Ho-Ho-Ho And Merry Christmas!!!

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We Frenchies were looking through our photo archives and we came across these photos taken a few years ago.  If we don't say so ourselves, we look quite adorable in our Santa suits.  With that aside, we want to wish all of our Glue Squad buddies a very merry Christmas and hope you spend it with warmth, love, and good cheer!

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I'm waiting very patiently for Santa Claus.

1 I'm waiting very patiently for Santa Claus.

I thought I was Santa but everyone tells me that's not so!

2 I thought I was Santa but everyone tells me that's not so!

Maybe we'll find Santa out here in the snow.

3 Maybe we'll find Santa out here in the snow.

Sharkey, maybe you're right.  I mean, he's bound to come sooner or later.

4 Sharkey, maybe you're right. I mean, he's bound to come sooner or later.

Franny, I can't wait!  The suspense is killing me!

5 Franny, I can't wait! The suspense is killing me!

Is that Santa over there?

6 Is that Santa over there?

I guess not - you look that way and I'll keep looking over here.

7 I guess not - you look that way and I'll keep looking over here.

Franny, I'm getting a little cold.  Maybe we should wait inside.

8 Franny, I'm getting a little cold. Maybe we should wait inside.

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  • Merry Christmas Francesca, Sharkey, G.K. and all the other furry and feathered friends at your home! I just love your lovely photograhs.

    Guess what? I'm on the front page of our town's newspaper this week because my family was chosen as the 2012 Christmas Family! Readers write in their choice for this very special recognition based on community service.

    My mom and sister fashioned a beautiful red satin bow for me to wear for the photograph which matched perfectly with my mom's dress and dad's tie. I'm so excited about this honor but I'm really, really excited about Santa Claus!

    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  • Well just look at Santa's little helpers. Don't you two look so darn cute. Wowsa!!!
    It is hard to believe that tomorrow is Christmas Day. Just remember we all have to be good for another 24 hours to insure we will get what we wanted from Santa. And then we can let loose. Hehehehehe
    Then it is on to New Year's Day. And with that comes New Years Resolutions. So we all better think about what our resolutions are and try to stick to whatever we picked. I will be excited to hear what everyone gets from Santa. Karen already got a great gift. She got a call from her son Scott from Kuwait. That was awesome.
    I will check back in later
    Love to all,

  • Happy Holidays to all the furry critters and fellow posters!

    I think Santa is still checking his list, I better watch my P's and Q's today!

    Especially, since today is my birthday! I'm 29. I've been 29 for years and years! :)

    Holiday Hugs to everyone!

  • Good Morning F & S

    Can you believe Santa comes tonight!! I'm so excited I just can't wait to open all my presents. I know I'm getting lots because I was extra good this year, T-Bone told me so ;) Plus mom came home from shopping with lots of PetSmart bags :)

    I had a busy weekend with mom we did lots of baking. She had out Martha's cookbooks and made a few of her cookie recipes. I did some taste testing and they were yummy - was not allowed the chocolate chips because mom said dogs can't eat chocolate. Tell that to Sophie she grabbed at least 3 big cookies from the table when mom wasn't looking. I made a note to self to tell Santa, maybe I'll get her presents.

    We want to wish everyone at the Daily Wag and all my Glue Squad friends a Very Merry Christmas, enjoy your families,friends and all your furry kids with four legs!

    Zoe & Ann, T-Bone, Sophie & Precious

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And a merry ho, ho, ho to you too. It looks as if the weather will interrupt some travelers today and tomorrow. We should be getting some strong storms with rain. I hope it doesn’t slow “Santa” any; he is so busy delivering all those presents. I hope he doesn’t miss my house. If he does, I hope he drops my things off at some animal shelter. They could use some good cheer at this time of the year. Have a Merry Christmas everyone; stay safe.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good morning ladies,
    You gals look so cute! Your red sweaters are really nice. We're expecting snow tomorrow night, I'll be wearing my sweater when I go outside for sure.
    Mimi & I frosted the cookies already this morning. We will be heading out to the butchers to pick up the roast for supper tonight. The family is coming and I'm excited. I bet they are too. I know that they are tracking Santa on the NORAD website.
    Merry Christmas to everybody. Sure hope Santa brings you nice gifts.
    Your pal,

  • Hello Girls & Glue Squad Buddies,
    Yahooo Yahooo, Christmas is almost here so I am sending you Good Cheer!! I am sooooo excited. You can tell it is my very first Christmas, huh? I have been trying to be very good---a few training episodes, but nothing a couple days off, eating, drinking and being merry won't cure. You girls look the best in your Santa outfits. I am very happy they brought out the photos from a few years ago, since I wasn't here. You are stylin' for sure. Does everyone have their stockings up? I hear the big guy puts really good stuff in them. Oh, oh, oh, I am just so excited. I did get one big present early. Yesterday Mom and Dad had a BIG DISCUSSION. I heard a little and Dad said, he thought I needed to be allowed out of my crate at night to feel more part of the family and Mom said, she thought I needed to be in my crate to feel secure. Yahoo, Dad won. Now I know who to go to to get things done. O.K., the door was left open and did go in and out a few times, when I heard a siren, but the rest of the time, I slept at Mom's feet on the bed. I know she liked it, I know it. We did shut the bedroom door and I heard the word "childproof", whatever that means, cause I am not a child. But I did good and I know Santa had some pull too. Company is coming today and a big dinner tonight and I get to be with everyone. On Thanksgiving I was new to the house, and after the dressing stealing caper, I was in my crate. Not tonight---free as a bird. Yahoo!! Food come to Ruby!!! Well, buddies I better go supervise things for tonight. Oh, and it will be snowing tonight and tomorrow. Mom says it is all for me to have a White Christmas---this has only happened 14 times in 112 years with it snowing. Love and hugs to all my BFF's on the Glue Squad and Daily Wag. You make every day special. Have a GEM of a Christmas.
    Love & licks,

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, Thank you so much for sharing these photos of several years ago and they are beautiful! Were these taken before GK lived there?! I miss seeing him on your blog! Are you finally ready for Christmas?! Sure hope you all have a great time and a Happy New Year! I miss seeing comments from our Glue Squad buddies this morning-will have to check back later! My Mom copied all of Dr. Pia's beautiful photos of you great buddies and hope to see more of Cora-Belle and others missing! Hope all of you are safe and have a wonderful day before Christmas and on Christmas! Love, Dudley Do Right and Jan XOXOXO+

  • Merry Christmas to all my very special friends.
    Kirby, Rebel, Zoe, Abby and James Dean, Dudley, Missy Chow, our beautiful Cora-Belle, Kitty, Baby Favor, Chloe, Sparkle, Ruby, Pam from California, Lynn,lucinda and James, Mimi and Papa, Gail, Ann, Dehlia, Sonya, Karen, Mammy Jean, Gerry and Dick, Jan and all the other family members of the fabulous Glue Squad. And a special Merry Christmas to my son GK, his sisters Francesca and Sharkey, Martha and her daughter and the children Jude and Truman , the DW staff Laura and Sarah and to a very special person Uncle Carlos and to anyone who reads the DW. My New Year's Resolution is that the Glue Squad remains strong and close forever and ever.
    Ok, I am going to bed early and I am going to think about what I think Santa Claus is going to bring me.
    I love you guys with all my heart,

  • ..Ho-ho-ho- my fellow doggers...I am getting excited..first off, Happy Birthday to Gail!!Hope everybody gets lots of neat gifts..I am busy wrapping gifts for Lucinda and James..eating Warrior Prince cookies while I work..it is getting cold out...so I better put some carrots out for the reindeer..love, Cora-Belle

  • Sweet photos of sweet Frenchies...what more can we say!

    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

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