh, well... what's a Husky to do LOL.

    Anyway....enough of me... Happy Birthday to Ruby's mom Lynn :) I hope she has a great day and Ruby make sure you give her extra licks today and give her one from me :)

    Have a great day and a great weekend everyone. I will be busy helping mom paint ;)

    Chloe xx

  • Hello Girls, G.K. & all my Glue Squad Buddies,
    What fun it is to see you again flying in the wind, G.K. and Franny. Isn't the Fall weather, crisp, cool and fun, fun?

    Mom and I thank you for all her cards and well wishes for her birthday today!! And Jimmy your book worm qualities sure have paid off, in your poem. It goes in the scrap book for sure. We can hear all of you singing too. What a great day and I will be HAPPY DANCING until the Bronco game is over Monday night. Mom said I can officially party for 4 days. Pizza and Peppermint Ice Cream today, and Sara is having everyone but me (I hear I will get some treats however) over for a Mexican Food dinner tomorrow night. Mom is taking lots of Bubble Baths and I even heard her say we are watching a Christmas movie. I can dream of snow, you know!!! You are all the best, and we love you clear up to God. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Have a GEM of a day and weekend.
    Love and licks,

  • ;-) To one of the nicest and kindhearted people I have met over the internet...That would be you Lynn!
    ♫ Happy Birthday to You ♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪ Happy Birthday to a Sweet and Kind Friend named Lynn ♫ Health and Happiness Always :-)
    Kitty and I are happy to have you in our lives... ❤

    Love and prruurrs from
    delia & Kitty =^. .^= ❤

    GK and Franny it makes me so happy to see you two running like the wind and playing tag...lovely photos ;-)
    I have to go back to yesterday on Minnows post, I was busy and forgot to leave a comment.

  • Hi Y'all,
    Wow GK, you sure can move! You would love it in my yard. We have about 8 acres to run in here. Has anyone ever clocked you? The UPS delivery man did me a couple of years ago. He told Mis I was running 35mph down the fence line. I've slowed a bit now and only chase the important things, like him! (No, I can't get in the road or to anyone with my invisible line drawn.) Francesca, I'd let you win! Even though your legs are short, you could still give me a good run.
    Currently George is pushing his luck! He's either running full speed or asleep. All week we've been trying to run him down. I think he just winds up the more he runs. Wednesday, Izzy, Zeke and Me kept him running and playing all afternoon outside. Mis was doing yard work and we kept him occupied. I just knew the boy was going to get his tail chopped off!
    Mis said we kept him going for 5 hours straight. He did sleep well that night, but he was ready to go again the next day. I don't know if we can outlast his puppy stage!!??
    Minnow, great pics! Mis loves the noses and toe beans! If I took pics, It would likely be of less appropriate things. I am a boy after all!
    Happy belated Birthday to your Mom Riley! George could likely go work with you and Ruby in the landscaping business. He digs a fair hole (just not where you need it). He pulls weeds (but he eats them). And he drags twigs and limbs onto the deck, then mulches them. He has quite a few talents! Oh yeah, and he likes rocks (He chews them).
    Ruby, Wish your Mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope she has a great day and you get lots of treats. You asked about our winter temps. We can get fairly cold but only for short periods of time. We see our lows, mid winter around 28 to 30. Our highs tend to be near 45. We have periods when we drop into the teens and single digits, but it only lasts for a few days to a week at the time. Last winter, we didn't see many cold days at all. It was extremely mild. But we have seen temps drop to 5-10 below 0. That was about 25 years ago. And Snow! Yes we get it. Not the nice fluffy, dry kind though. The heavy, wet, icy kind is our norm. We sit in an area where it can be freezing rain and sleet here and 10 miles north, snow. Very unpredictable! We lose power a lot during ice storms. Mis remembers the worst during collage. It sleeted about 1", then came about 1"-2" of freezing rain and sleet topped with a bit of snow. Disaster! And we had about 2 feet of snow about 15 years ago. Another disaster. I kinda like the snow, until I get WET from it. Eating it is the greatest! Snowcones anyone? Zeke and Izzy love to play in it unless it's deep and they can't walk in it. Kim has to clear paths for them to go do there business! It will interesting to see George in snow. Hope we get some this winter!
    Hopes for a great weekend for everyone!
    Dixie Boy

  • one..two..three...Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Lynn! Happy Birthday to you!!wow..that was me and Black Mama and the tribe and Lucinda and James...enjoy your day!

  • Maddox, I wanted to give Lynn birthday wishes first..yeah Chloe, i am a speed demon, too, you and I are built for endurance, you are built for cold and me.. I come from dingo stock from down-under...this a.m., there were coytoes whooping it up along the river..I wanted to tear them into but Lucinda called me back and I sat next to her..and listened to them..luckily all our ferals were accounted for..Cora-Belle and Ivy the wonder dog hated coyotes..and I am following in their foot steps..and a beaver was swimming around the pond at the end of the drive-way..busy day so far...time to take a snooze..later, chewey

  • What fun! How wonderful that you have a paddock where you can run and frolick. You all look as if you are loving life. Thanks for sharing!


  • Hi GK, you look great tearing around that paddock!!!!

    I think that Martha or Uncle Carlos need to take you to an AKC Lure Coursing event so that you can get a Coursing Ability (CA) title!!! A lot of clubs are holding 2 events daily and you only need 3 qualifying runs to earn this title. Go get it, Big Boy!!!

    You might recall from the Jan 3, 2012 Daily Wag, that I, Bijou's Finnegan Avon, am the first standard poodle in AKC history to earn a lure coursing title and I am also the first altered standard poodle to earn a UKC lure coursing title!!

    I would love to attend a meet with you and we two big red heads can trick our handlers and go for a run around the field together!!! Imagine the spectacle, they would be speaking about it for years!!! Tee Hee!!!!

    Your pal,

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