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We Frenchies were so happy to play hostesses to Beatrice Mochere-Mwasi, who was born in Kenya and runs a design company based in Nairobi.  Beatrice has been spending time visiting Martha's office in New York City and was invited to see the farm and to observe a video shoot that was taking place for The Home Depot.  Because Martha was in front of the camera, we Frenchies were the tour guides.

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Last Friday, we had a very pleasant visit with Beatrice Mochere-Mwasi, who is visiting from Kenya.

1 Last Friday, we had a very pleasant visit with Beatrice Mochere-Mwasi, who is visiting from Kenya.

Beatrice told us that she is the founder and director  of Sanabora Design House Limited, a company that produces fashion accessories, such as leather handbags and jewelry.

2 Beatrice told us that she is the founder and director of Sanabora Design House Limited, a company that produces fashion accessories, such as leather handbags and jewelry.

Sanabora works to create a distinctive range of leather bags that represent a fusion of contemporary design and indigenous African concepts.

3 Sanabora works to create a distinctive range of leather bags that represent a fusion of contemporary design and indigenous African concepts.

She is visiting New York City and has been spending a great deal of time at Martha Stewart Living headquarters.  Martha invited her to tour the farm and of, course, who better than to guide her?

4 She is visiting New York City and has been spending a great deal of time at Martha Stewart Living headquarters. Martha invited her to tour the farm and of, course, who better than to guide her?

Beatrice loved the donkeys!

5 Beatrice loved the donkeys!

And, as usual, we loved seeing them, too!

6 And, as usual, we loved seeing them, too!

We then went to the stable and while Beatrice said hello to all of the horses, we sat on top of these urns like perfect bookends.

7 We then went to the stable and while Beatrice said hello to all of the horses, we sat on top of these urns like perfect bookends.

We were beginning to feel neglected and then Beatrice finally came back, showering us with her warm affection!  It was great meeting you, Beatrice!

8 We were beginning to feel neglected and then Beatrice finally came back, showering us with her warm affection! It was great meeting you, Beatrice!

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  • Good morning girls, first I want to say that by now I guess we all know that Cora-Belle went to the rainbow bridge. She was the best. She was a loyal Glue Squad member, very supportive of everyone and I will miss her very much. So will Karen. We were all supposed to do something bad in honor of Cora-Belle and bark as loud as we could. I really don't bark much but I got a couple of them out. And all day I kept lifting my leg like I was going to do what male dogs do when they lift their leg. But it was indoors. Karen was so mad. She asked why I was doing this when I never ever did before. I think after the 5th time that I did this (by the way I only pretended to urinate in the house) that she realized what I was doing. She then said that Cora-Belle was probably laughing over that. Hehehehehehe. And now we have Black Mamma taking her place on the glue squad. She must be very tricky cause she has to sneak into the house when James and Lucinda are sleeping so she can use the computer to comment on the DW. Welcome Black Mamma.
    This lady from Africa, did she bring any of her products with her? Did she get to meet GK when she met the other animals? I hope she had a good time at the farm.
    Glue Squad, there are a lot of comments from over the weekend. I always go back every day to make sure I didn't miss anything so that is what I am going to do now.
    Love to all,

  • Thanks for sharing. Love your leash free life on the farm!!

  • I went back and looked at the previous blog. We have Glue Squad wanna be newbies. Brutus and Max. I think Brutus is a cat. I saw Bermese and pug. But a Bermese can be Bermese python, can't it? But I don't think it is a python cause how would it type to post comments. Hehehehehehehe. Hello Brutus and Max. Soooooooo, what state do you live in? Do you get in trouble sometimes or are you very well behaved? I am sure the other Glue Squad members will have questions for you too cause after all we have certain criteria that we look for in new members. They have to be very very supportive of the other members, post on a sort of regular basis so we all know that everyone is alright. They have to be bad once in a while to honor other members. Basically, they have to share their life with a bunch of some of the best maniacs on the planet. Hehehehehe

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    What a weekend this has been. It rained, off and on, all day Saturday and yesterday it rained over half of the day. Makes going outside to wet the threes a real adventure in trying to sty dry. You guessed it, I didn’t stay dry and had to be toweled off when I came back in. Today is one of those days where the sun is shinning and the sky is blue. That’s good except it will be getting hot. I need to go to the west; saw they have snow out there. I’d better get my breakfast and have my morning nap before it isn’t morning any more. Hehehehehe Maddox, keep all four on the floor when inside.
    Catch you later, Kirby

  • Aw, Beatrice is my kind of gal, she has a fondness for donks! :)

    Looks like she picked a beautiful Spring day for a visit!

    I'm sure she appreciated the knowledgeable guides that accompanied her! :)

    It's still very Spring like here in NH! :)

    Happy Monday to all..

  • Good Morning F & S

    Looks like you had a nice visit with Beatrice. Did she bring you any presents? I had to go back and ready Friday posts I was thinking who is Black Mamma I thought Beatrice joined the Glue Squad. Anyway did you ask her if she wanted to join the Glue Squad?

    I was so sad when I got Lynn's email about our sweet Cora Belle. We thought something was up when we didn't have a post for a while. I did something bad without even knowing we were suppose to - I pulled out the flowers mom planted around the pool. WOW was she pissed! They were these little pink things so maybe I thought they were weeds ;) Welcome Black Mamma !!

    Great weekend, lots of deck time. The back yard looks great now mom has to plant the front, that is next weekends project.

    Mother's day is coming up Dad and I need to go shopping for something special for Mom. Any thoughts on a special gift?


  • Hello Girls,
    First I must say, I feel so sad without my heroine, Cora Belle. Thank you Lucinda and James for sharing her with us. Mom says she is playing and running with many angels. I behaved so naughty over the weekend that Dad had to put sod in my digging to China. I howled lots too. I bet you could hear me Cora Belle. I am very happy to welcome another second generation Glue Squad member as myself. Welcome Black Mama. Maddox is correct, they might have to move the computer to the barn for you to use.

    Another welcome to some new friends, Brutus and Max. Brutus a Bernese, hey, and Max a pug. Max, I bet you can stand under Brutus when it is snowing or raining and he is your umbrella? Tell us all about yourselves.

    I must sign off, but Cora Belle, I want you, Lucinda and James to know that you are the best parents ever and that Cora Belle is in my heart and naughty acts forever.

    Love and licks,

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, Francesca and Sharkey, you sure did have fun meeting that nice, new lady from Africa and I love these photos of her loving you sweet girls and being at the farm! How nice that Martha let her visit the farm and get to meet you and she looked so happy! Hope you have a great day and hug GK for me! We had the temperature at 84 degrees yesterday and it was almost too hot to go outside! Will be hot again today! Maddox, I did a lot of loud barking to let Cora-Belle know how much I miss her! Will be glad to hear from Black Mama whenever possible! Kirby, hope you have dry weather today so you don't get wet again! Can't wait to hear from the rest of you great buddies today! Love you all and sure do miss Cora-Belle! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Everyone - we are back at the computer again, and apologize for our leave of absence. Lucy will be writing today, as she needs to tell everyone about her birthday partay!
    But first, our sincerest condolences to Cora Belle's family, we are so sad that Cora Belle passed on, but hope she is now barking up a storm at the Rainbow Bridge. We have all been very naughty this weekend, especially in her honour!
    We have been absent last week with good reason - in the space of a week we looked at houses, bought a house, inspected a house and took care of all the details you need to do. It is closer to Mom's work, has really good greenspace access, is fully fenced and has a pool. Martha and I will pretty much ignore the pool, but Riley .... that boy will need watching very closely for a while to see what his take on the situation is. We'll keep you updated on the packing and moving stuff - in 6 weeks we will be moving so hopefully we'll get to go to our breeder's house for a few days so we don't get stressed out.
    Now, for the birthday news - firstly, thank you for all of your birthday wishes and congratulations, I don't know why but being 5 is so much better than being 4. We had pizza, macaroni & cheese (our absolute favorite), ice cream and Mom bought me a big bag of greenies (which is my favorite type of bone). Of course I shared them with Riley and Martha, we also got a bone from the meat shop, we were in heaven. We don't eat like that everyday (we'd all be very overweight) but it was a good birthday!
    Well, its another beautiful day out there so we'll be outside as much as possible, welcome Black Mamma to the Daily Wag, and welcome B & B! One day I think we should all have a meet and greet, organize a weekend to meet, wouldn't that be great!
    Beardie bounces to all, Love Martha, Lucy and Riley devil dog.

  • Good morning ladies,
    A new friend from Africa! Beatrice looks so nice & you ladies are so sweet to show her around. She sure looked comfortable carrying you around, Sharkey. Beatrice would be a welcome member of the Glue Squad, don't you think?
    Hello to our new friends, Brutus & Max! Hello and welcome to the group! Maddox is right, we must know all about you two. Black Mamma, get some computer time as soon as your able.
    Papa cleaned the family room carpet yesterday, I don't like that. My bed & toys are in the living room and my favorite chair was by the front door! To top it off I had a bath, too! I was not a happy Chihuahua yesterday and it was raining! I am so looking forward to today. Mimi will put the furniture back in place & I'll direct her. Then I'll take a nap.
    Hey, Zoe, glad to know you're up to your old tricks! We love you Zoe and you Zoe-ventures, right everybody?
    Sun is out here today. Do you have snow, Ruby? For all my long hair, double coat friends, I hope the rain stops for a few days so you can get outside for a while.
    Good bye sweet Cora Belle.
    Your pal,

  • What a treat to have such an accomplished person such as Beatrice at your farm. I see she has already fallen under your adorable charm. Did she get to meet G.K. as well? How can you not

    I am so sad that our precious buddy Cora-Belle has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I just had the awful feeling when we hadn't heard her from her in awhile that something bad had happened. I will only remember our feisty friend as this beautiful, adventurous pupster who lived an extraordinary, colorful life. I loved Cora-Belle's tales of life on the ranch wrangling wayward cats and her pals the Chiweenies. Lucinda and James, I know you both are hurting badly right now but please know that we Glue Squadders are here for you.

    You all will always be part of our GS/DW family. The love that you shared with Cora-Belle is so heartwarming. Even as she grew older and her eyesight faded away, your love for her never diminished. The goofy sweaters that she wore, the hayrides are what real love is all about and that will always be with all of us. Thank you for sharing your precious girl with the rest of us.

  • Hello Beatrice, Sharkey, Francesca, Maddox, Rebel, Lucy birthday gal, Ruby and all my glue squad buddies,
    What a nice visit for Beatrice and her friends Sharkey and Franny. The donks look happy too and its nice and sunny. Welcome Beatrice, I think you should be an honorary glue squad member! Did you meet G.K.? He is very handsome like his papa, Maddox, our leader.
    I am very sad to hear about my friend Cora belle. I am sure she is barking up a storm up on the Rainbow bridge with Prince Basil and Herman the cat. They must have watched the derby together. I pretended to nip Mom and barked at work in Corabelle's honor. I even did my spin and growl tasmanian devil bit for the other dogs. Jimmy has been a little naughty too, he slapped Mom saturday when she did his brushing out. Lots of persian cat hair shedding.
    Welcome to the glue squad to Brustus, Max and our new cat friend Black mama.
    Rebel, my bed and toys are in the living room too. Dudley, are you getting ready for Mother's day?? Zoe, those weeds are hard to figure out, don't they all look like weeds sometimes??? Mom keeps me out of the garden since I tried to sleep on the chives, looked comfy to me...
    We love you Cora belle.
    Abby the pug/peke/frenchie

  • Yo, glue squaders..first off thanks for the kind words about my buddy, the Cora-Belle..she had a special place in my heart, as about five years ago some one dumped me off at the edge of the farm/ranch..I was ready to give birth..and in bad shape..thought i was a goner...had the the kids under an shed and hoped for the best..we were all about dead when Cora-Belle ( who was in her prime then) sniffed around and alerted Lucinda we were there..out came some food and water they caught me once and took me to the vet and since that horrible experience..I have been wild and free every since..so yes, I will sneak in the house when no one is looking and let you know what is going on..I don't like being touched ...Cora-Belle chased me for years..never to hurt me..and in her later years we just talked..so I know all about each and everyone of you!..over and out p.s. the stupid chiweenies are coming for visit later today..now they are trouble..wish me luck!

  • Welcome to America Beatrice! What a lovely photo of you Francesca and Sharkey with your visitor from Kenya! That was nice of you Frenchies to show Miss Beatrice around the farm...visiting the Donks and horses, oh what fun.... I hope everyone had a great visit, this way she can tell good stories at home as well. :-)
    Oh wow kitty is quite excited to hear a feral cat named Black Mama is joining our group.
    I hope Lucinda that you are doing OK. ..

    I'm off to spend Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with our daughter in Milwaukee she is treating me to a SPA...hubby will come the Sunday to spend Mothers Day! I Love my family so much...wish our other daughter lived closer to us.

    I'm writing on my iPad while sitting in the back yard enjoying the green that is appearing, but sadly the deer have made a meal of most of my flowers. Speaking of deer, the other day I mentioned the coyotes got a deer, well the beauty of the back yard is ruined with the smell of the carcass :-(

    Got to run...
    Hugs to all
    Delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Hi there everyone. Longtime reader first time to comment. I am so sorry to hear about Cora-Belle. No wonder Baxter (Boston Terrier) and Betty (Frenchie) were so barky yesterday. Being apartment dwellers they know not to make lots of noise. I need to check with Zoe's mom about the Rainbow Bridge poem for rescues that I found. She is going to post it for all the Glue Squad to read. Keep your tissues handy.

  • Sally so glad you decided to post. You'll need to email me the Rainbow Bridge poem in a PDF format so I can post or you can do it. Just do a copy and paste.


  • Evening Girls, Beatrice and Glue Squad Buddies, It's been a long day but didn't want to go to bed without posting to say I was naughty this weekend and today in memory of my friend Cora Belle. Dad found a hole under the deck stairs after he had already smoothed out some dirt and rocks. He asked me what I was doing! He didn't understand why I did it. I went shoe shopping and ended taking one of Mom's sneakers and a shoe..then one of Dad's sneaker. If I didn't give it back, it would have been no walk for me - okay, I gave it back. Really he DOES have other sneakers to wear. Lucinda & James, thanks for taking good care of Cora Belle, her stories of the maple bars, tractors rides, the visit to the river, chiweenies, Ivan & Ivanka always brought a smile to me & Mom. Mom went back and printed a picture of her to keep close.. Welcome Black Mama, Brutus & Max, Baxter & Betty. Hi to all my friends & buddies.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Thanks for the warm welcome!
    I, Brutus, am part Bernese Mountain DOG (no cats here!). I am an Angel (ask me, I'll tell you!) but my brother, Max, the Pug, is the problem child. We live in Lebanon, Ohio and we are blessed to have the Lebanon Bike Trail next door. I love to watch the walkers, runners and bikers enjoy the trail, but that Max does what Pugs do best. He barks and barks and barks! On ocasion when I see a cute doggie walking by, I might offer a brisk "Hello!", but that's just being friendly.
    Max and I love to walk on the Bike Trail, but my hips hurt from arthritis so the trips are short.
    And, Ruby, as a matter of fact, Max does like to run under me, especially when we come inside...Mom and Dad always gives us treats and I think Max thinks he'll get to the treat jar first.
    Being Bernese Mountain I have lots and lots of thick fur, my Mom takes me about every 3 months for my "day of beauty" (her words, not mine!) to have my fur cut....but she has the groomer leave my tail nice of fluffy. Mom always says I look like a beagle on steriods afterwards.
    Maxie has his day of beauty on our bathtub and we hear about that experience for days on end!
    Once again, thanks for the welcome, hopefully Max will write soon (now he is snoozing next to Dad in bed)
    Brutus and Max

  • Will post later. Busy morning. Explain later
    Busy busy busy.

  • Hi everyone, it looks like I missed a lot eh!
    Someone has been keeping me on my toes pretty much but can’t complain because I’m enjoying every bit of it. Yes, I did meet GK and we had very good photos of us taken. I will check with Francesca and Sharkey whether we will have them uploaded out of public interest:-) And thanks Abby for honoring me with the glue squad membership.
    Lots of Love,

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