Holiday Decor in the Tenant House

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In keeping with our theme this week about the holiday decor at the farm, our tour would not be complete if we didn't show you some of the decorations in the little cottage called the Tenant House.  It is decorated with a woodland theme with beautiful animal ornaments.

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The mantle is covered snow-covered trees, glittered foliage and beautiful brown bear ornaments.

1 The mantle is covered snow-covered trees, glittered foliage and beautiful brown bear ornaments.

I love the ornaments on this copper tinsel tree.  In addition to bears, there are woodland mushrooms and glittered acorns.

2 I love the ornaments on this copper tinsel tree. In addition to bears, there are woodland mushrooms and glittered acorns.

Sharkey, this is a real tree branch covered with glitter and decorated with shiny icicles and feathered birds.

3 Sharkey, this is a real tree branch covered with glitter and decorated with shiny icicles and feathered birds.

We even have a gingerbread house to drool over!

4 We even have a gingerbread house to drool over!

Franny, what have we here?

5 Franny, what have we here?

It's a fuzzy little fawn.  How sweet!

6 It's a fuzzy little fawn. How sweet!

Don't you think these amethyst globes are amazing?

7 Don't you think these amethyst globes are amazing?

Hello, Mr. Hedgehog!  You're very lifelike!

8 Hello, Mr. Hedgehog! You're very lifelike!

Sharkey, some of these ornaments look kind of scary, like this grizzly bear and this wolf.

9 Sharkey, some of these ornaments look kind of scary, like this grizzly bear and this wolf.

In that case, Franny, I'm done looking at the ornaments in the Tenant House.  I don't want any scary thoughts when it comes to Christmas.  Let's go back home.

10 In that case, Franny, I'm done looking at the ornaments in the Tenant House. I don't want any scary thoughts when it comes to Christmas. Let's go back home.

Now this is more like it!

11 Now this is more like it!

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  • ..what fun ornaments..I really like the hedge-hog..wish I had a real one!!wow..Lucinda fixing pizza for a midnite snack..over and out, love Cora-Belle

  • Boy are you gonna get it if Martha sees you messing with that TREE!
    I love the bears and saw them and the wood making ideas on The View when Martha was there Tuesday. I collect bears so these are something I'll have to head over to Macy's for. Our Macy's is very far away so maybe they are online to order.
    I LOVE the figurine of the three of you so cute.
    Hello everyone, Maddox & Ruby how are you?
    Happy weekend.
    Pam From California

  • Hello girls,
    I was thinking again. I was wondering exactly how many boxes or bins / containers are used to store all of your Christmas trees and decorations. They sure are amazing. Oh yeah, and then there are more containers for other days like Halloween. I am glad you live on a big farm so you have the room to build more storage buildings if you have to. Hehehehehe
    Hey, when is Zoe coming back? Geez. She has been gone a long time. That is a whole lot of time to get in trouble. You go girl. I can't wait to hear about your adventures while your mom is on vacation. Cora-belle, I hate to even bring this up but nothing is being mentioned about the you know, the thing you hate that Lucinda wants you to wear. How is that going? James Dean, you should go with Abby to Pet Smart. I am not trying to tear you away from Kitty, we love her, but you need to find someone in your neighborhood. Long distance relationships are hard. Rebel, how are things going being the care giver of the house? Keep doing a good job little buddy. Well, I hope the rest of you Glue Squad members are all well and Ruby, keep us informed on your training
    Love to all,

  • Sorry, but how could I forget to mention that the last picture is exquisite. Love those two frenchies on the ends and the Chow Chow in the middle is so so so handsome. I wonder who that could be. Hehehehehe and I also forgot that this is the weekend so I hope you all have a great weekend. Karen is going to a dog show so I am in charge again. It is a job i enjoy so I hid the Warrior Prince Basil biscuits so that she wouldn't give the job to someone else. Sometimes this thinking of mine pays off

  • The woodland creatures are adorable, especially the hedgehog! :)

    I do favor the 3 amigos at the end of the blog. Quite charming for sure.

    Snow is expected in NH this weekend. Boo Hiss! I'm not a fan to the say least.

    Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

  • Good morning ladies,
    Sure do love the tenant house. I think, as a little dog, it would suit my fancy. Uh, Papa was unpacking our hedgehogs and said, "What happened here?" Uh, they were missing their little black noses. Um, well, I think I thought they were snacks last year. Mimi remembered. She is going to fix them this weekend. You know, the I didn't even touch the squirrels! Weird....
    Cora Belle, good to hear from you, pizza at midnight, sounds like a little party to me. Nice.
    My nursemaid days seem to be over. Everybody had a good nights sleep. I have my weekly visit to Dr. Becky and the girls today, YEAH.
    Good weekend to all.
    Your pal,

  • Hello Girls & Glue Squad Buddies,
    Your house is very magical F & S and G.K. I would spend hours just going from place to place looking things over. I love every magical room in your house girls. Pam, I am with you, love that plaque in the last photo. Cora Belle, pizza at midnight sounds yummo!! I could have been playing with you. I was up late--PLAYING AND PLAYING!!!! Missy, maybe you and could have a cyber party I was so frisky. Had a long walk and Dad gave me an A+. Dogs bark at the fence and I stay in formation. Well, Santa is coming, what else can I do? Almost had a big emergency due to a rawhide. Mom and Dad have grounded me from them and anyone giving them to me. Weston took some leather collars he made to the Pet Giving Tree at a local pet store and he picked up a knot rawhide for me. They have been banned before me I understand that the Warrior Prince would glup them down and choke, so a ban there was. It was really nice of Weston and it got taken away half way through and it almost caused my tummy to get blocked--had to take a lot of Vitamin E. Never again---Santa, only Nylabones for Ruby. I can't go to the hospital--it would scare me to death. So Mom and I baked Warrior Prince Biscuits for my friends and cousins. What a day--wow!! Gail, I want to play in snow---where is mine? Well, everyone, the weekend is here, and I can hardly wait to hear your plans? Happy birthday Abby to your Mom today. Are you and JImmy having a party for her? Looking forward to hear what Zoe did while Mom was away. Have a "GEM" of a weekend!!
    Love and licks,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    In a word; WOW. So many Christmas trees and decorations that one doesn’t know where to look first. In the last picture, Sharkey where did you get that cute little hat? And GK looks real charming with his hat on too. Ruby you will have to do what I do when I am walking and dogs come to the fence and bark at me. I just look the other way as if they aren’t there and I don’t hear them. I then stop, lift my leg and mark the spot. I’m saying, “This is my spot and I dare you to come out to it.” Sometimes they get really upset and bark all the louder. I just walk away laughing to myself. Have a good weekend all.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, You beautiful girls sure have been having lots of fun going to each house to share the lovely decorations with all of us! You sure did a great job and I love every blog you showed us! You both look so great!! Hope you have fun on Sunday with Martha's wonderful party with so many friends and family members! It was so great to hear from more of you glue squaders this morning and love all of your delightful comments! Hope to hear from Kirby, Delia& Kitty, Sonya, Missy Chow, Abby&JD and anyone else who wants to comment again! We are still having rain and it's a bit colder, icky poo! Hope you all have a great weekend! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Darling, Darling trees and displays...You girls fit right in! How cute the three dog heads of Franny, Sharkey and G.K. I also love the hedgehog, I bought the cutest hedgehog toy for my grand-dog Annie(a Shih tzu)and the hunting Lab grand-dogs are getting soft furry (stick a plastic bottle in) toys, one a Duck the other a Raccoon.
    Oh Ruby, yes those rawhide bones can be dangerous...good thing your family found out...stay healthy ;-)
    Karen have a great time at the dog show and all you fur-friends here be good and not naughty, so Santa is good to you.
    Pam I lived in California 53 years and I miss the weather.
    JD I know the long distance is hard but I love you the same, we can be best friends ;-)
    Glue Squad Friends stay safe and happy.
    Hugs to all,
    delia & Kitty =^ ! ^=

  • Abby and James Dran,
    Tell your mamma a great big Happy Birthday from Madfox and Karen Do you have something planned for her? Pizza Cora-Belle? I never had that. I am going to visit you someday for a pizza and maple bars lunch. Oh Rebel, you ate the noses off? I am laughing so hard my belly is hurting. I am glad Papa and Mimi are well again. You did a good job little guy Ok. Missy Chow, Kirby, baby Favor, Didley and the rest of you, report in. Pam, just go to Macy's. Even if it is far. Sometimes it is nice to get away and go on an adventure.
    Ok, I hope I am done for today. Karen says I am Chatty Kathy today. I don't know any Kathy. Is Shea Glue Squad member from before I started posting?

  • Hello Francesca, Sharkey, RUBY, Dudley, Cora belle, Missy Chow and all my glue squad friends-
    We loved seeing the animal ornaments in the tenant house, especially the polar bear and animals by the gingerbread house. Mom likes the copper tree and the acorn ornaments too.
    Wow- what wonderful pictures of our dear friend Ruby yesterday!! We love the pictures of her training and zooming around in the snow, Great job Ruby! It is too bad we missed yesterday.
    Rebel, we hope Mimi and your papa continue to feel better. Dudley, is your home decorated for the holidays? Delia, hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful time visiting your relatives. Hope your eye feels better Baby favor. Missy Chow, do you have a stocking up for Santa? Maddox, do you give all the dogs warrior prince cookies? I have many cat friends and my favorite is Pippa, a beautiful pastel calico who lives in Mass. Empress Tang and Kitty are very pretty cats too and we enjoy hearing about their adventures. Abby is sleeping under the Christmas tree this morning. I am celebrating Mom's birthday today! Thank you Lynn and Ruby for the card and gift! Purrrs and enjoy your weekend- James Dean the persian cat.

  • Hi Girls & Glue Squad, Hi Lynn, Gail, Sonya & Delia..You're right, Ruby, it has been a magical day & week seeing all the Christmas decorations, Christmas themes for all the rooms & houses. Frannie & Sharkey, thanks for the personal tours. I hope next year, I will be less curious and can leave things alone that don't belong to me so Mom can decorate a little more. Happy Birthday to Abby's mom, enjoy your day! I hope you and James Dean have a fun filled day planned for her. I saw the cutest picture this morning and thought of you & James Dean. I'll ask Mom to send it to you, okay?? Cora Belle, I like pizza too; and Dad sometimes gives me a little piece of the crust, yum! Rebel, congrats..maybe those days of shots are history now. Dudley Do Right, are you okay? Kirby, how's things with you? Maddox, you are always thinking, be sure you keep everyone in line this weekend while Karen is away. Don't forget where you put the biscuits, hehe..Ruby, a slumber party, that would be fun! Kitty, what's new with you?

    The sun is shining and temps in the 40's; I spent alot of time outside this morning, had my short & long walk, now it's rest time. Maybe another walk will be possible before Auntie Annie comes tonight. :)

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • ...Happy Birthday to Abby and James Deans Cora-Belle

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