Sticking to New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Pia

While many a human resolves to make positive changes with the new year, the actual follow through can be a tall order. But as with many of life's challenges, it is the nurturing and support of others that can make all the difference. And the best kind of support is the kind that our fur kids and fellow creatures willingly offer us each and every day!

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Demonstrate gratitude.

1 Demonstrate gratitude.

Be a better listener.

2 Be a better listener.

Take care to stretch each morning

3 Take care to stretch each morning

March to the beat of my own drum

4 March to the beat of my own drum

Be more flexible and adaptive

5 Be more flexible and adaptive

Spend more time with my loved ones

6 Spend more time with my loved ones

Get outdoors more and enjoy the scenery

7 Get outdoors more and enjoy the scenery

Get together with friends more

8 Get together with friends more

Workout with a friend

9 Workout with a friend

Take more walks

10 Take more walks

Offer support to those who need it

11 Offer support to those who need it

Consider the perspective of others.

12 Consider the perspective of others.

Celebrate milestones and accomplishments.

13 Celebrate milestones and accomplishments.

Get more rest

14 Get more rest

Get more exercise

15 Get more exercise

Volunteer and teach my family to give back.

16 Volunteer and teach my family to give back.

There are multiple ways in which our fellow animals can support a human's New Year's Resolutions . Some examples are as follows:
-They provide companionship in our efforts to exercise, get outside, and live a healthier life overall.
-They provide the added motivation needed to stick with a goal as these changes are also often in the best interests of our furry little charges.
-They can also offer incentive and support by sharing a weight loss goal resulting from all those holiday scraps...
- And they can turn an otherwise tedious exercise regimen into a fun outing that also supports mental wellness for both of you!

Serious resolutions, like those to curb smoking, are far more compelling to stick to when one realizes how destructive such habits are to the animal companions who rely on them to assure their care and safety.

As for goals like donating more time to volunteer work -or teaching kids to give back- animal shelters and rescue groups are filled with lovable souls awaiting the kind of help one can offer by fostering, walking dogs, helping with shelter tasks, adopting and much more.

If resolutions center on doing more as a family - there are countless ways in which a four-legged family member can provide a unifying focus. Additionally, a local shelter, wildlife sanctuary or rescue group can provide the ideal venue for a family to bond by way of helping those in need.

And finally- another way in which our companion animals and the myriad creatures who share our world can help us humans keep new year's resolutions is simply by offering us examples to live by- like living in the moment, enjoying simple pleasures, offering forgiveness and so much more!

Here's wishing you all the best of luck in the new year!
Don't forget to enroll your furry comrades as you strive to achieve your goals.
In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Good Morning Dr. Pia

    I have to say you post the cutest pictures. I'm keeping with my resolution so far haven't had a TP run since the first of the year. Maybe that is because the bathroom doors have all been shut ;)

    I'm so excited it feels like spring in our neck of the woods. This weekend we are suppose to see 60 degrees - YES!!! That means lots of deck time catching some of those warm rays. Mom is concerned because all her bulbs will start to pop then we'll get hit with really cold weather. Don't those things know its only January?

    Have a great day!!


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. I really did like the one about taking more walks. I love to walk and check things out. All I can say is that I have already broken my resolution for this year. Mommy and Daddy often leave me home alone all day long and I don’t bother my tail at all. But yesterday, they were in the front yard and didn’t take me with them. Boy did I teach them a lesson about leaving me alone in the house while they are outside. Now my tail really does hurt and the medicine doesn’t seem to help much.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Dr. Pia & Glue Squad Buddies,
    Love all the friendly photos of everyone. Photo #6 is my fav--good buudy time. I have been good and sticking to my resolution of no counter stealing. Yesterday however, I did great with my vet visit at the house with Dr. D. I love her......Dad said I went a little over the top though. I had to show her all the things I do in my forever home---like racing around the house, butt vrooming and jumping on people. Next time I have to tone it down in spring when I get my Leptospirosis shots. Did you guys know that in Colorado we don't get Lyme Disease? But Lepto is a bad one coming from if raccoons are around, and we have a family of 6, so it is necessary to get the vaccine. Oh, and did all our new buddies and buddies that have missed it in the past, see the e-mail address Zoe's Mom listed yesterday if you want to send photos to each other? I am excited to see everyone. Better go gear up, it's PLAYTIME. Have a GEM of a day.
    Love & licks,

  • Hi Dr. Pia,
    Well, I guess "being a better listener" is at the top of my list. I am rather independent with selective hearing. Oh yes, I do hear, but not when I'm busy trailing a new scent.
    It's going to be a rainy day here & the cold temperatures are coming back. Guess the January thaw is over.
    Good girl Zoe, I don't like closed doors. I would get in trouble scratching the door. I also bump them with my head (it's pretty hard, you know). Kirby, I'm so sorry about your tail buddy! And dear Ruby, sounds like you are just a happy, peppy pup! You'll simmer down soon enough. Your Dr. D. knows you are a good girl.
    Well, have a great day everybody and til tomorrow I am your pal, Rebel

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow I just love seeing all of the photos you share with us and these are absolutely loveable again! I would love to be with all of those great babies, but only about one at a time! My Mom's resolution was to join The Humane Society of The United States and I was so proud of her doing that!I know how much she loves all animals and I am so lucky to have her as my Mom! Zoe, how lucky you are to get such nice weather! We are supposed to get snow over the next few days and that makes me shiver! Kirby, I know how you feel when you are left alone because I don't like it either! Hope your tail gets better! Ruby, you sure sound a lot healthier and happier! You are a real sweetheart! Hope all the rest of you will comment soon and will check later! Dr. Pia and Minnow, hope you have a great weekend and hope all of our other buddies do also! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Lovely, lovely photos and captions Dr.Pia! love your imagination ;-)
    I don't do resolutions because i break them within a week in the new year...but I do want to stay healthy so I can keep Kitty healthy and happy...oh yes, and hubby too!!!
    Ruby, I did not know about the none existence of Lyme disease in Colorado, I was always afraid to get a tick there...good to know...I HATE TICKS!!! :-(
    Gosh the weekend is already coming back! what gives?! time is speeding by faster and faster...sign of getting old.
    Did I mention that my daughters gave my sister and me each an iPad and router for Xmas??? just learning it and trying things out...guess my kids are trying to keep us up on the technology ;-)

    delia & Kitty =^, ,^=

  • Hello Dr.Pia, Ruby,Zoe, Kirby and all my buddies,
    Great insightful comments and pictures today. very important to take time out to remember all our animal friends.
    Zoe, great job avoiding that t.p. girl! However with Valentines day around the corner, maybe some paper decorations are in order. Kirby, sorry to hear about your tail, hope it gets better soon. Ruby, glad you did well with the visiting vet yesterday. Hope lynn and Sonya feel better real soon.
    Where is professor Maddox?
    Missy Chow, hope you have a wonderful time with your spa day today! Lots of hugs to Rebel, hope your eyes feel better. Dudley, hope you are enjoying some of our spring like sunshine today!
    Delia and Kitty, James dean sends his purrrrs.
    Have a GREAT day glue squad buddies! We are off today! high paws and woofs- Happy Abby the pug/peke/frenchie

  • ..Dr. Pia, I love the guinea pig photo..I love those guys, I still miss my pal, the Quigley...might snow here tonight..yikes..that means the stupid vest may come out..I hope not!!sounds like all my pals are doing well today, always glad to hear that..I have been feeling pretty good lately...goofy Lucinda says because I will be 17 this May..that every month till I turn 17 I will get a a surprise and that will happen the 16th of each five surprises to look forward to, goodie!!James is hooking the trailer to the tractor and taking me and Ivan and Ivanka and Lucinda for a spin around the property we are taking hot chocolate and our fishing poles..hope the otters didn't catch all the fish!!gotta go, love, Cora-Belle

  • ..yikes, I forgot..KIrby don't feel good, sorry about the tail! Cora-Belle..wish you all could come fishing with me and the BIG Shepherds...

  • The forgot one more:

    sniff more. At least one I can keep! Happy New Year to all my new friends.


  • Dear Pee-er,
    Thank you for sharing the good news of my yoga practice with all your readers. Downward Dog makes me feel like a different and better person every day, and upside down savasana with one leg in the air with my belly being rubbed is what what really allows me to go on contributing to my community.
    I lurve you....

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