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Hey there Waggers and Squadders... My mom's really been 'hogging the blogging' these past few weeks... This is the first chance I've had to say woof and let you all know i'm thinking of you! Now that I finally got control of the keyboard, I thought it'd be fun to share some of my summer snaps...

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1 "I find the feline nose to be particularly compelling to capture close up..."

2 "...and really snouts in general- they are a frequent focus of my work..."

3 "Occasionally, a nice set of lips or whiskers will capture my interest..."

4 "While canines and felines are typically my muse, I can sometimes be moved to capture the grace of a flower..."

5 "...or the depth and texture of eye-level grass."

6 " I recently snapped this beauty in our back yard! My papa grew this giant sunflower over the summer. It's a virtual skyscraper!"

7 "Paws are also a focus of my lens. My eye seems naturally drawn to them. Hard to explain- I guess it's just an artist kinda thing..."

8 "I like to capture the contrast that exists between a tuft of fur and a soft pink pad... juxtaposed with the sharpness of a naked claw."

9 "Sometimes I document a single set of paws for hours...clawing at furniture or simply stretching... it's a very organic process"

10 "I recently captured this little gem- my canine siblings were napping while holding paws... so simple, yet so compelling..."

11 "My sister Luna is a great subject- she's really a natural in the studio..."

12 "Occasionally I'll turn the camera on myself just for fun, but I really prefer to be the pooch behind the lens..."

13 "I like to chronicle the simple things in life... a daytime inter-species nap..."

14 " ... a moment reflecting..."

15 " fabulous physique... Oh and my 3-legged feline sister, Olive..."

16 "Chauncy is also a joy to he is in the foreground (that's the front in photography-speak)...and Olive is looking on in the background..."

17 "Max is my most animated subject...he can be quite playful during a shoot and he really interacts with the camera in a paws-on way... (Also note Chauncy's profile balancing the right side of the frame.)"

18 "Anyway...that's just a sampling of my work... Oh and here's a snap of me in the studio after a full day of shooting. My assistant must have grabbed this guys actually know her... my mom... Dr. Pia... she's quite talented for a human...and such a quick learner!"

I suspect you are all quite impressed with my photography skills... I can't say that I blame you. I've been told I have quite the knack for capturing the moment. Some humans liken my work to that of some photographer guy named Richard Phibbs... But the vistas that I shoot are quite close up with lots of detail... pads of paws, whiskers, that kind of thing...

Anyway- enough about my work, I'd love to see some of your little mugs on film. Please email me any photos that you don't mind mom (Dr. Pia) and me using here on the blog. Oh, and be sure to include names, and any details like favorite treats, if you were adopted, most preferred spot to be scratched, personal best for fetching a stick or ball... basics like that. Send to:

I like to put a name with a snout you know...I meet so many fans at the dog park that it's hard for me to keep the names straight-not to mention the multiple pups who answer to "Fido," "Fluffy" or "Precious." Unfortunately, my sense of smell only goes so far when it comes to logging everyone in my pooch posse, but I manage- and I think fans are particularly forgiving of us creative types- they seem to understand that our quirky ways are part and parcel of our giftedness in the arts.

Until next week...

In Minship,

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  • Thank you Minnow for the photography lesson. We knew you were very smart, but a photog as well!
    Once again this week, we haven't had the use of the computer....sorry (but it's not our fault!)
    We think Mom and Dad are off work this weekend so we will ask them to shoot some shots of us and then we will ask someone in our family to get them out of the camera and into the computer to e-mail them to you. We love our Mommy and Daddy, but they are electronically challenged.
    GK! We loved the Wednesday blog with you and Franny running! I, Brutus, love to run free, but living in the city next to a busy street is not good for free running. I, Max am too nosey to run fast (plus I'm a Pug). I like to mosey around and sniff stuff. But I tend to wander off. And I pretend to ignore Mom and Dad telling me to come back. Hence, the leads we are hooked to. Bummer.
    The temps and humidity has FINALLY come down so we have lots and lots of qualtiy patio time. Great for checking out the ladies prancing on the bike trail.
    Must be off now. Mom's at work and Dad just got home so we need to tuck him into bed and cuddle.
    Pugs and kisses.
    Brutus and Max

  • Good Morning Minnow

    I have to say you are a cute little bugger :)

    Loved your pictures. When mom takes close ups of me I can see I need a little face waxing, I have a few long hairs that look really nasty.

    Have a great day!!


  • Hi Dr. Pia and Sweet Minnow, Sweet Minnow I absolutely adore you and loved seeing all of these great photos you shared today! Your Mom certainly lets you do some great things and she is a great Mom just like mine is! You sure did a great job sharing these photos of your friends and I also loved seeing the lovely photos of you again! My Mom always says you look a lot like me and she loves you, too! I'm hoping to get my Uncle Tim to take more photos of me to share with you! Can't wait to see more of our Glue Squad, also! Hope you and Dr. Pia have a great weekend and am sending you both a big hug! Hi Martha, Riley, and Miz Lu, sure hope your Mom had a great Birthday! Brutus and Max, sure was fun to hear from you again! Hope to hear from more of you buddies today! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Minnow, Dr. Pia and all the GS buddies:
    Wow cool pictures you have taken Minnow, kind of gives you a different perspective on noses, snouts, paws etc. Our Dad likes to take photos, and this weekend they are going to a botanical garden and we will be going as well. We'll be sure to take some photos of ourselves - two with haircuts and one au naturel!
    Mom had a great BD yesterday, we all got cake and ice cream so all was right in our world. Looks kinda dark and dreary today, good sleeping weather. Mom is off tomorrow, so we will be supervising the great garden cleanup with her doing the work - Riley is very good at excavations, he is gainfully employed with Ruby's landscaping firm and can offer advice on the best way to dig holes. Mom has a few things to plant, so maybe he will help her out!
    Talk to you all later, Martha -- with Miz Lu and Riley boy contributing!

  • Hello Photo Great Minnow,
    How are things flashin'? That is photographer language for how are you? You do great work. I love the tongue and nose shots. Have any of you seen the underwater dog shots? Cool too!!!!

    I will miss Rebel while he is at Dr. Becky's, but know he is in the best of hands. Missy I am so glad you came home, you scared me, and Kitty scared me too out in the rain. We just went on a nice walk, a lot in grasses and then I got home and saw my grass and panicked. I will loose my landscaping license if this keeps up. Riley, Martha and Miz Lu, so glad you got ice cream. I get some tomorrow for my Mom's b-day. Abby in the pumpkin patch, sounds like a book could be written of the exploits. Now Brutus and Max, you are better than me going to a groomer and spa, just like Riley. Be careful not to get a buzz like him. Now Cheweenies, I need an explanation. There is Chloe, the Queen at your house, Sophie and Mr. Mayer, right? But is Mr. Mayer a Cheweenie also? I might have missed this info during Dad's surgery, so sorry. So there are 3 of you and you are Chewy's neighbors/friends? Just get me up to speed. Jimmy, so glad your Supermom is helping the cat rescue. They need a cat whisperer like her. Now Kirby, hope cool weather helps your foot. Dixie Boy, how is George doing? What is the temperature there in the winter time, do you get snow ever? Zoe, send Minnow one of your kiss photos. You do those so good. And Dudley, hope the house is less hectic and you can relax a bit and prepare for your teeth surgery next week. Have a GEM of a day all and Maddox enjoy the deck time while the going is good.
    Love & licks,

  • ..great shots, Minnow!..I need my own camera so i could go around and spy on things here at the farm/ranch..already saw a grouse this a.m., just looked at me...still get car no car for a while...I associate bad things with a car...nature walks ..who knew a doggies life could be so good..I still cringe when anyone raises their Lucinda and James are teaching me that does not mean you will get hit..but petted...another new thing for me...I have my own 2 pillows and blanket and part of the bed.. but men were mean to me..but this guy is different. this James takes time to sit with me and talk and calm me down and assures me everyday, I will live here forever and cool is that!..later, Chewy

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