Furry Resolutions...

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Even our fur kids make New Year's resolutions...

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1 "Get more quality beauty sleep."

2 "Work on reducing the volume on my snoring..."

3 "Demonstrate more patience when awaiting treats."

4 "Remember to sit NEXT TO my brother, not ON my brother...I always get it mixed up!"

5 "Be more patient with my silly humans when they want to dress me up... After all, it makes them so happy..."

6 "Let my loved ones know how much I cherish them."

7 "Teach even more kids how to treat animals with compassion... and to appreciate dogs who wear tutus"

8 "Be more understanding when my human is trying to be fair in doling out equal treats to my siblings and me."

9 "Give more kisses...if that's possible."

10 "Eat my vegetables."

11 "Continue to demonstrate that size is merely a state of mind."

12 "Spin vinyl at more kitty clubs and master my scratch technique."

13 "Practice ballet more and work on my plié.."

14 "Continue my work of debunking myths about shelter animals and assumptions about certain breeds."

Kitty Gilda Radner resolves to,

15 Kitty Gilda Radner resolves to, "...become a better listener and to refrain from offering unsolicited advice."

Helga, recently adopted from the Humane Society of New York, resolves to,

16 Helga, recently adopted from the Humane Society of New York, resolves to, "Continue encouraging caring humans to find their new best friend by adopting a loyal soul from a shelter or rescue group."

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

Adopt a friend and save a life...

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  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. Well, my Mommy and Daddy weren’t home again yesterday and I didn’t have any computer time. One would think that older people wouldn’t be running around as much as younger people. My Daddy said that after retirement one becomes so busy that time is forgotten. The forecast for this weekend is rain; guess that will slow them down a little. OK, Daddy said that he wouldn’t melt so I guess they will be busy this weekend too. I like being on “guard duty” anyway.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Dr. Pia & Minnow, Thanks so much for these beautiful photos and resolutions by all of these delightful sweethearts! I just love seeing every one of these photos and Minnow, is that you in #13?! Would love to see your face again! My Mom joined the Humane Society of the United States and is honored to be able to help all animals so they can be as happy as we are with our forever homes and parents! Happy New Year to you and all of our delightful Glue Squad members and their parents! Have a great weekend and will see you next week! Love, Dudley Do Right and Jan XOXOXO+

  • Hi Dr Pia,
    Happy New Year to you and your family!
    First, I want to thank you for writing in the sand for us. Sure looks like you had a sunny vacation, the best kind!
    I'm still resting up from the weekend. I did a lot of exploring in our hosts home along with entertaining the guests(until Papa put me in the bedroom). He was afraid I might get stepped on or tripped over.
    I like pictures #11 & #13. Although I am very very macho, I do dance and of course, my size never deters me (except when I'm by Erroll my pal next door). He is soooooo big!
    Hey Kirby Bear, you keep up the good work guarding your house.
    I'll Check in later.
    Your pal,

  • Happy New Year Dr. Pia!!!!

    I'm not making any resolutions because as soon as I say I'm going to behave my horns start to sprout and Zoe Monster appears. So I'm just going to continue life as usual.

    Mom said her resolutions are to gain weight, not excercise, work harder and get really stressed out about things she has no control over. She said that if things go as in years past where she can't keep her resolutions past the first month things this year will work out just fine. I think she has been drinking too much of that cough syrup the doctor gave her :)


  • Happy New Year Dr.Pia, your hubby and all your beloved fur-friends!
    Don't know if this will go through as I'm using my iPad and really don't know what I'm doing...Love all the adorable photos!
    Hugs and prueerrs!

    delia & Kitty = ^. .^=

  • Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around, but Dad's knee needs a lot of our attention everyday. He is getting lots and lots better, but we have to keep him on track with his therapy and exercises so he'll be able to take us on walks when the weather gets better. Mom has asked me to resolve this year to be a good example for Roxy and try not to chase Willa the Kitty so much. I'll try very hard for the first part, but can't guarantee I'll last long on the second part. I do resolve to keep our yard squirrel and rabbit-free, by any means necessary, if you know what I mean.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013. I'm so glad I will get to spend it with all the Glue Squad Krewe AND keep up on the adventures of my Francesca Baby and her family.

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