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While Father's Day may have just passed, it's never too late to celebrate the amazing men who play papa to fur kids! There are so many great qualities for which our fur kids wish to thank their human papas...

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1 "You spoon me when we nap and that makes me feel safe and secure. Mom says we both snore..."

2 "You stroke my ears and make me feel safe."

3 "You saw my potential and entrusted me to protect you as you have protected me." Frank and Major. Major was rescued from an abusive situation and re-trained as a diabetic alert dog for Frank's Daughter.

4 "You watch out for me and always make sure I have current tags to keep me safe in case we get separated." (Dash and his rescued terrier, Tully)

5 "You hug me and remind me what a good boy I am..." (Nick and Coda)

6 "You make sure we all get along and support one another."

7 "You scratch the itches I can't reach and you are a good listener." (Frank and Bleu)

8 "You have faith in my instincts and abilities- even though I am physically blind" (Mark Conden and therapy dog Dutchess)

9 "You are not afraid to show others that compassion is a sign of strength."

10 "You share your food with us by 'accidentally' dropping it on the floor... but we all know, it's not an 'accident'... shhhh... our secret!

11 "You made sure we were spayed and neutered - which is better for our health, happiness and it prevents serious diseases!" (Lincoln, Izzie and their human papa. Adopted through

12 "You take me for walks so we can exercise, see the sights and so I can pee!"

13 "You've taught me life-saving skills- Together, we work to help others. I'm proud to be your partner."

14 "You did not judge me before getting to know me. Thank you for taking the time to let me become your best friend."

15 "You hold me close and assure me that you will keep me fed and take care of me..."

16 "You gave me a name and a home to call my own! " (Little Finn and his adoptive papa- Photo by: Beth LaBauve)

17 "You throw the ball for me and praise me when I fetch- we have fun together! (Mark Buehrle of the White Sox with 2 adoptable cuties)

18 "You rub my belly when I want you to... and you stop when I've had enough..."

19 "You offer me support, advice and encouragement when I need it most."

20 "You look out for all creatures and make sure they get the care and protection they need."

21 "You make sure i'm always well groomed and dressed right for school pictures..."

22 "You make me pancakes and other yummy treats!"

23 "You support my hobbies and encourage my uniqueness and creativity... thanks dad!"

24 "You read to me at bedtime and tell me stories until I fall asleep."

25 "You rock me to sleep when my belly aches from too many treats..."

26 "You celebrate the simple things in life with me!"

27 "You are as excited to see me, as I am to see you!"

28 "You make sure I'm bundled up to face the snow in wintertime."

29 "You always have room in your lap and time to play- for all of us!!"

30 "You share your interests and teach me new things."

31 "You want the world to know how grateful you are to have adopted me! I'm grateful too!"

32 "...You encourage others to meet the special souls at shelters/rescues nationwide- and to consider adopting a new member into the family."

Happy belated Father's Day to all of you humans who are lucky enough to be considered family by your fur kids. These special souls are astute judges of character, so take a moment to appreciate the sentiments shared above.

Please continue to model the importance of compassion and enjoy the special connections you have fostered with your fur kids.

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Dr. Pia....while your pictures and their captions are always welcomed and wonderful, this set is particularly heartwarming. What a great book they would make - with the second picture as the cover. Just fantastic!! Thanks for all you do.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. Mommy and Daddy were gone for a while yesterday morning and they didn’t get home until after my lunch time. That’s alright; I made them pay for it. While they were gone, I chewed my tail again. That will teach them to leave me alone for too long. Boy was Daddy upset with me when he came home. His chewing was worse than mine ever thought of being. Now it’s ‘cone time’ for me. Now I can give them the “big sad eye” look and make them feel sorry. My vet told Mommy that some dogs she sees have to have the cone on all the time. Guess which category I’m fitting into???
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Dr. Pia,
    I just loved seeing all the wonderful Dad/kid photos today. How fun was this? And so many of my Glue Squad friends. Yahoooooo!!!! Dads are the best. Mine does everything with me, walks are the best, and oh the fish he catches and always shares with me. Have a GEM of a day all.
    Love and licks,

  • Good morning Dr. Pia,
    Well, that Mimi is not good reading her e-mail. I'm glad you found Papa & me. He does give me massages and helps me feel better even when I'm not sick.
    I'm really thankful that he & Mimi gave me a home when my Poppy passed away.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, Once again, I love your blog with all of these beautiful photos and terrific comments! How great to see so many fathers taking such great care of their sweet animals and all of the animals look so happy in every photos you shared! Minnow, you are so precious in so many of these photos and I would love to hug you and sleep with you, also! Mom and I will enjoy viewing these photo many more times! When Mom and I go for walks, we always meet new, delightful dogs and parents who care so much about them just like my Mom does! Sure hope you have another great weekend and can't wait to see you again next Thursday! JustB, love your idea about a new book! Kirby, so sorry you are having trouble with your tail and hope you don't have to wear that cone again! Ruby, you do have a great Dad and Mom which makes you so happy! Rebel, loved your photo and so glad you live with Dad and Mimi! Hope to hear from more of you buddies! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Awww Dr. Pia, this is one of the sweetest blogs you have ever posted. Hats off to all of the Dads, human and furry! :smile:

  • Good Afternoon everyone,
    Dr. Pia, I loved the post today. Only I don't think I'd feel too safe with a cat wrapped around me. But it sure feels great when you've got a special human to look out for you. Mis says that it's our humans job to be responsible and protect us, especially from other humans and not to place us in harms way. In return I think we should shower them with our love and loyalty. I sure know how to do that.
    Kirby, has your human ever though of using those new soft doughnut collars that replace the cone. I don't know if they are as effective but it maybe more comfie.
    See ya later, Dixie Boy

  • ..loved all the pictures..all the happy critters and their dads...nice to know that there are lots of animal lovers..over and Mama

  • Hello Dr.Pia, Minnow, Rebel, Maddox, Ruby, Missy Chow, Dixie Boy, Kitty,Zoe, Black Mama, Dudley and all my glue squad buddies,
    Thank you Dr.Pia for your wonderful pictures of dads and their furry companion buddies. We loved seeing this post today. Also Happy Father's Day to Maddox, G.K.'s proud papa. The chow chow world is a better place with Kirby,Maddox, G.K., Missy Chow and all their relatives and caretakers.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blue eyes and the picture of Abby all bathed. I am now getting my persian boy teeth brushed daily. Black mama do you do that? What about you Maddox? The poultry tooth paste tastes yummy but I bet Kitty has other ways to brush her teeth, maybe dental treats??
    Dudley I hope you have a wonderful time on your walk outside today. Rebel, thanks for the duck report! Kirby, I hope your tail feels better. Ruby, are you in the pool today? Dixie Boy, welcome, we really enjoyed your story. So many of us are rescued in the glue squad.
    Now off to read more books and play with my catnip mice!
    James Byron Dean the persian boy cat

  • What a wonderful endearing post! Love all the daddy's with their furfriends...especially a man kissing a cat!
    Precious photos, enjoyed them ALL!

    Love & Hugs,

    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

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