Minnow Muses About This Thing Called Snow...

Posted by Pia

Martha's mini pal Minnow may be a mere 4 pounds, but she has plenty to say about the wonders of winter...

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1 "Hey, who said this Señorita couldn't handle an east coast winter?"

2 "It's all about wearing layers... Olive, are you listening? This is important information..."

3 "And choosing the right boots. Oooh, which to wear... so many shoes, so little time..."

4 "My scarf goes best with the yellow ones... kind of a lemon-lime theme, and neons are in...but, then again...."

5 "Mum can I wear the pretty hat that that nice Glue Squad lady sent you?"

6 "Oooh Mummy...I must not forget my handbag... it has my lipstick and pennies..."

7 "Pops, perhaps I should have a little snack before we venture out?...Just thinking ahead..."

8 "Hey guys, wait up...count me in to build a snow dog!"

Above: Devoted sister Luna clears a path for Minnow in the tall snow!

9 Above: Devoted sister Luna clears a path for Minnow in the tall snow!

10 "woooo-eeeeh..."


11 Luna, "Perhaps I should taste a bit...I'm awfully parched from all this hard work."

12 "Look at this guys! Apparently our buddy Missy Chow loves the snow too! Perhaps we should invite her over to build a snow dog..."

13 "Mummy, check out what my friends Jo Jo and Mugsy got in the mail! A holiday card from the White House! It features Bo galavanting in the snow!"

14 "Hmmm... ours must have gotten lost in the mail... Pops, are you sure you gave Bo the right mailing address?"

15 "How mysterious...this is like those crop circles that emerge in the fields..."

Minnow ponders,

16 Minnow ponders, "I wonder if the squirrels and chipmunks wear snow boots in the winter...to protect their cute little feet when they scurry across the branches..."

Be sure to check in next week as Minnow continues her musings on that fancy white fairy dust we humans call snow!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Good Morning Dr. Pia

    Well Minnow I must say you sure are stylin with your snow outfit. And I just love the handbag - too cute.
    Do you really like the snow - I'm not a big fan but the Labs just love it.

    Well Glue Squad I got a wonderful package yesterday a box full of Prince Warrior treats :) I think I put a few pounds on yesterday helping myself to a few of those yummy treats - boy are they delicious. Thank you Lynn !!!!

    Well I'm going back to bed it's too cold for the Zoe monster to get in trouble this morning I need to catch a few more zzz's :)


  • Hello Minnow and Dr. Pia,
    All I have to say is LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!!!!!!

    Minnow you are sooooo stylin' in all your snow gear. I myself prefer to go buff, but then I am further from the ground. We started getting snow last night and have about 4 inches,with a prediction of 3-4 more. I was soooooo happy last night, I started butt vrooming with just a trace of snow. Today watch out world, her comes Ruby.

    Have a GEM of a snow day all!!!

    Love & licks,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. It seems every time I look at the DW or TV I see snow. Everyone knows how much I like snow and we just can’t seem to get any. I know there are many of you who don’t like snow and have plenty of it. I guess the answer to this is to just have Mommy and Daddy move north. They don’t want to because they have seen the snow plenty of times. They need to go back to Montana. I hear they have plenty of snow out there. You could still be my buddies even if I were in Montana.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good morning Minnow,
    Zoe is right, you be stylin' girlfriend! I'm not petite like you, I'm a big, masculine chihuahua. All 11 pounds of me. I haven't tried a hood yet, but yesterday I did have my sweater on under my coat. Haven't tried boots either, I'd like black ones with skulls printed on them. A guy has to look as tough as possible when wearing a coat, ya know.
    I think I hear Mimi's knitting needles, maybe a scarf is coming my way.
    Luna sure is a big help for you, making a path and all. What a great friend.
    Missy, sure do love that picture of you playing in the snow!
    Speaking of snow, it's coming our way tonight. We're hoping that we don't get the ice storm.
    Til tomorrow.
    Your pal,

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, Sweet, beautiful Minnow you look so cute in these photos and I love you more and more every time I get to see you! You must have had a wonderful time going out in the snow with your buddies especially since you were wearing such warm clothing! My Mom was also very delighted to get a knitted hat and scarf from our great friend Lynn! She is always very thoughtful and I got some Prince Warrior treats, also! Yummm!!! We haven't had any snow yet, but lots of rain and wind and even some sunshine! Sure hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend and can't wait to see you again! Sure hope all of our Glue Squad buddies comment today and love to read all of their comments, also! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • ahhh Minnow you sweet little schnitzel, you look so cute all dressed up, just adorable! That knitted hat looks like a one of a kind by a very talented person ;-)
    How nice of Luna to make a pathway for you, I can't imagine how cold it must be so close to the ground...I noticed Labs love the snow, my Lab grand-dogs roll over and over in it.
    JD, =^. .^= here...I'm doing fine, just can't wait for this undecided weather to break into Spring. I'm itching for those Chipmunks to come out of their winter homes.
    Ruby, Rebel, Kirby and Zoe are the early birds here..smooches :-)
    Going to a 60's musical and dinner tonight, just hope the 20+ mile roads will stay clear till we are home...expecting 6" AGAIN!
    Everyone here stay safe and happy!
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • I love you Minnow!

  • Minnow you are a kick! Ever in the warm state of California, pop on by. Molly and I would love to entertain you!!


  • Hi Dr Pia, Minnow & Lunar - Minnow,just wanted to say you look so cute and adorable in your winter fashions. Stay warm..Lunar, great job in making a path for your sister. Enjoy the snow. As you can see, I enjoyed playing in the snow too.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Cute pictures... But you know I had my doubts for a while .... I'm glad you started the Foundation. It is a great idea and a lot of incentive for those that apply... Thank you for that

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