A Visit From HealthyPet Magazine

Posted by Francesca

On Friday, we were paid a visit by HealthyPet Magazine because Martha and her pets will be featured on the cover of HealthyPet's Holiday 2013 issue with a 4-page story inside about her love for animals and the meaning of animals in her life.

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You may wonder who these people are who came to visit us at the farm last Friday.

1 You may wonder who these people are who came to visit us at the farm last Friday.

Well, that's Kelly Galvin from Susan Magrino Agency, Blaine Novak - Managing Editor of HealtyPet Magazine, photographer Charles Bush, and PA Tim Baily.

2 Well, that's Kelly Galvin from Susan Magrino Agency, Blaine Novak - Managing Editor of HealtyPet Magazine, photographer Charles Bush, and PA Tim Baily.

Martha agreed to be photographed for the December cover of the magazine, but not all of us were cooperating.

3 Martha agreed to be photographed for the December cover of the magazine, but not all of us were cooperating.

The sun was really, really hot and GK needed a shade break.  Sharkey found shade beneath the bench, and I was plopped on Martha's lap.

4 The sun was really, really hot and GK needed a shade break. Sharkey found shade beneath the bench, and I was plopped on Martha's lap.

They were trying really hard to get our attention.  Kelly's co-worker, Blake Price, had a squeaky dog toy.

5 They were trying really hard to get our attention. Kelly's co-worker, Blake Price, had a squeaky dog toy.

Blaine started making barking sounds.

6 Blaine started making barking sounds.

We gave them an A for effort!

7 We gave them an A for effort!

Martha thought it was funny, but we Frenchies remained impassive.

8 Martha thought it was funny, but we Frenchies remained impassive.

Oh, the things people will do!

9 Oh, the things people will do!

Hurry up, already!  It's hot as blazes!

10 Hurry up, already! It's hot as blazes!

Ahh!  Relief!

11 Ahh! Relief!

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  • Good Morning F & S

    Can you believe what humans will do to get a good picture? I mean come on - making bark noises and squeeky toys? And in that heat! I would have left all together and told them to come back on a cooler day or come indoors. Silly people...........

    It was a warm one here this weekend. Mom played golf on Saturday but yesterday spent the entire day working in the garden and swimming. I had my cool water spritz bottle handy which felt wonderful. No pool for me - thank God she didn't get that crazy idea in her head that I would want to swim with her - NOT!!

    Oh and she wanted me to tell Martha she made the Chimichurri Burger which was in her magazine this month. She said it was WONDERFUL. It must have been dad was making yummy sounds when he was eating. Dad had beef and mom had chicken burgers. Do you think she would have shared with me? Another NOT...


  • Hello everyone,
    I love the pictures from today's blog. Sharkey, you cracked me up when I saw you under the bench but you knew how to get into the shade. Smart girl.
    Brutus and Max, how is your dad doing? Same with you Black Mamma. How is James? And Kitty, what about Delia? I hope all the humans are doing well. Zoe, tell your mamma not to work so hard. Tell her to take some time to enjoy life. It seems so many of you are busy helping with gardens. Brutus, Max, Zoe, Kirby, Dudley. We don't have a garden. Gerry has lots of plants at her place but Karen, well I will just say she doesn't have a green thumb. None of her fingers are green. She got some plants that the nursery person said were very hardy. Yeah. She got 8 of them. They all passed away. Sad. Sad. Hehehehehehehe
    Rebel, did you go swimming in the lake? You should swim with your duck families. I bet that would be fun. Missy Chow, bad again? Just tell your mom you are very puppyish and you will outgrow it in a few years. Then tell her patience is a virtue. Black Mamma, how is the trail blazing coming along? James Dean and Abby, you have strawberries and blueberries growing at your place. How kool is that. How is the teeth brushing going? Dudley, what kind of truck does your mom have? Karen's nephew has one that is real high. She has to use a step stool to get into it. Dixie Boy, that is neat what Mis said to you, that she saved you and you saved her. You two will make a great pair.
    Kirby, chewed tail again? I am sorry to hear that. I hope it heals soon. Ruby, well, did it happen? Did you get a B A T H? Let us know. We don't want any Glue Squad members getting gamey. Hehehehehehehe Lucy, Riley and Martha, where are you now? Back home or still with the breeder?
    Well, baby Favor and all the rest of you, I am headed to the deck to partake of the nice cool breeze.
    Love to all,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    What a weekend I had here in the sunny south. It rained another four and a half inches in less than an hour on Saturday just after it got dark. Thunder and lightning for a while too. Or is it lighting and then the thunder? Whatever, it’s not one of those good things. Another inch of rain last night. Things are really soggy here now. We have a lake about 20 miles from where I live and it’s been really low for the past five years. People were wishing it was full. Be careful what you wish for; now it’s so full they have to let most of the rain water out which makes the river nearly at flood stage. Hope it quits raining before someone looses their home. All this moisture in the air causes thunderstorms; bet we have one before the day is over.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Girls & G.K.,
    Looks like it was a terrible hot one during the photo shoot. Since it is for the Dec. issue, they should have shot it inside with one of Mama Martha's pretty trees, and the air conditioning on. Hehehehehe
    Well, you can't catch me I'm the Ruby Gem, or so the bathtime story goes. Mom found out it is a 2 person job with her neck problems. No bath yet. LOL!! I am proud to announce that there are 3 new residents in my kingdom that I met on Friday morning. Daddy and Mommie raccoon had the 3 new little ones out in the back 40, and with the fence between us, I nicely welcomed them to the kingdom and told them to beware of the Coyote Clan. We had big boomer thunder storms last night and I don't like thunder. Do any of you not like thunder? Dixie Boy, I posted a late comment to you on Friday and it didn't get on until late last night, so be sure and read it. Best get out and check the kingdom. Also, did landscaping over the weekend. Mom wants me to learn to weed. I am more a free spirit landscaper and create on a whim. Have a GEM of a day all and I will check back later to see how your weekends were.
    Love & licks,

  • Hi F,S,GK, Martha+ Glue Squad, My Mom and I absolutely love today's blog with the 3 of you fabulous dogs and beautiful Mom, Martha today!!!! These photos are so wonderful to see and can't wait to see that new magazine that will be available in December! My favorite photo is #10-beautiful! Sure was hot there and the farm looks beautiful! We had a bit of rain yesterday and it's raining hard today! Hope you all have a great day! Zoe, you sure had a nice weekend and hope it continues! Maddox, thanks for another marvelous comment shared with us! My Mom has a 1998 Red Ford Ranger truck-great! Delia, glad Kitty is OK and hope your knee cap is better! We love Mustangs, too! Dixie Boy, glad you have friends to take care of you! Ruby, sure hope smoke goes away and you stay safe! Rebel, bet your flowers are beautiful! Have fun in the top down car! Jimmy Dean, We have lots of lettuce, spinach, swish chard, and strawberries right now! Thanks for your great comments! I love you! Say Hi to Abby! Sonya, great to hear from you, too! Hope you all have a great day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXOXO+

  • Love #10 photo hope they use that one! Blaine looks pretty funny panting like a dog :-)

    It's hot in Kansas, humid from yesterday's shower. It was so hot at the car show, son-in-laws Boss 300 was first place over the other ones. Yippy!
    Grandog Ginger got "limp tail" from playing in the pool too long, guess its a prevalent thing with Labs... poor thing she's in pain, good thing for meds.
    We head on back North and get to see Kitty, I'm sure she gained weight, because no matter what feeding instructions I leave, auntie is going to do what she wants ;-) so I guess I'll go on a diet with Kitty as well.

    I'm hoping my knee cap is not damaged I knelt on it without thinking and I heard an awful ripping sound... Most of the bruising color is down except on my chin... Hubby says, hope no one thinks I did it...that's funny! I'm just happy I didn't break any bones... Thank goodness for the infusions I get to strengthen my bones.

    Have a great day everyone!

    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Oh what a delightful blog today! :)

    I will look for that magazine around the holidays. Please tell me that the donks will make an appearance as well! :)

    It's blazin' hot here too in NH. And, the humidity is on the rise. Oh my hair! :)

    Stay cool and have a 'paw'cicle later! :)

  • Hello G.K.,Sharkey,Francesca, Maddox, Ruby gem, Dudley, Delia,Kitty,Zoe and all my glue squad buddies,
    We loved the pictures of Mama Martha with G.K.,Sharkey and Franny today. Hot here too, 95 and humid, possible thunder storms all week. yesterday it was a scorcher,100 in the sun. I plopped my Abby body down and kept cool inside. Mom was sweating working out in her metal shop all day. We had steak dinner last night and greek salad, yummo! Pieces of meat for me!
    Zoe, wish we could invite you over for steak but its a little far, so here's wishing some grilled stuff for you. Dudley, we love you too. Ruby Tuesday, its not so bad to get a bath when its hot, remember what Maddox said.. hehehehe. Mom may be off brushing Jimmy's teeth again, he makes funny faces. Maddox, hope its cool out on your deck, we love your comments. Delia, hope you feel better soon and the bruises heal up. Dixie Boy, how was your weekend? Missy chow, we were all pups or kittens once,remember we learn by our mistakes. Rebel, are you watching the baby ducklings? We have hundreds of dead cicadas here on the ground.. seems to be their last hurrah. Maybe if I hide mom will let me take the day off from work? Keep cool glue squad buddies- high paws and woofs- Abby the pug/peke/frenchie.

  • Hello Everyone - we are back! I'm looking at those photo shoot shots and thinking its just too hot! We are probably the most northern posters, and we are melting as well. Find the shade, find the water, plop yourself down and take it easy!!
    Well, moving is not an experience we want to repeat any time soon. We went to the breeder's for three days while the big move happened, but WE HATED IT! We were so glad when Mom and our human sister Sam picked us up, we got straight into the car and urged Mom to drive faster. We are glad to be home, even if it is a different home. However this one has some distinct advantages - tile or hardware floors most places which are very nice and cool to sprawl on, a pond and some very large shady trees. There is a pool, but we have been instructed to stay away, and so far we are heeding the warning. We all want to stay downstairs in the cool house anyways! Lots of different stuff in the new house, but we pride ourselves on being adaptable. Less space to roam around in, but lots more stuff happening in the neighborhood. We walk a lot more, have a great park to run in and all in all, we are content. Mom had to go back to work today, she said she was happy to leave the nightmare and go do some relaxing work. Ah well, we'll get there. We just have to have a giant garage sale so we can get in the garage!
    Hello to Dixie Boy, pleased to make your acquaintance. Talk to you soon, everyone don't get crazy from the heat! Love ya, Martha, Lucy, Riley & Max (Max is our feline housemate).

  • Hi Girls, GK & Glue Squad-A photo shoot for a magazine, how exciting! It was fun to see how everyone was trying to get your attention. "Stars" that you are, you know your timing for the perfect picture. It looked really hot, hope you had some ice water waiting for all of you. Sounds like everyone had a busy weekend; for me, I worked on redeeming myself from last weekend. Maddox, I'm trying once again to be good and I think Mom understands too. How's the kennel coming?. Rebel, how's the ducks doing? Ruby, did you get to go into your pool yet? Dudley, hope you're keeping on the garden, especially fresh strawberries, yum! Zoe, thank heavens for the cool spritzer bottle, right? Dixie Boy, nice to hear all about you, sounds like you have a very loving home. Martha, Lucy & Riley, sounds like your new house is very nice, you'll love the cool tile floor, I know I do. Abby, we will always be pups & kittens, right?? No matter how old we get, hehe, you're right we will just have to learn from mistakes. James Dean, the bristles on the tootbrush must tickle you. Kitty, your Mom will be home soon. Delia, hope your knee feels better. Black Mama, stay cool. Kirby Bear, we may have thundershowers later, I'll be staying close to Mom or Dad. Hi Gail, Sonya, Lynn & Delia. Pretty warm today with humidity, really sticky. Back to the tile floor for a little nap. Stay cool.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • ..hi everyone...I want to thank everyone for letting my Cora-Belle become a glue squader..and for embracing Black Mama...we will be taking some time off from the Daily Wag but that does not mean any of you will be forgotten...we will return!..so take care all my buddies..love, Lucinda and James

  • Francesca Baby, it's a shame you did not have one of Auntie Ellen's cool cool coats to wear. She makes them in all sorts of fabrics and has a very pretty Christmas-y plaid that would probably fit you. You would have looked festive and cool and BEEN cool! Maybe next time, huh?

  • So cute ladies and G.K. MommyM definitely had her hands full. Silly humans! It would be so funny if the three of you had cameras to take their photos!

    Hurry back Lucinda, James, and Black Mama, we miss you already! :smile:

    Delia, rest rest rest!!! Hi everyone!!!

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