Kiss it Forward...

Posted by Pia

How better to celebrate St. Valentine's day than to help loyal souls just waiting to find love in shelters across America at this very moment?
So, hurry up and pucker up!

1 of 2
Join the fun- but hurry, it's a St. Valentine's day event!

1 Join the fun- but hurry, it's a St. Valentine's day event!

Pucker Up!

2 Pucker Up!

It's super simple...just kiss, snap, and share!
1 of 13 comes another smooch... I simply love these kisses!

1 comes another smooch... I simply love these kisses!

Who's kissing who?

2 Who's kissing who?

Love Love Love!

3 Love Love Love!

Giggles and kisses a plenty!

4 Giggles and kisses a plenty!

Kitties can make Valentine's too!

5 Kitties can make Valentine's too!

What Pooch Smooch? I do this all the time...

6 What Pooch Smooch? I do this all the time...

You had me at mwah!

7 You had me at mwah!

Kissing your favorite stuffed toy is ok too!

8 Kissing your favorite stuffed toy is ok too!

We're quite the fab furry crew...

9 We're quite the fab furry crew...

Chickens deserve kisses too!

10 Chickens deserve kisses too!

Meet me half way...

11 Meet me half way...

Real men kiss kitties!

12 Real men kiss kitties!

Join the fun- but hurry, it's a St. Valentine's day event!

13 Join the fun- but hurry, it's a St. Valentine's day event!

Go ahead.... Kiss and tell... and get others to join the fun!

For every photo uploaded, $2.00 is donated to's Veterinary Care Fund, which helps shelters and rescue groups pay for veterinary procedures.

Gotta go kiss some critters! My crew alone requires many millions of kisses each day....
What's your critter's RDA (recommended daily allowance) of smooches?

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Happy Valentine's Day Dr. Pia :)

    I just love giving kisses!! I slap a big old smooch on my mom and dad all the time doesn't have to be Valentine's day :) Mom says I have the widest tongue she has ever seen.

    I got a really pretty card from Ruby yesterday. I wish she lived closer we could have play dates. Hey Ruby I hope your tooth is feeling better.

    Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends at the DW
    Love all of you!!!


  • What a great day---Happy Valentine's Day to Dr. Pia and all my Glue Squad friends,
    So fun to see the smooching---Zoe you are great!!!
    Now for my poem and I dedicate it to my big doggie idol, Cora Belle-------
    Today is Valentine's Day,
    So I hope smooches come your way,
    So just remember one thing today,
    Have a party and play,
    And have a great day!!!!
    From your favorite GEM,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. I guess some people need a special day in which they can show their affection to others. Pets show their love nearly every day. At least I do. I know that sometimes I get on Mommy, and Daddy’s, nerves with my little habits. But in the end, they still love me and want the best for me. I scratched a spot above my left eye and it got infected. Now I’m back on my meds. They make sure I take them when I should even though I sometimes bulk. In the end, I take the meds and everyone becomes happy again; such is life.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello All,
    Just relaying a message from Maddox. He called and wanted everyone to know he has a Valentine's Day poem all ready, but is having computer trouble. Whenever his computer gets up and running he will post his poem but sends Valentine's wishes until then.
    Ruby for Maddox

  • Hi Dr, Pia and Minnow, My Mom and I love all of these great photos! Sorry we didn't send one. Minnow, you look so cute in #4! Rebel, is that you in #1?! In #8, that must be you sweet Ruby, sure hope your tooth is feeling better! Zoe, was that you in #11 getting ready to kiss?! Sure hope all of you are doing well, especially Precious, Karen, and Cora-Belle, and any others who need help! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you at The Daily Wag, Dr. Pia's group and to all of you Glue Squaders and I love all of you! My Mom kisses me everyday and I do the same for her! Hope all of you are doing well and stay safe! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Happy Valentine's Day Dr Pia!
    I'm not a great kisser. I reserve my smooches for very special occasions like when I go to Dr Becky's. I have surprised her with a couple of licks as well as Sara & Janiece, the assistants. Oh, of course I kiss Mimi, too. I try to get at Papa but he moves too fast.
    Hey Ruby, hope your mouth is feeling better today. I know that you'll get careful smooches from the fam. Even though you have an owie mouth, I still bet this is your best Valentines Day ever.
    Kirby, you have an owie, too? We've got some healing to do here. Wonder how Cora Belle is doing today?
    And Precious, too.....
    Here's a shout out to Karen, I'm sure Maddox is doing his best to help her out.
    Happy Valentine's Day everybody.
    Your pal,

  • Valentine's Day Poem by Maddox

    I thought and thought about what I would write.
    But all that thinking made my head real light.
    So I had to lay down cause I needed a rest.
    I knew it would help me to do my very best.

    There are so many friends that are dear to me.
    Rebel, Abby, James Dean and Zoe.
    There's Kirby, Kittie, Dudley, Ruby too.
    And I must give Franny, Sharkey and GK their due.

    There are so many that I think are really swell.
    Baby Favor, Molly, Jake and sweet Cora-Belle.
    Martha, Lucy, Riley and Missy Chow to name a few.
    And of course, all the mom's are included in it too.

    We are THE GLUE SQUAD, through thick and through thin
    With all this love, we can't help but to win.
    A Happy Valentine Day to all of you from me.
    I will end with my usual hehehehehe.
    Love to all,

  • Happy Valentines day Glue Squad buddies!
    Thank you Maddox for the great poem, I hope everyone enjoys lots of cuddle and comfort time with their family today and friends. I am a sneak smoocher, little tiny licks when people don't expect it! I give kisses to Mom, gran papa, gran mama, Dr.Diana and all the vet techs at work. I love all of them.
    Kirby, hope your eye wound feels better real soon. Ruby, feel better and eat some yummy soft food.
    Kitty, Jimmy sends his cutest persian boy purrs. Missy Chow, hope you have sunshine today like NY!
    Hugs and high paws to all my friends,

  • ..loved the photos and the poems...posted mine the other day..but none the less...oh my doggie, kittie and people friends are delightful and the weather outside is frightful...kisses to you all, love, Cora-Belle

  • Hi Dr Pia & Glue Squad Buddies, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you and hope you had a wonderful day. Ruby & Maddox, your poems are special and so are you! Mom bought me a new squeaky and treats today. It's my first Valentine's Day in my forever home. I came after the 14th last February and it will be almost a year. Kirby, hope your eye is okay. Valentine greetings to all my friends.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

    PS Sorry for the double post yesterday.;)

  • BELATED Valentine's Day to everyone here !!! <3 :-) :-)

    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

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