Let it Snow...

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Snow provides a great medium for all sorts of backyard fun! And it also offers up the perfect canvas for creative pooches who wish to write messages, color it in various shades of yellow or build a snow dog to partner up with the snow human sitting in the front yard...

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Minnow says,

1 Minnow says, "ooooh snow cones!"

2 "Fellow pooches must be in our midst!"

hmmm...warm climates bring a 'woof in the sand'...

3 hmmm...warm climates bring a 'woof in the sand'...

While winter climates offer up this canine greeting in the snow... Nature can be pretty neat!

4 While winter climates offer up this canine greeting in the snow... Nature can be pretty neat!


5 Minnow, "This is the spot...yup...I need to leave my mark right about here....perfect!"

Luna contemplates the change of seasons....

6 Luna contemplates the change of seasons....

Butt-vrooooooooming in the snow is a favorite pass time of our newest Daily Wag regular, Miss Ruby... we think Luna and Ruby might be related!

7 Butt-vrooooooooming in the snow is a favorite pass time of our newest Daily Wag regular, Miss Ruby... we think Luna and Ruby might be related!


8 Luna, "I know... I'll make a snow dog!"

9 "Minnow...come help me create a snow sculpture for mom!"


10 Luna, "Hmmm...another 'woof' in the snow....this one looks like the paw writing of our pit bull sister!"

Amidst all the winter fun, it's also important to remain aware of winter hazards! I recently received a note from our buddy Ruby (featured in today's photo gallery) asking me to alert readers about the dangers of being off-leash near semi-frozen bodies of water like ponds and lakes. I want to thank Ruby for the alert as it's timely and super important for the safety of canines, other companion animals and their humans!

It can be hard to judge the stability of frozen water, and thinner patches of ice can be extremely dangerous to everyone- humans and four-leggers alike- who attempt to walk on top or them. It is critical that humans assure the safety of their companion animals who might encounter any such bodies of water this time of year.

Securing dogs on leash for all winter walks, and any time spent outdoors is absolutely essential, regardless of how obedient the pooch. A squirrel, blowing leaf, or goose about to to take flight can all spark sudden interest, leading Fido to disregard area hazards in pursuit of some up-close investigation. It's best to take all precautions, especially given the sudden and grave danger such a circumstance can present.

A big thanks to Ruby and her human for reminding us of this important precaution.
Stay safe and enjoy frolicking in that fluffy white stuff!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Hello Dr.Pia, Luna, Minnow, Ruby and all my glue squad buddies-
    We are very thankful for the updates on dear Francesca, and pray she recovers quickly and is feeling much better. The seizures must have been very stressful for all involved and our heart goes out to Mama Martha. I hope she continues to rest and her neck feels better. Thank you Baby favor and everyone for letting us know about Franny. I am sure Sharkey and G.K. are watching over her.
    Hugs, woofs - Abby

  • Hi Dr. Pia,
    It's so nice to see Minnow and Luna enjoying the outdoors. We live on a small lake & Rebel is not at all interested in going down to the lake shore in the winter, but it was a different story with our Sheltie, Miss Sandy. She needed some instruction about the ice. We kept her tethered in the winter. Her lake walks were on-the-leash only. The squirrels and rabbits seemed to know when & where it was safe, but not a Sheltie running full blast to chase them.
    We are sending all our good thoughts & prayers to Frannie today.

  • Ruby, You are so smart to remind the humans about keeping dogs on leases, especially near water. Now where Molly and I live, we have no ice covered snow but the first visit I had to the Ocean, I was off my leash! I went running as fast as I could into the water and was shortly over my head. I guess my owner waited a second or two and was just about to dive in to save me when I happened to realize that I love to walk on my back feet! I was safe but I did scare my human. From that point forward Steve, my human kept me on a leash till he was absolutely positive I knew how to swim!


  • Get well soon Franny!

    I just had yesterday's posts read to me. I was so concerned about Franny and then relieved to hear the post from Martha that she is under doctor care and will be ok. Bed rest for you Franny! We can wait for the details later!


  • How cute Minnow Luna and Ruby in the snow! Our granddogs are Labs, and they looooove rolling in the snow, I never have seen anything like that.
    Cute photos, but Minnow I don't know how you can stand the snow with those tiny paws! :-)
    I pray Franny is doing better, I don't like it when fur-friends and human friends are sick...let's try to keep 2013 a Healthy year! ;-)

    Everyone have a Great Weekend and stay safe and happy!

    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Hello Dr. Pia & Professor Minnow,
    Thanks for allerting everyone on the hazards of ice and pets. My good buddy next door was let off the leash at a pond nearby and that is what brought it to mind. The fire department saved him, but it was a close one, and I never want to loose anyone that way ever. Love the snow photos, because I am a snowgirl. I am late today, as I was busy supervising Dad on the new Ruby fence. Someone has to keep him in line, so it might as well be me.

    I was glad to hear that Francesca's problem of the disc was discovered, but this sounds mighty scary to me. Baby Favor know we love your girl. Rest Franny, as Ruby here can do the playing for us both. The entire Glue Squad I know are saying prayers and crossing paws. We love you and know you are getting the best of care. Feel better soon.
    Love & licks,

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, I'm so glad that we finally got your blog today and glad 6 other buddies commented already! How fun to learn lots from Minnow and Ruby about being outside in the frozen areas! Sweet Ruby is becoming more intelligent every day! Minnow dearest you must have had a blast with your brothers and sisters in the snow! I'm not really happy with too much snow and Mom always goes outside with me whenever I go outside to protect me from everything! We sure worry about Francesca and hope she feels better real soon so she can teach us more fabulous things at the farm with sister Sharkey and brother GK! Hope all our buddies and Minnow and relatives are doing well today! Have a great day and a great weekend! Love to all, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hi Dr Pia & Minnow, We had some snow yesterday and I enjoyed being outside in the morning making one mighty big paw print. But then it turned to rain and today some of the snow melted so not much in my backyard now. Thanks for the snow pictures and especially #3, ahhhh.. warm weather. I sure hope our friend Frannie is feeling better today and resting. I'm hoping all my Glue Squad buddies are doing okay toay. Ruby, always thinking and good idea to notify Dr. Pia and remind everyone to be cautious around the ice. Rebel, hope your eyes are better.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • ..yikes,..hope you are feeling better, my little buddy, Frannie...now I have to do extra barks and act naughty for you, besides Zoe and Rebel.....I love water, live right next to a river..you get to know about rivers when you live right on the bank..when you can go in and when you can not...the river is my spa..must go eat a snack...over and out, love, Cora-Belle

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