Francesca's Confinement

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Francesca gave us all quite a scare when she started having seizures last week.  We all thought that there might be something seriously wrong with her brain or that she might have epilepsy.  However, we all were greatly relieved when an animal neurologist discovered that a bulging neck disc was causing all of Francesca's problems.  Now we just have to stay calm and wait for the bulge to disappear.  But, staying calm is a challenge for active Frenchies!

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There's nothing wrong with me, so why am I locked up in this crate?

1 There's nothing wrong with me, so why am I locked up in this crate?

It's because Francesca is having some quiet time outside of her confinement.

2 It's because Francesca is having some quiet time outside of her confinement.

Sharkey, I'm sorry you have to be locked up, but while my bulging disc is healing, we aren't allowed to play with one another.

3 Sharkey, I'm sorry you have to be locked up, but while my bulging disc is healing, we aren't allowed to play with one another.

I came out to eat breakfast and to stretch my legs.

4 I came out to eat breakfast and to stretch my legs.

I'll just wander over and say hello to G.K.

5 I'll just wander over and say hello to G.K.

A bulging neck disc!  Horrors!  Even I was worried about Francesca.  Those seizures she was having were not fun to watch!

6 A bulging neck disc! Horrors! Even I was worried about Francesca. Those seizures she was having were not fun to watch!

Hi G.K. - I'm happy to report that I am feeling better and I was wondering if you wanted to play with me?

7 Hi G.K. - I'm happy to report that I am feeling better and I was wondering if you wanted to play with me?

Francesca - As much as I love playing with you, I have strict instructions to do no such thing.  You are to remain calm so that your neck disc gets better.  There will be plenty of time to play once that happens.

8 Francesca - As much as I love playing with you, I have strict instructions to do no such thing. You are to remain calm so that your neck disc gets better. There will be plenty of time to play once that happens.

Then it's back into the crate for me.

9 Then it's back into the crate for me.

Yes, Laura - I promise to remain calm.  I mean, do I have a choice?

10 Yes, Laura - I promise to remain calm. I mean, do I have a choice?

At least it's comfortable and rather cozy in here.

11 At least it's comfortable and rather cozy in here.

And Sharkey stays close by to keep me company, but this is only day six of thirty!

12 And Sharkey stays close by to keep me company, but this is only day six of thirty!

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  • Hello Girls, G.K. & Glue Squad Buddies,
    What a day of appreciation yesterday was--so fun and lots of play and party to celebrate. Now today seeing you Francesca with your luxury model crate is something. You are a better girl than me Franny, as I could only make it a day in my crate when my paw was hurt. You are doing very well, and G.K. being such a good big little brother and not going against doctor's orders. Sharkey and all the cats are taking good care of you along with Laura and Mama Martha I am sure. Heal quickly and take it easy though.

    As for me, Mom says I have to come clean, in more ways than one. You see, I have been supervising Dad on my new Ruby Fence and have discovered the dead grass is great fun to roll in---over and over and over and over and over. Well, you get the idea. So here goes the first step of my 12 step program. My name is Ruby and I am a grassaholic. I just can't stop rolling in the dead grass. Mom says my cure will be when we get snow, so all you Glue Squadders getting snow, send some to me, so I don't have to complete the next 11 steps of this dumb program.

    Oh, I have been looking and maybe I missed it but Jake and Molly you have to tell me if you are brindle, fawn or white. Lucy, Martha and Riley, what are your colors? Rebel, I am sooooo anxious to hear how the eyes are doing and if you are getting better. Is the cone off? Well, hugs to all my other friends, Zoe, Abby, Jimmy,Missy, Kitty, Kirby, Dudley, Baby Favor, Delia, Sonya, Professor Maddox and the one and only great Cora Belle. My mind is spinning just thinking of my grassaholic program so I am sending hugs to all. Have a GEM of a day.
    Love & licks,

  • Aw, it's so nice to see Frannie up and around.

    I was certainly very worried when Martha shared the news about your ailment.

    Rest assured, the squirrels will be waiting for you when your recovery is complete! :)


  • Good morning,
    It is so good to see you up and about Francesca. 30 days is not bad. It could be worse. At least it is in the dead of winter when it is cold and dreary outside. And you have GK and Sharkey right there with you to keep you company. We are so glad for the update on your condition and we are very thankful that it was not something worse.
    Relax abd enjoy the rest you are getting. Get, maybe Martha could put a little flat screen tv in your little intensive care room so you could watch Animal Planet and stuff line that.
    Hehehehehehe. Well gang, it is nice and cold ours and no rain or snow so you Kevin where I am headed. Enjoy the day.
    Love to all,
    PS- GK you are looking handsome as ever my boy


  • Good Morning F & S

    Franny thank you for the update we were all really worried. Make sure you rest 30 days will go by in no time.

    I have a crate the same size as yours but mine is black. Our crates are all in a row and they increase in size gradually as you get to the end which is T-Bones. During the day I'll go lay in T-Bones crate for some reason I like his the best.

    So mom told me today I'm going to be in some kind of book for setting a new world record. I ran out back and did a poop and pee in record time! I froze my butt off it's SOOOO cold and I hate touching that frozen snow on my paws - YUK. Mom was in the closet getting my coats and sweaters out which you know I'm not fond of wearing but I might have to break down and cooperate if this weather continues.

    Well there is a heat vent with my name on it. Stay warm everyone!!


  • Good Morning, All!

    Francesca, I am so glad to hear that you are getting better, and while I know you do not like not being able to play with your friends and roam the farm, you will be so glad you rested. My momma (Miss Lori) has a bad back, and she always regrets not resting it when it flares up. My back was broken as a baby (before I was adopted), so it is fused, and I have to rest as well. Not fun! But, it is all better when momma, brother and sister get home in time for me to well-rested and ready to play!

    Stay warm, everyone!


  • Get well, Francesca! I would love to know how a bulging neck disc causes seizures, but I'm sure it's complicated. What caused your neck disc to bulge? Maybe you should turn over "The Daily Wag" to the cats until you're well. Of course, they'd rename it "Feline Follies" or some such vain nonsense, and we'd have 100 photos of them asleep in various locales. Still, there might be a few good mice-chasing pics. Recover fast!


  • Hello Girls, G.K., & all my Glue Squad Buddies,
    Oh, happy day, we all get to visit Francesca. Kind of!!!! You have been through an awful lot and it is good G.K. and Sharkey are keeping an eye on you and helping you with resting. You have many, many, fans and your Glue Squad buddies worried, but Mama Martha kept us up to date. We are glad you are resting, healing and at home, with that deluxe crate. I need to talk to the parents about mine. It doesn't have a cozy bed inside it. Feel better Francesca, and know we love you and are keeping our paws crossed for better days ahead.

    Now, for a matter Mom said I have to come CLEAN in more ways than one, to my Glue Squad buddies. You see, while Dad has been working on the new 6 ft. Ruby Fence, I am the official suppervisor, and that being that, I tend to take a lot of time off the job and roll in our dead grass, over and over and over and over. I bring in the grass to the house and stairs, not shaking it off too well. So here goes. My name is Ruby, and I am a grassaholic. Yes, you heard it first from me. I am going to try to enter some 12 step program to no longer be a grassaholic. I don't really want to but looks like I have to--the horrors of it all. So, this is the first step to rehab, telling everyone of your problem. There, I did it. Better go now, I have to check out the grass outside. Have a GEM of a day EVERYONE.
    Love & licks,

  • Something is wrong with my computer---no place for waiting approval seen. So I woke up this a.m. and didn't see my comment from before bed, so whamo I posted again. So sorry for the double comment. I think we have something new on the site. SORRY.

  • Hey Frannie girl!
    Boy am I relieved to know that you will be o.k. Sharkey & Maddox get gold stars for being such great pals. Like Gails says, the squirrels will be awaiting for you & maybe the weather will be a bit warmer, too.
    Hey, camo Ruby. I bet the dry grass is fun to roll in and I bet it smells good.
    It is very dark here today, we're expecting snow. Like Zoe, I've been darting in and out do my peeps & poops as fast as possible because it's been so cold and I don't like sweaters either.
    Well, I have been officially released by Dr. Becky. My eyes healed well & the cone is history. YEA! Mimi said it felt kinda weird not making an appointment for this Friday. I think she's going to take coffee & donuts to the gals. My appointments became a real routine.
    Til tomorrow.
    Your pal,

  • Please get well dear little treat! We surely love reading your blog, and it's sad to see you are having this problem. Love,kisses and good well wishes - from your dog friends in the south.

  • Hello all you GlueSquadders out there. So good to see that Franny is recovering, even if she has to spend time in her crate. This is Riley writing today and I have much experience with crates! I love my crate, although I only need to go there when Mom goes to bed. Last night she left the door open to see what would happen, Martha and Lucy both started out in crates, but once they were reliable not to pee in the house at night they gradually got to sleep wherever in the house they wanted. Glad to report that I stayed in my crate, I just pushed my blanket to the front of the crate and was able to have my head stick out the front door! It was good! Beardies are a hot bunch, we like drafty old houses (we make great draft stoppers) and if we get too warm we start huffing and panting. Mom says I sometimes keep her up at night, and with Dad snoring on one side and me panting on the other its quite the racket going on. Anyways, all was good so we'll try it with the door open for a while!
    Its been very cold here, only can go out for a few minutes, even the cat critters don't want to stay out for long. Ruby, to answer your question, Martha and Lucy are brown and whites, and I am a fawn and white. All Beardies start out with very dense coloration at birth, by 6 months they start to fade and then get lighter and lighter until about 18 months, when their adult colour starts to reappear. My puppy coat is very soft and silky at the moment, but it will be shed and I will get a very dense undercoat and harsher overcoat. Keeps us very warm in the winter, but in the summer we try to always find the nearest air conditioner!
    I've talked your ears off now, but I'm a really sociable little guy so I love the opportunity to talk about us. Well, gotta go for now, will be another down day (too cold to go out much), supposed to be better towards the end of the week. How we envy all of you who are in a more moderate climate!
    Beardie Bounces from Riley, Martha and Lucy!

  • Please feel better soon. We send love and sloppy kisses from your North Carolina friends, Hera Swanson Dog and The Fritz.

  • Morning Girls, GK & Glue Squad, Frannie, so happy to see you up and about even it is to stretch and walk around alittle. It won't be long, the days will fly by fast, before you are checking out the farm with Sharkey & GK. I can see that they are taking good care of you, even the kitties are being watchful as well. It's pretty cold here in the NE, and won't be spending too much time outside today. A nice cozy corner will be my friend today. Ruby, don't feel bad, I came inside the other day and had some clippings on me but probably not as much as you've had on you. Tell, Mom that's an additional coat, the natural look. Rebel, how are your eyes, do you have to go back & see Dr. Becky? Hi Maddox, Cora Belle, Abby, James Dean, Zoe, Dudley Do Right, Kirby Bear,Kitty, Martha, Lucy & Riley,Greetings to Lynn, Delia, Sonya & Gail.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, OMG! I am so happy to finally see you Francesca and you look better than I thought you might look! Your great buddies, Sharkey, GK, and the kitties are doing a great job helping you feel calm and get better! It was so nice to hear how you were doing through Martha's tweets and you have such good care from her and her helpers! I guess you have lots of snow there so I'm sure you wouldn't want to go outside anyway! Stay safe sweatheart and your buddies! All of the comments yesterday from our Glue Squad buddies saying great thank you's to The Daily Wag staff were terrific and I know we all love everyone of them very much! Sure hope all of you buddies are doing well today and stay safe and happy! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Dear Francesca, I am so happy that you are doing better. Kitty and I are so happy hearing have a speedy recovery from that bulging disc :-)

    It's starting to snow here after it all melted last week, and it's below zero - Kitty is all confused about this coldness.

    I still don't have images here...hope this will not continue...anyway I'll continue by just reading ;-)

    Take care everyone,
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Dear Francesa wishing you a fast recovery. I to have problems being still when I need to be. My Cochon a distant cousin of yours sends his best well wishes. Theres more fun very soon but listen to Mom for now. XoArt and Jesus

  • My dog had surgery yesterday so I understand immensely.

  • Hello Francesca,Sharkey and my glue squad buddies,
    I am not sure if my post will come through or not. Francesca, we loved seeing you again today and wish you a speedy recovery!
    It is really nice you can see your friends G.K.,Sharkey, and Empress Tang while you are resting and getting better. Soon it will be SPRING and you will be feeling better. You are a very brave little dog.
    Welcome Mac the pom to the Glue squad! Rebel, feel better soon. Ruby, your fascination with grass is only a passing thing so don't worry too much. Zoe and Missy Chow, keep warm! Purrrs to all- James dean the persian boy

  • Hello sweet girlie! Sending you love and licks from Scuba the kitty...all the way from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada! Thinking of you♥

  • Feel better soon, Francesca. If I could I would hop right over and give you a little peck on the cheek. But listen up and soon you will hear me singing you a happy song. ( I am not really a Mad Bluebird. I just look that way because it's so cold and someone forgot to warm my birdbath.)

  • Hi Francesca!

    2 paws up for being so brave :) You must be quite bored in your crate but its only while you get better. It gives you a great empathy for dogs who spend most of there time in a crate :( Perhaps you can turn a negative situation into a positive one by starting a mission to help dogs who are locked up and neglected.....You and Martha already do so much but maybe a small population could be targetted out of the large group and you might be and blog about the lives and bright futures they have now :)

    Get well soon!! xo

  • Hang in there, Francesca! I know you might be feeling better, but your mom knows best and wants you to stay in your crate until you're completely better. I know it's really hard to stay in the crate all of the time when you don't usually have to. My beagle, Apple, just had a cone on for two days with a bandage on her paw because she tore her dew claw. She was so sad for those two days, but now all the bandages are gone, and things are back to normal. It will be back to normal soon for you too. I'm sending you hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery, and my beagles, Apple and Betty do too!

  • Hi dearest Francesca! It must be so hard to be confined when all you want to do is play. It breaks my heart. I can only imagine how hard it must be for Martha. But knowing you are on the road to recovery is a blessing and for this I am grateful. Please be well beautiful friend. You are loved by so many and we all want you back to rollicking and rolling around soon. God speed.
    All my love,

  • I'm so glad Francesca's going to be okay. And poor Sharkey not having her playmate for 30 days! At least it's winter so they aren't missing out weather-wise.

  • I can quit worrying about you, my little buddy, just rest and relax..Sharkey and G.K. are good nurses..Ruby, I like rolling around outside, but now that I am old, I lose my balance when I get up from rolling around, luckily my pals, James and Lucinda are always there for me..being a wild and free cattledog, no crates for safe haven is the couch that James cut the legs off for me..looks weird in the living room but its mine to snooze on and I can get up and down really easy..people laugh when they see it, Lucinda says who cares, I come first..I love her!..must go eat a warrior prince cookie and get on my couch and watch the freezing rain..hope Ivan and Ivanka (big shepherds from down river) come by and I"ll share a cookie with them..over and out, Cora-Belle

  • Francesca Baby, I was so glad seeing your post today! You look a little grumpy, but I don't blame you. I got grumpy when all I had to do was wear a cone, so crate rest must be mierable! Sharkey is a good sister and GK a good brother for being mindful of your need to be calm and quiet. Reel, congratulations for graduating from the Cone of Shame!

  • Hi Francesca,
    So good to see you on your blog today and to know that you are getting better!! Thanks to Martha for keeping us updated on how you've been doing. BTW, Francesca and Sharkey, I LOVE 'The Daily Wag' blog!!


  •, it is so nice to see the response from everyone about our pal, Frannys health...maybe future glue squaders..that would be, Cora-Belle... Glue Squad forever!!!!

  • Dear Franny,
    We send love and prayers your way for an excellent recovery. And, blessings to those that are caring for you. Love, Meme, Callie, Silver Stripes, Ranger and Cindy

  • Dear Frannie ~

    I hope you feel better very soon. Please know that I am praying for you and will light a candle every day until you feel better. Please try to get some rest and know that you will be better soon. You have the best mom in the world and she'll take good care of you. xoxox

  • This a great blog. I real enjoyed reading it. I'm so glad Francesca is feeling better.

  • Oh Francesca, I'm so glad to get an update from you. Disc problems are no fun! It's good that Martha and Laura are seeing that you adhere to the doctor's instructions. I hope you are better soon. Sharkey and G.K., please take good care of your sister.


  • Ahhh Frannypants you gave us quite a scare! I am so glad that you are doing better. Sharkey you are a such a good sport to stay in the crate so that Franny can stretch out and walk around a bit. G.K. what a good little brother you, not being tempted to play with Franny for now. You're right, there will be plenty of time for play and squirrel chasing later on. :smile:

  • Rebel, so glad to hear about your eyes feeling better again! :smile:

  • Hi Frangipani, pretty cute nick name, Yes? I always wanted a dog friend named Francesca so i could call her Frangipani. Marco and Franklin my two dogs buddies and are both boys and wouldn't appreciate me calling either of them Francesca.'s all yours! So glad you're feeling better. Use this quiet time wisely. Have you thought about keeping a journal Of your experience with this down time ? Dictating is probably ok. Stay warm. Your new cat buddy, Felina.

  • Bronson & I wish Francesca a speedy recovery:)

  • I told your mom Martha ;) that I was glad you would be Ok but I thought I would stop by and give a few words of encouragement to you both here as that is a long time to be confined.Keep you tail will walk again soon with your buddies in greaner pastures :)

  • I have a cat with epilepsy so I know who scary the seizures can be! It's horrible not being able to do anything to stop them :( Glad to hear Francesca is doing better!

    I make sock people/animal portraits and would love to get a chance to do one for Francesca & co, such gorgeous animals! Please do get in touch if you are interested

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