In Memory of Cora Belle

Posted by Pia

Sweet, Sweet Cora Belle... You were a founding member of the Glue Squad and have been a faithful friend to everyone at the Daily Wag.
Lucinda and Jim, your loving humans, are in our thoughts. We are thankful you got to enjoy such a happy, full life together.

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In loving memory of sweet Cora-belle...

1 In loving memory of sweet Cora-belle...

In tribute, some reflections from your Glue Squad Family...

Sweet and Unique Cora-Belle:
Cora-Belle our sweet pal
you have lived such a wonderful life,
you roamed your great farm
protecting all from harm
and did it with mischievous charm

You regaled us with tales of fun hayrides
and how abandoned cats became new friends
Barking up a storm to warn others of your might
Oh the adventures they never would end

The Chiweenies your buddies loved
to tease whether near or far
but you still took care of them
even sharing your Maple bars

Lucinda and Jim held you close to their hearts
even in your twilight years
you were never far apart
Rest easy sweet girl
Run free like the wind
Cora Belle the cattle dog
is riding strong again...
-Sonya A. Willis.

Our dear friend Cora Belle will be solely missed.
She is playing, running, herding others as she loved and was born to do
Each day telling her friends of her adventures
Whether it be a tractor ride with James,
Lucinda knitting all those crazy vests to keep her warm,
barking at the critters on the property,
walks by the river with Lucinda & James keeping her safe from harm
or her special sofa James prepared for her so she wouldn't have to jump up and hurt herself...
It was always a pleasure to hear that the Chiweenies were coming...
When Ivan & Ivanka moved to the area, Cora Belle welcomed them with open paws.
She was a very brave,and loved by everyone.
I know she will be sorely missed by her family and friends on the Daily Wag.
God Bless You, Cora Belle.
-Meg and Missy Chow

A Tribute to our Sweet Friend Cora Belle
Although none of us ever met, we had the Joy of hearing about your every day
escapades and adventures...
When you came into the Lives of Lucinda and James you brought happiness only
a dear pet can give. Sharing this Love with us on the Daily Wag has been endearing.

We know you will be looking down on us with a happy doggie smile
knowing the Love that came from your forever home and our Glue Squad.

Now you are in perfect order, no pain or suffering,
just playing with old friends forever till we all meet again.

We shed tears of joy having known you, and tears of sadness for you not being with us
...romp and play....and Rest in Peace Sweet Cora Belle.
-Delia and Kitty

To The Belle of The Ball,
Rest in peace sweet Cora Belle.
You will live on with us here at the Wag.
In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

A big thanks to Lynn and Ruby for reaching out and gathering the sentiments shared above.

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  • Good Morning Glue Squad,
    Even though I don't usually post on a Thursday, I have lots to say so I am not going to wait till Friday. First of all, Cora-Belle was a true Glue Squad member and we all loved her dearly. I bet she laughed and laughed at all the bad stuff we did in her honor. James and Lucinda will have wonderful memories of her as will we.

    While I was so busy these past few days I was doing lots of thinking. I think that tomorrow should be a Three Cheers For Mom Day. Now we have a chance to say all kinds of good things about them and then they will feel bad for being mad at us when we all were naughty in honor of Cora-Belle and then we will get more goodies. Sweet, eh?

    Now for catch up.... Brutus, I apologize. I thought Bermese was some kind of cat but that is Siamese. Dah to Maddox. Also, you should try acupuncture or laser therapy for your hips. That will make you feel better. Max, try to talk him into that. Zoe, were you skinny dipping in your pool again? You should invite Dudley. I think he skinny dips too. .Hehehehehe Martha, Lucy and Riley, you sound like you are very excited about moving into your new home. Congrats to you. Kirby, a dork can be many things. Usually it is something that is goofy or someone that does something that we think is dumb could be a dork, or even someone or something that looks weird and unusual. You wear a dorky collar once in a while and Zoe said her canine buddies look dorky with their new doo. Rebel, how long does it take you to get a bath, about three minutes? Just kidding little buddy . Sonya, several times this week you have said such nice things about Cora-Belle and I think that was very special of you. Abby, what is going on in your household? Jumping and nipping and James Dean getting slap happy? Calm down peeps. Hey James Dean, another feline in our gang. Maybe you should visit Black Mamma and see if you can tame that girl down. Hehehehehe. Missy Chow, sneaker thief? Well you gave them back so that was good. Kitty, what is going on with your mamma Delia, take care of her. Sally, we are glad you are commenting. Keep it up girlfriend. How old are Betty and Baxter? Molly and Jake and Baby Favor, where are you? Busy like I was? Ruby, don't eat yarn. Dig a hole and bury it but don't eat it.
    Well, I think I am caught back up again so I am going to the deck before it rains again. Sorry this was so long
    Don't forget Three Cheers To Mom Day tomorrow
    Love to all,

  • I'm so sorry to hear about Cora Belle. What a lovely tribute. I believe that she'll be over the rainbow bridge, where you can run all day and jump on all the furniture and eat as much as you want. I'll say a prayer for her people as someone as sweet as Cora Belle will be missed deeply.

  • To my heroine Cora Belle,
    I miss you, miss you and miss you more. You taught me so much about life and that is to enjoy it---bark lots and lots and be a little naughty. Hopefully I make you proud every day. You are my angel too, along with so many others, like Basil. I will carry you with me always and I love you. YOU ARE A GEM.
    Love ya,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. I knew that Maddox would set me straight; he is a storehouse of information. I guess at times I am a little dorkey too. Well the cool days of the 50’s and the 60’s seem to be gone. It’s getting up into the 80’s now and soon it will be even higher. Outside in that heat is no place for a Chow so I just stay inside as much as I can. And NO, I’m not getting one of those “buzz” cuts. We’ll all miss Cora Bell very much.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good Morning Dr. Pia and the Glue Squad

    What a beautiful tribute to our Cora Belle brought a tear to my eye :(

    I'm a little sore this morning mom had a bad dream last night and was kicking to escape - well guess what she kicked me!!! Woke me up from a sound sleep, made me cough and now I'm sore - what the hell!!! I'll get even - there is a TP party in my future today ;)

    Have a good day!

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, I am so proud of you Dr. Pia for giving us that marvelous photo of our dear friend Cora-Belle and sharing that great poem about our wonderful buddy who is now in Heaven! Those comments that you shared from many of our outstanding Glue Squad members are the best to read and all of your blogs are, also! My Mom and I will always love Cora-Belle and Lucinda and James who took such great care of her for so many wonderful years! We also love hearing from Black Mama when ever possible! We love you Dr.Pia and sweet Minnow very much, also! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and can't wait to hear from you next week! Best wishes to our wonderful Glue Squad, also! Love Dudley Do Right and Jan XOXOXO+

  • Hello Everyone:

    To quote a Rod Stewart song (and change it just a little):
    Cora Belle: You're in my heart, you're in my soul,
    You were my breath as we grew old,
    You were my love, you were my best friend,
    You're in my heart ...

    Love Martha, Lucy and Riley (promoted to a travelling Wilbury as he likes to roam....)

  • Thank you Dr. Pia for giving a chance to give Cora-Belle a proper send off. I'm sure she is running wild and barking up a storm with Warrior Prince Basil, Precious, Herman the Cat, Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow and so many of our other wonderful friends who are now at the Rainbow Bridge.

  • oh my, what a lovely tribute to our cattle-dog, Cora-Belle, thank you all so very much, love, Lucinda and James

  • The tribute to Cora-Belle was very nice. I hadn't seen a picture of her before now. She was a beautiful cattle dog.

    Where are there pictures of the rest of the Glue Squad? I will have to figure out how to upload pictures of Baxter and Betty.

    Baxter is a Boston Terrier, nine years old and around 25 lbs. His coloring is called Brindle, basically a black mix with some white and brown. He loves to play ball. I got him as a puppy, he was so small he fit in my hand.

    Betty is a French Bulldog, four years old and around 20 lbs. She is white with brindle markings. Betty loves to be touched and cuddled. I rescued her from being given to the pound. I am her third mom. She has been with us for two years.

    They help me take care of my mom (their grandma) who turned 83 last Friday. Her health is not so good so she doesn't get out much. They kept her entertained and watch over her while I am at work.

  • Hi Dr Pia and Glue Squad Friends,

    A beautiful tribute to our friend Cora Belle, a very special Glue Squad Angel watching over all of us along with Basil, Herman, Mrs. Bosley, Precious.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • We, unfortunately, became members of the Glue Squad late and did not have the pleasant of knowing Cora-Belle. But from all the above kind notes she must have been one special lady.
    We extend our sympathies to her family and you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Brutus and Max

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