Out and About With Francesca - Yay!!

Posted by Sharkey

Today I have a treat for you!  Francesca is back!  Although frustrating, she needs to be on a leash so that she doesn't take off and reinjure herself.  You know, squirrels are very tempting to us, Frenchies, and barking up a tree isn't the best think for her neck.

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Sharkey, I'm finally allowed to be outdoors, however, I have to be restrained, dang it!

1 Sharkey, I'm finally allowed to be outdoors, however, I have to be restrained, dang it!

Francesca, that hardly seems fair, but it's great to be walking with you, at last!

2 Francesca, that hardly seems fair, but it's great to be walking with you, at last!

As you can see, Blizzard Nemo dumped a good deal of snow on the farm.

3 As you can see, Blizzard Nemo dumped a good deal of snow on the farm.

Wow, Sharkey!  We didn't even get to enjoy the beauty of the snow for very long.  It's raining today, making a big, slushy mess!

4 Wow, Sharkey! We didn't even get to enjoy the beauty of the snow for very long. It's raining today, making a big, slushy mess!

Well, this is cold!

5 Well, this is cold!

Sharkey, maybe you should show some restraint and stay on the plowed drive.

6 Sharkey, maybe you should show some restraint and stay on the plowed drive.

Maybe you're right, Franny.  I'll try to trudge through.

7 Maybe you're right, Franny. I'll try to trudge through.

I'll need to leap over this embankment.

8 I'll need to leap over this embankment.

I can do this!!!

9 I can do this!!!

Whew!  I made it!

10 Whew! I made it!

Franny, I think you're right about that restraining business.  This wet snow is no fun to play in.

11 Franny, I think you're right about that restraining business. This wet snow is no fun to play in.

In fact, I'm feeling downright frosty!

12 In fact, I'm feeling downright frosty!

Let's go back to the house where it's warm and toasty.

13 Let's go back to the house where it's warm and toasty.

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  • Good Morning F & S

    Yahoo Frannie - free at last!!! Now make sure you take it easy or you'll wind up back in the crate for another 30 days.

    Sharkey that snow looked very deep you are lucky you didn't sink to the bottom. We would have had to call out the snow rescue team to locate you. They have those special dogs that sniff out humans when they are buried in snow.

    So I watched the dog show last night I can't believe a white furball beat out the Frenchie - oh well maybe next year. I said I should be in the show but Dad laughed said they wouldn't get past my teeth. Maybe I should look into some braces. Oh and what is with those poodles? They don't even look like dogs! Poor things I can't imagine being brushed and shaved all the time to look like that - sorry poodles just sayin.............

    I think I see the sun starting to rise - maybe I'll get some deck time - now wouldn't that be nice :)


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Would you just look at all that snow. You have plenty and I have none. I don’t like the snow when the rain comes and the snow becomes mush between my toes. Speaking of toes, I saw that dog on the TV last night which had six toes on each foot. I just hate to have my toenails cut just having five toes. I would just go crazy if I had four more to cut. I wonder which dog will win tonight. It rained all day Sunday, yesterday and will rain some more today. Looks like a good day to catch up on some naps. Think I will start one now.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good morning ladies,
    Looks like you had fun in the snow. Sharkey, I bet your tummy did get cold. Have heart ladies, Spring is just around the corner.
    Ya know Frannie, I hurt myself chasing robins on Saturday. I have a stiff neck & I'm not going to work today. I stopped by Dr Becky's yesterday and she gave me a gentle once over & said "rest Mr. Rebel". And so I am.
    I sure do agree with Zoe. That Frenchie was good lookin' (and so was the Chow). Poodles have to have haircuts alllll the time. Yuk! Definetly wouldn't want to be a poodle.
    Sunny here today, I think I'll take a nap in the sun on a step. Mimi can walk around me if she really has to go upstairs.
    I'll be thinking of Precious and Karen today & hoping they are getting better.
    Til tomorrow.
    Your pal,

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, Sweet Francesca, I am so thrilled to see you outside in the snow with Sharkey finally and you look really great! At least you aren't running around and you are staying safe with that leash on! Sharkey, you were getting a little covered in the snow and so glad you are safe, also! Where is GK? I'm sure he would like to be out in the snow! Maybe he was helping Martha shovel some of that snow! Sure wish that Ruby, Missy Chow, and Kirby could have some snow to enjoy and anyone else who likes it! Sure hope all the rest of you stay safe if you have snow you don't like! Cora-Belle, sure happy you are feeling a bit better! Will check back to read more comments! Hope you all have a great day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Girls & Glue Squad Buddies,
    Yahoo and double yahoo, Francesca is out and about. Should I plan a party? Mom says wait until you are totally free and then the celebration. It just isn't fair, me too Kirby,no snow. I look at back east and can have snow dreams. We recorded the Westminster. Looking forward to it today.Maddox, try and distract Karen while it is on, so she isn't sad she isn't there with Wu-Tang. Have a party with popcorn and say it is because the snow is melting. Maybe she will forget about not being at the Westminster. How is everyone doing? I am late as I had to get my ears cleaned. Having issues, but I did really good with the cleaning and meds. It felt good in the end, it has been itching so bad.

    So is everyone starting to get out from under the storm? Did I tell you all I did marvelous while Mom and Dad saw a movie over the weekend---no collateral damage when they returned. I guess it was great, had a lot of animals, The Life of Pi. Mom says everyone needs to see it, one of the best in years.

    So what is everyone up to---Jake and Molly, Lucy, Martha and Riley, Chloe and Missy, Maddox where are you, Cora Belle glad you are getting rested, Abby and Jimmy stay warm, Dudley are you keeping warm by the stove, and Rebel keep Papa in line while Mimi is working on those quilts, and Baby Favor and family, a fluff ball over a Frenchie in the dog show, it had to be rigged? Hehehehehehe And Kitty, you and Jimmy need to get Riley's kitties to blog--he has 3 right, Riley? Well, Delia, Sonya and everyone, you need to start getting ready for the 14th---it is Valentine's Day---my first. Oh joy----a party to plan, with cards. Yippee!!!
    Have a GEM of a day all.
    Love & licks,

  • How wonderful to see Frannie out and about!

    New Hampshire got about 2 feet of snow! Then it snowed again on Monday, along with some ice.

    Time for Spring I say! :)

    I think Sharkey might be bound for Winter Olympics with all that jumping through the snow banks! :)


  • Awww, so cute to see you two together again outside! Love the photos of you two, esp.#2
    Brrrrr it sure does look cold...the wet cold snow is so much more colder then the dry snow.
    We had rain that took the snow off of our porches and walkways, and of course our high winds for several days and nights dried the areas...which is a good thing.

    Kitty went out side this morning sitting on the deck looking around wondering where all the critters, birds and grass are...she is so anxious to go out that she always chooses night time (not my choice for her)then we have to wait for her to come in, last night at 12:00am :-(

    This morning she woke me up, sitting on my pillow right next to my face licking my eyelid, her cold nose touching my forehead...she was saying, get up mommie!! ;-)

    Watched some of the Dog show last night, but fell asleep, so don't know what the out come was last.

    Hope everyone here is doing well or better...
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • It is good to see you out and about Francesca Baby! It must feel good to take a bit of a walk. Do be careful though.
    We didn't watch Westminster last night, but we knew the Frenchie from when we were at Nationals-- one of his owners had Auntie Ellen make him a custom cool coat with pretty silver stars on sparkly blue fabric and the outline of the state he lives in, and we are also aquaintances of the pretty little Chin that was in the Toy Group. Even though she didn't win, she did a very nice job and she's SO pretty. Although Mom says we'll never have a dog in our house that needs more hair care than she does. And Mom has REALLY short hair.
    Roxy graduated from her first obedience class last night. They must have graded on a curve, though, because she can't do 'down' or 'shake' yet. Although she tells me she doesn't quite see the point of doing either one, especially since 'sit' is all it takes around here to get a treat!
    A bientot!

  • Hello FRANCESCA!!!!!! Sharkey,Maddox, Zoe,Ruby Tuesday, Rebel, Kirby Bear, Missy Chow, Kitty, and all my glue squad buddies-
    WELCOME BACK FRANNY!!!! Just in time for Mardi gras and Fat Tuesday!! Thrilled to see you out and about observing the newly fallen snow and farm. The roads look well kept and Sharkey did a wonderful job jumping over the snow banks. Abby tends to plow thru the snow, Mom shovels a tunnel for her to go outside. I hope you contin ue to feel much better in your recovery Francesca, we have missed you very much.
    Rebel, hope your neck feels better real soon. Maddox, Abby sends her wet dog nose kisses to karen to feel better. She will think of her tonight as we watch the Westminster dog show and of course you!
    How could a white dog possibly upstage a frenchie Zoe? Everyone knows frenchies and chows are more handsome! Delia, that was very touching reading about Kitty waking you up. I have been afflicted with hair balls and wake my Mom up differently. Time for cat lax or molasses or something. Dudley, Ruby, Missy Chow, are you partying for Fat Tuesday?? Get your party hats on and some Louisiana music, its Mardi gras! Purrs to y'all- James Dean the southern persian boy living in Yankee NY

  • Frannie, so glad that you are well enough now to be allowed out and about today, even if it is on a leash. Before you know it, you'll have your old freedom back. Sharkey, you look so happy to have your little friend back enjoying the outdoors with you.


  • ..so good to see both of you out and about..Rebel, rest up..I have an idea lets do Valentine Day poems..like Roses are red..violets are blue ..Glue Squad..I love you!!!!..hope Karen is feeling less pain today..shingles are so nasty and painful..so another wet sloppy Cora-Belle kiss goes out to you!...I must get some rest...Lucinda says I can only look at Ivanka and Ivan today, as I get too excited and jump around..darn..I had plans of critter barking today...hmm..I hear something about Warrior prince cookies..over and out, love Cora-Belle p.s...did anybody see the cattle dog in the herding group...can't believe the judges didn't pick that beautiful doggie!

  • YAY!!!!! So happy to see you out and about Franny Pants! Quick message tonight I hope everyone is doing well. I hope Precious and Karen are feeling better too!

  • Hi Everyone, Late computer time today but wanted to see how all of you are doing. Frannie, soooo good to see you out with Sharkey and checking out the snow banks. Sharkey has been keeping everyone in line and checking to make sure all the work gets dones. Maddox, hope Karen is a little better, Rebel, be careful of your neck, Cora Belle, glad you are feeling better also, I'm sure Ivan & Ivanka understood if you couldn't play with them today, Ruby, you're doing good, I like that term - collateral damage, I'll have to remember that, hehehe, hi Dudley Do Right, Abby, James Dean, Kitty, Kirby Bear, Molly, Jake, Martha, Lucy, Riley,Baby Favor, hope everyone is being good. Some of our snow has melted with warmer temps and some rain yesterday, but we may have a little more later in the week,not much I hope. Mom is ready for spring for sure. ;)

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Well gang, better late than never. We had a computer problem today so it was not up and running until a little while ago. Rebel, little buddy, what the heck did you do? I hope you get better really quick. You just went through stuff with your eyes. Rest up little friend. Cora-Belle, how are you feeling girlfriend? We saw that cattle dog but me and Karen both think you are more beautiful that the one on tv. Karen told Wu-Tang that it is Karen's fault that Wu didn't get to go to the Garden so she gave her a new toy and some special biscuits to make up for it. The kid fell for it. A couple biscuits or the chance to be on tv and get all kinds of calls and emails telling you how wonderful you look, etc. Ah, Wu is young, she will learn. Hehehehehehe. Hey GK, remember how you felt last year when you won the Breed at Westminster? I know son, good good times.
    Hey Zoe, how is Precious?
    I think Martha should have a saddle made for GK It could have bags on both sides and then Sharkey and Franny could both be in the bags and they could go all over in the snow without getting their feet wet. Oh yeah, another good idea.
    Ok everyone, sorry I was so late today but it was out of my control.
    Love to all,

  • Oh, it's so good to see you resuming a few activities, Francesca! You and Sharkey are such a great team, but I don't see how she managed plowing through that snow--gives me the shivers! Take care and don't overdo.


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