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So many of you in the Glue Squad were wondering what sort of adventure we Frenchies had planned for G.K.  Well, it really wasn't too hard to come up with the perfect idea.  We just gave him what he loves.

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Alright, G.K. - You're all refreshed from your nap and now it's time for a little adventure.  Rather than let you walk (run away) we've opted to drive you to the destination we have in mind.

1 Alright, G.K. - You're all refreshed from your nap and now it's time for a little adventure. Rather than let you walk (run away) we've opted to drive you to the destination we have in mind.

Here we are at the paddock where the two black sheep used to live.  They now live at a wool farm and this paddock isn't used for animals anymore, which means there's no poop to get messy in.

2 Here we are at the paddock where the two black sheep used to live. They now live at a wool farm and this paddock isn't used for animals anymore, which means there's no poop to get messy in.

You mean you're going to let me run wild?

3 You mean you're going to let me run wild?

Yes!  I'm free and this feels great!

4 Yes! I'm free and this feels great!

Come on, G.K. - I want in on this action.

5 Come on, G.K. - I want in on this action.

I'm pretty fast, but I think G.K. is even faster!

6 I'm pretty fast, but I think G.K. is even faster!

G.K. - How about a little tussle?

7 G.K. - How about a little tussle?

Take that, big boy!

8 Take that, big boy!

Oh no!

9 Oh no!

I've been had!

10 I've been had!

I'm outta here!

11 I'm outta here!

Sharkey, let's just let him run.

12 Sharkey, let's just let him run.

I think G.K. is really enjoying this outing.

13 I think G.K. is really enjoying this outing.

This is very good for G.K. and we should do this on a regular basis.

14 This is very good for G.K. and we should do this on a regular basis.

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  • Ahhhhhhh, my son. Run GK, run. Thank you so much Sharkey and Francesca, for thinking of such a good place for him to run. There is nothing like being able to run in a big grassy area And, being fenced makes it safe to run in for a certain someone who had to be brought home in a police cruiser one day. Hehehehehehehe. I hope he gets to run in that area on a regular basis. He sure looked like he was having a blast.
    Well, here we are again, another Friday. Now I will be thinking about everyone all weekend. Like, did Zoe and her dad finish up with the pool, how is the yard sale going for Ruby, how are Rebel's little ducklings doing, is Missy Chow going to get a time out, will Kirby do something special with his dad, will Kitty get Delia to like her new feline friend, do James Dean and Abby live near Martha, did Baby Favor's mom get home yet, are Molly and Jake settling in at the new place, are Martha, Lucy and Riley going to do something exciting, I will wonder if Brutus and Max live near the border of Pa., will Dudley continue to pick weeds and plant flowers this weekend and last but not least, I will wonder and wonder how a rat becomes a used rat. Black Mamma, I think you said Lucinda and James were thinking of getting a used pet rat. What was the rat used for? Maybe that movie Ben, that was about a rat. Hehehehehehehe. So, you all know what I will be doing, thinking and thinking and thinking.
    Love to all,

  • ..G.K. what a beautiful boy you are..it makes my heart glad to see you run wild and free..you could not ask for better pals, the frenchies!..over and out, Black Mama

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    To quote a famous man, “Free at last; free at last.” I know just how GK feels running free in that big field. I’m often kept in the house for days when it is rainy and bad weather. Only go out for the “necessary” things. Then the weather clears and the ground dries out, boy can I really fly in the back yard. All the squirrels know when I’m out and they stay up in the trees. If they don’t, I’ll see that they do. There is one cat which keeps getting into my back yard. He doesn’t know how dangerous that can be. After all, cats are for chasing you know. Have a good, and safe, weekend all.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good Morning F, S & GK

    When I saw the pictures all I could think of was RUN FOREST RUN!!!Loved that movie :)
    That is a great place for GK to release all his energy and that would also be a great place for a Glue Squad play date!! We could all run around and then have snacks - what do you say Frannie?

    Well Dad and I finished cleaning up the pool - what a mess from those storms. We have all those helicopter things flying around and these other things that look like worms coming off the trees - just makes a mess of the pool.

    Mom is golfing tomorrow but I'm sure will hit the pool when she comes home. She told Dad to have it heated to 85 so we'll be hanging at the pool with cocktails - sounds like a great plan to me!

    Sunday she is working in the morning at the church bake sale. I hope she brings home something yummy :)

    Have a great weekend everyone!!


  • Hi F & S, GK and Glue Squad Buddies, It looks like you all had a great time running and playing in a safe & secured area. This is a great place for GK to run and exercise, no police cruisers for him. GK, be careful with Frannie, we don't want any neck injuries, okay?? Maddox, I'm going to try to stay out of trouble this weekend with no time outs-I'll try, but can't promise ;) . Ruby, hope Mom's yard sale is a big success, be a good girl. Rebel, it must be fun to see the baby ducklings, we have baby robins in one of our evergreen trees in the front yard this year. Dudley Do Right, is your gardening all done? Zoe, what's new? Kirby, we are have cool weather today, definitely a deck day. Abby & James Dean, how's things at Mom's work, have you gone with her lately? Kitty, how's your friend? Hi Black Mama, Baby Favor, Martha, Lucy, Riley, Molly & Jake. Hi Gail, Sonya, Lynn & Delia. Belated wishes for our friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Have a great weekend everyone.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • WaHoooo!
    Boy, does that look like fun! You three need to do that more often. G.K., you looked so happy there big guy. I love to see you smile & show that black tongue.
    It's real quiet here. I haven't seen my ducklings in 2 days! I'm kind of worried. I'll keep a close eye out this weekend.
    It's gonna get hot here, Mimi has put off turning on the A/C, but it'll get started today.
    I'll check in later to see what's happening.
    Your pal,

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, WOW! I absolutely love seeing this latest blog this morning about how you beautiful girls found a way to let GK run freely and not go out in the road! This was marvelous and GK you look so happy and you girls do, too! That was nice to take him on the Kawasaki so he would stay safe and run forever in that clean paddock! Sure hope all 3 of you have a great week end and enjoy running GK!!! Thanks again for your marvelous comments, Maddox! I love what you said about all of our buddies and we have lots of rats in our yard and I almost caught one the other day! Black Mama, hope you have a nice weekend with no rain! We might get some but I hope not! Kirby, continue having fun in your back yard with no rain! Zoe, hope you, Mommy, and Daddy have fun at the pool tomorrow! Missy Chow, you sound wonderful today and hope you have great fun all weekend! Rebel, sure hope you see your ducklings real soon and stay cool! Hope to hear from the rest of you buddies soon! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Oh that's great!!!! I thought about that, maybe a cyclone fenced in area where GK could run...and there you have it, a paddock suited just for that purpose...I'm sooooo happy for GK. Frenchie girls it's wonderful watching you all running around.
    Kitty has been having a ball outside with the warm weather, she did not come home last night, so had to take an Ambient to sleep...she came this morning chucking up whatever she caught in her escapade, thank goodness she did it outside...poor thing she cat screams just before vomiting.
    Today it's COLD again, but a good thing because that rotting deer carcass still smells when it's warm, not allowing me to work in the backyard. I'm going to cut some Lilacs that I discovered blooming for the first time ever after many years, HUraaa!!! ;-)
    EVERYONE here have a great Friday!

    <3 2 U all...
    delia & Kitty =^, ,^=

  • Hello Running G.K., Francesca,Sharkey, Proud papa Maddox, Kirby, Zoe and all my glue squad buddies,
    What a great blog today!! G.K. looks so happy running around the sheep paddock. Excellent idea girls to keep your special friend safe in the enclosed space. Good running G.K.!! Love the pictures of you smiling too.
    Maddox, great comments today! Sometimes I wonder if you are sleeping out on your sunny deck. We live in the beautiful Hudson valley of N.Y. Not too far away from Martha when she is in NYC.
    Dudley, sweet Dudley, it is really nice to learn you are picking weeds and planting flowers. Kirby, not all cats are for chasing, Kitty, Black mama and I for example. Ruby, hope you have a very successful yard sale this weekend. Missy Chow, we have baby robins in our evergreens too! Rebel, hope you see your duckling friends soon. Zoe, have a wonderful pool cocktail party! Yesterday Abby ran off the leash all around the freshly mown lawn. She actually is quite fast! Today she is going back to work with mom. Mom is working all weekend but running in a race tomorrow morning, cross country.
    Hope all the glue squad has a SUPER weekend! purrrs-
    James Byron Dean the persian boy cat

  • The look on G.K.'s face says it all. What a wonderful Friday blog. It's so good to see G.K., Franny and Sharkey running free all over the paddock. G.K. is especially funny. You all should definitely do this more often. Too bad the paddock isn't closer to your house then you could build a close in runway to the paddock where you could go anytime you wanted to.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy, safe weekend. :smile:

  • ..an answer to Maddox..people return rats to the pet store..just how much work can a rat be that it has to be returned?...Chiweenies and James and Lucinda are off getting maple bars and mochas..Ivan & Ivanka just chased me around the yard..but I am quick and climbed a tree and they gave up..they don't do that when Lucinda and James are home..they are naughty and I understand..gotta go...later, Black Mama

  • Oh, how these pictures make my heart sing! They remind me of my own beloved boxer who brought me joy for 12 and a half years. He loved to run and run in open spaces and show off his speed and agility. I would clap and hoot for him which made us both smile!

  • Hooray for GK... he gets to kick up his heels, err paws! :)

    What a lush area of grass to prance about. And poop free to boot!

    Wishing all a wonderful weekend...

  • Hi all,
    I checked messages and I saw Black Mamma's reply about the used rats. I never thought of that, people buying them and then bringing them back. But I can't understand why they buy them in the first place. I mean, a rat? There are so many running around lose in the wild that need homes. Maybe there could be a blog on a Thursday about giving a forever home to rats that are out in the elements and have to fend for themselves. Hehehehehehehehe. My bad. So, Black Mamma, unless you are looking for a meal out of this, you should talk them out of a rat. Tell them to get a rat terrier. Hehehehehe. My bad again. I better head for the deck and try to behave myself

  • RUN GK RUN!!!!!
    You were running for all us "leashed" doggies. Back in my younger days I could run like that. Now, I run, but I'll pay for it later. Went for a walk earlier today. Max and I enjoyed it, but boy was it hot. Being covered in all this fur, I'm more of a winter dog.
    Maddox, Lebanon is above 30 miles north of Cincinnati, so, no we are on the other side of the state from PA.
    Zoe, would like to take a dip in your pool, sounds like a great way to spend a hot day.
    Rebel, we don't have ducks, but we do have squirrels. And for some strange reason our Dad feeds them! He even has two that come up on the patio and takes peanuts out of his hand. He has named them Hector and Silas. Of course, Max and I have to go into the house when those squirrels are around. Silly squirrels.
    It's been storming here alot this past week and I head for the basement. I do not like thunder.
    Must be off, I'm losing valuable sleeping time!
    Happy weekend to all the Glue Squad members!
    Brutus and Max.

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