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Last Sunday, Karen Tracy, my breeder, came to the farm in Bedford for a visit.  She brought another Chow with her named Sequoia.  We had a lovely visit and Martha took a lot of photos of me, which she wanted posted on The Daily Wag as a photo gallery.

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Sequoia and GK

67 Sequoia and GK


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  • WOW - 68 pictures on the daily wag is way more than I have ever seen....the thing is you barely moved a hair.... wait, I get it, it is going to be a test to see if we can tell which are GK and which are Sequoia!!!!!

  • Hello GK,
    Karen showed me the pictures. You are a stunning chow, like me. Hehehehehehe.
    Seriously, Karen said she was thrilled to see how beautifully you are maturing. She said you were so happy to see her which also made her happy. Sequoia the heathen as I call her was there but the other chow in a couple of the pictures is Wu-Tang. She is a Champion like GK and she has her Grand Championship title like GK . I wish I could have been there to see you in person but I had to be in charge here. Francesca, Sharkey and the three chows got along just fine. By the way, the photographer was Martha herself. How kool is that? Oh, another thing, Martha made eggs and juices and apricot marmalade and Karen said the yolks on her eggs are almost orange and the best eggs around. Karen and Jan and the chows got there early and there was Martha out watering her plants. That is a big job. Big big job. And Carlos was there too. He is such a nice person. GK, you look great, you are in a great home and you are loved by many people. And that is a very good thing.
    Love you son,
    Your proud dad Maddox

  • Wow, G.K., there are photos of you from almost every angle (excepting your plush posterior, of course). You are a handsome guy! Is Martha going to sell a wall-sized poster of you at Petsmart or something? Huzzah, huzzah big guy! Bye!

  • Hello G.K., Photographer Martha, Karen, Sequoia and Wu-Tang,
    You all look so koooool in all the photos. I just think those blue tongues are the neatest thing going. Do you have to eat a regular daily requirement of blue popscicles to keep the tongues blue? What fun Karen must have had to bring Sequoia and Wu-Tang and have a garden party. I think that would be so fun. Maddox do you think you can use your influence to get a garden party for the entire Glue Squad. I think you should write a book on just the Glue Squad and we could come and take photos and eat and play and PARTY!!! Sorry, lost myself in that wonderful day dream. It must have been like a fairytale to be at your farm G.K., Franny, and Sharkey. Thank you so much for sharing all these great photos of the wonderful day. Have a GEM of a day. I must get to checking on the 7 inches on snow coming down.
    Love & licks,

  • Oh my heart be still!!!!! What a beauty you are G.K....you fluffaffuf...I want to bury my face in your fur...brrrruwww!
    Glue Squad friends, if you want to have fun, go to photo 52 all the way through 62 with a fast continuous click of the arrow "next" to make the photos go fast and they will look animated...OK that's the artist in me...I know weird! ;-)
    Maddox be proud and Karen as well...a fine Chow specimen. :-)

    Can you believe yesterday it was 88 degrees??? And snow is forcasted in the northern part of Wisconsin from MN...what is going on?

    Kitty is loving it outside, she just rolls and rolls on the deck...she also spotted that Vulture again, don't know what he's looking for but the poor thing put the U in ugly.

    Everyone ave a Beautiful Day!
    delia & Kitty =^y^=

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, Thank you, thank you, thank you Martha for sharing all 68 of these handsome photos of our great buddy, Ghenghis Khan and Sequoia in photo #67! These are the greatest photos of handsome Ghenghis Khan and he looks very much like his Dad, Maddox and especially Paw Paw! My Mom remembers Paw Paw from several years ago and loved him very much! We love all of you very much and love seeing Ghenghis Khan when ever possible! Hope you all have a great May Day! Maddox, you are also a handsome chow Chow! Which photos showed Wu-Tang? Nice to hear from you Susan and Malcolm today! Rebel, sorry to hear about your friend Erroll. God Bless him! Ruby, how fun to have a duck pond! How are you doing in the snow, again?! Hi, Serena! Delia, I hope and pray that you doing and feeling much better! Please give my buddy Kitty a big hug and a kiss for me! Martha, thank you so much for sharing these photos and we love you very much! Hope to hear from the rest of you today! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hi G.K.
    I decided to click through the pics really fast! It's just like a G.K. movie!
    Is Sequoia your new girlfriend?
    Everybody go back and click away to see if you see a movie, just like a flip book!
    Another bright, shiny day today!
    Have great day everybody.
    Your pal,

  • I'm back. Mimi & I read Delia's post from yesterday. Delia, Mimi wants to know...didn't they put any towels or sound deadeners by your ears? Hopefully you won't see that MRI machine again, but if you do, ask for something for your ears.
    Love & kisses to you,

  • Maybe a girlfriend for GK?

  • Hello Handsome,wonderful G.K., Daddy Maddox, Sequoia, Ruby,Dudley and all my glue squad buddies,
    So many wonderful pictures of G.K. and lovely Sequia too. We are glad everyone had a great visit and the breakfast sounded delicious.
    Sunny and 75 here so Abby is going to the dog park later with Mom!
    Beautiful weather for Kitty to explore and roll around outside. Zoe, remember your sunblock if you venture out to the beach.
    Hugs and purrrrrrs- James dean the persian boy

  • Hi G.K. After looking at all your pictures that Martha took, I'm in love!!! :-) I had to go take a nap and rest I was so excited to see your picture gallery..be still my heart. You are soooo handsome,so G.Q., your expressions are priceless. You sat so still, I know I couldn't do that for very long. So happy you had a nice visit with Karen, Sequoia and Wu-Tang. Delia, you're right, Mom thought her eyes were playing tricks but it sure looks animated without a doubt. Our weather has been beautiful so far and plenty of outside time for me. Mom bought more flowers today, guess I'll have to help her plant them soon. This woman loves her flowers ;-) Ruby, hope the snow doesn't stay too long. Abby, have fun at the park. Dudley Do Right, sorry to hear about Errol, remember the good times. Rebel, anything new with you? Zoe, glad Mom & Dad is back, bet they were happy to see you. Hi to all my buddies, enjoy this weather.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • You are so handsome G.K. - just like PawPaw. I'm not surprised Martha took so many pictures. It's hard to pick a favorite. I think #34 is the cutest with you being funny by squinting. I also looked at them as if watching a movie. Really cute with you tilting your head every which way. I speed through Martha's blog pictures too sometimes, depending on what she has photographed. It is like watching a movie.

  • Hey there GK or should I say you big HUNK ;)

    You are one good looking guy and if I were a Chow I'd be trying to jump your bones :)

    Great pictures and I can say I would never sit there that long.

    Long day and late night at the office for mom - I think I'll go join her for a cocktail.....


  • Hi GK,
    I just have to tell you that I was so very pleased to see how beautiful your coat is and how nicely you are maturing. You are a superb chow and such a sweet tempered dog as well.
    I could go on and on about how stunning you looked but you already Kbiw that, don't you big guy?
    The other chow in a couple of the pictures was Wu-Tang. Sequoia was there also but she didn't want pictures taken.
    One more thing, Missy Chow, Maddox said to tell you he thought you had a crush on him and now you are smitten with GK. He wants to know what's up with that? He is sooooo bad. Haha
    Love you Glue Squad members

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