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Greetings my loyal waggers, squaders and comrades in fur... I have more images to share... courtesy of my Minnow eye and the camera lens that captures my musings...

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1 "I like how I juxtaposed Luna's snout and tongue with a vine emerging from the back fence."

2 "This is a personal favorite- Max and Luna connecting..."

3 "Here I captured Max's underside... I shot from under a glass table on which he was lounging...."

4 "Here is a playful self portrait I shot some time ago- I think it has that Marilyn Monroe candid playful feel...."

5 "This is a snap of my pittie sisters nose... fascinating to see the texture and detail..."

6 "I like to capture organic action as well- Here is a nice one I got of Luna dashing about in the snow..."

7 "Look Max's head and foot are the same size!"

8 "Max's lionlike pads... larger than life..."

This shot I'm particularly proud of... I call it 'Mirage'
We get to see Chauncy's perspective and a reflection of him contemplating life's complexities...

9 This shot I'm particularly proud of... I call it 'Mirage' We get to see Chauncy's perspective and a reflection of him contemplating life's complexities..."

Max is really quite the perfect model for my work- here he posed for a shot that required me to balance myself and my equiptment from a scaffold...

10 Max is really quite the perfect model for my work- here he posed for a shot that required me to balance myself and my equiptment from a scaffold...

11 "I got this on the same shoot- Max's fur has such depth..."

12 "This little gem is pretty special- I caught Max in a private display of gratitude. I call it "Buddha."

13 "I took this self portrait with a special lens and then converted it to sepia-tone... (that's photographer terminology) I call it, "Grit and bear it..."

Keep your own images coming. I love to collaborate with other like-minded artists... send me your snaps via my mom at

My lens calls...
In Minship,

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  • Minnow you are such a photog! So creative! So organic!
    Kirby you are so brave. You keep the faith and we will keep praying. Deal?
    Ruby go girl. One baby step at a time. "I think I can, I think I can".
    Dudley, glad you are feeling need a lot of R&R!
    Miz Lu...we hate to hear that you have a broken tooth and need surgery. Keep us posted.
    Chewey....we hope someone remembered to make so S'mores! Coffee, hot cocoa, a bonfire and S'mores! Can't get much better!
    Today is our Mom's work anniversary....25 years working in ICU! Don't tell her, but she is going to be recognized in a meeting when she goes to work tonight. (she's not going to be very happy...she doesn't like a lot of attention) We hope they have cake and she will share with us. hahahahaa
    It's way too early so we are going back to bed.
    Have a great Thursday, everyone!
    Pugs and kisses.
    Brutus and Max.

  • Hi Y'all,
    Great shots Minnow. You need to put together a coffee table book of your photography. The proceeds could go to rescues all over. Love the pic of Max, #10. But we're not too certain that's gratitude in pic #12. Looks more like, 'OH NO, She's got that camera pointed at me again.'. But we will go with gratitude.
    I know that there's a lot going on with my peeps this week! Just hoping that everyone feels better, had a happy birthday (sorry T-bone for the late wish), and continues on their present course, whatever that might be! I know, Mis is being a bit lame this morning and not transcribing my thoughts well, but today is a busy one and she needs to get going.
    Have a Doggy Good Day and a great weekend (I won't be checking in tomorrow.)
    Dixie Boy

  • Hello Photography Great Minnow & all my Glue Squad Buddies,
    Work it, work it, work it baby, I can just see you now Minnow with the camera. Great shots. I of course, the snow bunny that I am love the one of Luna in the snow. Really Dixie Boy's idea of a tabletop book for charities is a great idea. I have been pushing the Glue Squad calendar, but not one LISTENS. These nice cool Fall mornings and days are the best. I am loving them. In fact, Zoe, when your birds, oops, I mean Eagles fly into town for the game on Sunday there might be rain/snow. Gotta get back to lounge time, but Miz Lu hang on with the teeth stuff. Remember I broke off a canine and they caught it right away. Those are teeth we dogs really need, so I have a crown so to speak on the half that is left. I go in soon to make sure everything is doing good. No wonder Miz Lu has been a bit grouchy as the dentist told Mom and Dad that even though dogs can't talk and they act pretty good, they are in real pain, as bad as people with teeth problems. They just endure. Dudley are you doing good with your teeth extractions? Remember the turkey stew you 2, wonders, and double wonders for helping recovery. Chewy, when Dad is recovered I get to go with the folks to the mountains for a few days in there pop up camper. Sounds like a lot of good food is involved. Have a GEM of a day all.
    Love and licks,

  • Hi Minnow and Dr. Pia, Sweet Minnow, you did another great job presenting another beautiful blog for us to enjoy! How fun to see your photos of Luna, Kitty Max, Chauncy, and you! You do such a great job showing us your buddies and can't wait to see more from you! I'm sending you a big hug and please give Dr. Pia a hug for me!! Hope you have a great weekend! Love your comments Brutus and Max and I do feel a lot better and it's great to be back home! Give your Mom a big hug for her 25th anniversary at ICU! I also hope Miz Lu is doing well at her vet and she feels better! Dixie, thanks for your comments and hope you have a great Friday and weekend! Ruby, where could I find the Blue Buffalo Turkey Stew? That sounds great and I feel much better already! Hope to hear from more of you buddies real soon! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Minnow, Dr. Pia, and all the GS buddies:
    The pictures are quite amazing and we love to see how the ordinary can look extraordinary, its all about the perspective and how you look at something. Keep on with the photography Minnow, you have a real talent. Brutus and Max, thank you for your good wishes, I get the tooth extracted on October 3rd and will only be gone a day, looking forward to not being in pain, not looking forward to the actual procedure. No more really hard bones to chew on for me, although the vet said it could have been any number of things that cracked it. Our human sister Sam is also an RN and has worked in ICU. You have to be a very special kind of person to work in this department, such an intense workplace and certainly not for everyone. Congratulations on your anniversary, and even if you don't like a lot of personal attention its nice to be recognized for your contributions! And if Brutus and Max get cake out of the deal, its all good! Well, Ruby girl, how goes the boots? I guess its all about getting used to them .... Mom bought boots for us too a while back, not so much to protect our feet, but to keep the snow from clogging our feet (we have long hair between our toes in the winter) and making us limp. They didn't last 5 seconds on either, Martha said they weren't the right size even, I just hated them to start. Riley boy wasn't yet born, but he would have hated them as well. I say this confidently as I know Riley boy far too well, and he is a boy of strong opinions!
    Well, another glorious day, sunny and cool, with a nice breeze. We will be sitting out back for sure on the pool deck, so gotta get going. Love and beardie bounces to all, Martha, Miz Lu and Riley boy.

  • :-) . Minnow sweets you are very talented, great eye... Don't know if mommie delia has creative ones like this, but maybe she can crop some up to be more artistic..
    Minnow you are so adorable just a pint size of Love...

    Hey Pugsies, congratulate your moms great years of achievement in ICU! ;-)

    Mommie delia is making herself some coffee to wake up...she said for me to reply with a I pawed through this...meuwws to all the felines here including the Steward clan.
    All of my furfriends and their human partners here, have a Great Day.

    Minnow give prurrrs and rubs to your mom Pia. :-)
    Kitty =^. .^=
    & delia

  • ..Minnow, before we know it you will shooting for the cover of Vogue!...Brutus, Max your mom is a special person, 25 years in ICU..we salute her!...must go patrol the farm/ranch..really getting into this!..over and out, Chewy

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