Burrrr! It's Cold Outside!

Posted by Francesca

Thank you to all of my Glue Squad buddies for your concern and kind wishes.  Yeah, being locked up in a crate isn't the best thing that can happen to a dog, but if it's got to be, winter isn't too bad for it to happen.

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Halfway through my 30 days of confinement!  Does anyone know how tiresome this is?

1 Halfway through my 30 days of confinement! Does anyone know how tiresome this is?

Hey!  Anyone!  I want out of this crate, now!

2 Hey! Anyone! I want out of this crate, now!

Finally, some fresh air.  I'll just rub up against the foundation of the house.  I feel so itchy!

3 Finally, some fresh air. I'll just rub up against the foundation of the house. I feel so itchy!

This snow feels really cold on my feet!  They've gotten so tender being inside so much.

4 This snow feels really cold on my feet! They've gotten so tender being inside so much.

I haven't chased a squirrel in weeks!  Do you think I'll lose my talents?

5 I haven't chased a squirrel in weeks! Do you think I'll lose my talents?

I can barely keep my feet in the snow!

6 I can barely keep my feet in the snow!

What's this little morsel on the ground?

7 What's this little morsel on the ground?

OK - I think I'm ready to go back into my warm and cozy crate.  If I need to be confined, winter really isn't such a bad time for that to happen!

8 OK - I think I'm ready to go back into my warm and cozy crate. If I need to be confined, winter really isn't such a bad time for that to happen!

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  • So nice seeing Francesca out of her Crate and enjoying the snow outside and walking around and getting some fresh air-Wish her the best-Enjoy their
    blog very much and their cute adventures- Fran

  • Hang in there Frannie girl...your respite is almost up!

    I hope you are starting to feel better.

    I have no doubt your squirrel adventures will be back in full force soon!

    Just think Spring is coming and squirrels will be abound! :)

    Hugs to you my sweet Frannie girl...

  • Good Morning Francesca,
    I told you that if you have to be confined, now is the best time cause it is very cold outside for a short coated canine such as yourself. I think they should have a Bustin' Out Party for you at the end of your crate confinement. What do you think? It is snowing here right now. These crazy chows. Dawson is out there making snow angels, kampbell is out there tunneling through it with her head. We sure are a strange breed. Chows love the snow but hate the rain, hate to get our feet wet when it is raining and could care less if our feet are covered with snow.
    Well, I think I am going to join them. That thing of using your head like a shovel looks like fun. Hehehehehe
    Love to all,

  • Good Morning Franny

    Maddox is right best to be confined to a crate in this cold weather it's friggid outside. Don't ya just hate how the cold snow feels on your paws! I don't like it even a little bit and I don't like the rain either. Oh how I long to lay on my lounge chair in 70 degree weather with a bright sun warming my body - maybe I need a road trip to Florida ;)

    I just finished my breakfast and then hurled - I don't feel sick or anything just thought I'd leave mom a present. It had a few traces of TP so she'll be checking the bathrooms next. Wait till she gets a look in the powder room - TP party happened last night and I don't know who did it ;)

    Well I better go back to bed with dad because pretty soon I'm going to hear a ZOOOEEEE WHAT DID YOU DO!!!

    Stay warm,

  • Hello Francesca & Glue Squad Buddies,
    It is good to see you starting to go a little further than just the crate. Baby steps you hear!! What is the plan of action for when the 30 days is up? Meds, shots, acupuncture, what? Ruby girl here wants to know. Anyway, you sure look cozy in your crate. I know the specialist and Mama Martha are planning the best for you always.

    Sounds like everyone had fun on the weekend. I am soooo glad that Cora Belle had a big party. The Chiweenies and Ivan and Ivanka, what fun. No wonder you had to take an extra pain pill. A pup like me would have been worn out for sure too. Boy Maddox, you get all the fun with the snow. All I see is dead grass, no snow, no fun. Dad is going ice fishing tomorrow and has to drive for 2 hours just to get where the lakes are frozen. Mom and I are going to party when he is gone. Not sure what, but something. It is in the planning stages. Delia, did you enjoy the horse commercial on the superbowl? Have a GEM of a day all.
    Love & licks,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    It’s good to see you out and about Frannie. I can see why you don’t like the snow. If I didn’t have much hair like you, I would stay inside too; even if it was in a crate. I’m with Maddox on this one. The snow is a wonderful thing; just wish I had more of it. I don’t know what I’m going to do about this weather we are having. First off it’s in the 80’s then into the 20’s at night. My short inner coat doesn’t know if it wants to stay or go. I guess spring is almost here because my hair is coming out by the handful. I just hate it when it does that; sure does itch a lot. I do like the extra brushing I get. I guess I’ll have to look for the good things in life.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello F,S,GK and all the Glue Squadders:
    Well its Riley today dictating to Mom, and have we got a tale to tell you guys. Firstly, glad to see Franny is getting out a little bit from her crate, I only go in my crate now at night, although its a nice crate and I don't really mind it at all. Mom says I am the original devil dog, don't know why, I've just got an enquiring mind! I seem to have developed a very strange affection for all paper products (not specifically TP like Zoe, but everything else! Mom was at work, and Dad was out and I got just a little bored. Lucy and Martha are older and they sometimes are just no fun at all, so I have to make my own. Dad came home that there was cookbooks shredded all over the place. Once I got going it was so fun I just couldn't stop! I'm getting pretty big so if I really want something I just get up on my hind legs and reach. Also Beardies can jump very high! Mom says that there must be some lab in me, even though I am a purebred! Martha and Lucy just went and hid in the bedrooms, anyways now everything that is fun is really high up. This happened after I found Mom's plastic security card for work and chewed it to bits - maybe it won't work now, do you think?
    Anyways, its been so cold, but we also have lots of snow, so its wonderful to go out and play in it, although our paws get so encrusted with snow that we are usually laying in the snow working to get all the snow/ice out of our feet. Mom bought Martha some booties, but Martha thought they looked ridiculous and wouldn't wear them! Mom didn't try that again!
    Well gotta go and find more trouble cause I'm 5 months old, a boy, very curious and just love to experience life. Bye for now - Riley, Lucy and Martha.

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, Sweet Francesca, it is so lovely to see you in today's blog and I sure hope the second half of you staying in that crate will go by much faster! You really look good in these photos and I can't wait to be able to see you with Sharkey and GK running around the farm again! You sure are getting good care, aren't you?! We don't have any snow, but we get rain and had nice sunshine yesterday-yippy! Cora-Belle, sure hope your pain in your foot goes away ASAP! You take care sweetheart! Gail, I love your comment again! Maddox, hope you have fun out in that snow today! We are just getting rain again! Zoe, you sound so charming today and sure hope you don't get in trouble! Ruby, sure hope your Dad has fun ice fishing and that you and Mom have a fun party! Hope all of you buddies have another great day and stay safe! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Good morning my dearest Francesca,
    Hang in there sweet girl. Your crate looks so comfortable and nice with the towel draped over it.
    It is tough for we wee ones out in the cold. Did I say WEE WEE? Ha!!
    Well, it is great to see you out and about for a few minutes.
    Riley, Riley, Riley my goodness youngster. I betcha "things" need to be really high up! Everybody seems to be in a goofy mood? Is it cabin fever? Ruby & Lynn...oh yeah, when Dad's away, the girls will play. Maddox & pals, enjoy the snow. Our snow will be melting away today.
    Have a great day everybody.
    Your pal,

  • Franny I'm glad that you go outside and get some fresh air...yes maybe it is a good thing it's winter while you are having to be confined...you'll be ready set to go in the Spring!
    Yes Lynn I really enjoyed the Clydesdale horse commercial on the Superbowl, better then the game ;-(

    Hmmmm, I just left a comment on the previous page, did I forget yesterday? This page was a surprise to me.

    Have a great Tuesday everyone!
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Francesca, We are so happy to see you looking so well. Can you feel your neck healing? I know it is. You have been such a good girl following the Dr.'s orders. You will be well just in time to chase all those fresh Spring squirrels and teach them who's boss. Also, we are glad that you have Sharky to run errands for you. He is the best. All our love. xoxo

  • Good morning F,S,GK and all Glue Squaders,

    I'm finally feeling much better. I'm still in the fog on what happened but I'm very tchy. My Dad says not to scratch it or I'll have to wear a very strange contraption. I don't want that so I don't scratch, well at any time they see me!

    Franny, I can understand a little bit of what you are going through. Being confined or stopped when I want to run and play it's easy and you have so much outdoor space - what a challenge. But this is winter and you will be back in great form for the Spring Squirrel Run!


  • Hello Francesca, Busy Riley, Zoe,Maddox, Kirby, Ruby Tuesday and all my glue squad buddies-
    We loved seeing you out walkinbg in the snow today Franny. Its cold and we have some snow showers too. The ground hog predicted early spring and it cannot come soon enough for Mom. She started waiting for spring right after the holidays. Just think Franny how much fun you will have after your confinement time is over! We will all have to have a Bustin Out party for you!!
    Riley, why cookbooks? Maybe you were just doing research on a new recipe. Cora belle hope your paw feels much better! Dudley, stay warm in your rainy weather and cuddle up. Zoe, you are just toooo funny with those t.p. adventures, maybe you are just designing new Valentines??? Abby took one look at the snow showers and snorted before going back to bed. This Friday is the anniversary of my namesake James Dean's birthday so Mom is celebrating with me. She is playing her Whitney houston cds because last Feb.11th the incomparable singer passed away.
    Off to read and listen to more music- James Dean the persian boy

  • ..good to see you out and about Franny..I have been barking and acting extra naughty for you..even growled at a raccoon the other night for you..but it just looked at me..like right..you are old and blind what are you going to do..if Lucinda would have let me off me leash it would have been toast..shredding cookbooks..now that sounds like fun!..not limping today, just too much action at the groundhog day bash ..thought I was a puppy...hmm., I hear talk of beach combing..northwest wind that means maybe a a glass float may come ashore..always exciting to get one of those..we are old beachcombers from way back..hope a maple bar is in the plans..over and out, love, Cora-Belle

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