Dearest Mr. Santa...

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Hey There Friends!
As promised... I have committed to being the intermediary between Santa and the wishes sent to me by DW readers...

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1 "Hey there Daily Waggers! Maddox here. A crew of regulars (The Glue Squad) call me the professor, as I come up with ideas for blogs like this one I named, Santa Day!"

2 "Hey Santa...James Dean here. I was hoping you might share some tips on beard care ...also, attached you will find the rest of my list: One catnip toy, snow for Lynn, more craft and reading time with mom, peace on earth and good will towards cats."


3 Rebel, "Santa, my wish is for every pooch to have a human who loves them like my papa loves me!"


4 Rebel, "Santa, you need not be alarmed by my name. On average, I have been very good! The name is a family one and keeps the neighborhood pooches on their toes."

Kitty and Delia simply want to say,

5 Kitty and Delia simply want to say, "We love all the photos of our DW fur-friends, it's fun seeing them...they are all so cute and lovable."

6 "Hi Santa- I'm Coco. I already feel thankful for the gift of having been rescued and adopted...But as long as you're asking...I'd love a new football. My old one has endured a few too many bites and licks and kicks."

Frenchie-Pug Abby's list for Santa:

7 Frenchie-Pug Abby's list for Santa: "A Warrior Prince cookie, tacos, trips to the duck pond and dog parks with mom, a new vest for Cora belle, more fur for Rebel, lots of cuddle and time for all my Glue Squad friends!"


8 Abby, "Oh and about that coal...I have been mostly good...with a few very minor transgressions... I won't bore you with the details as they are nothing for you to be concerned about..."

Dudley Do Right,

9 Dudley Do Right, "Santa...pull up a to me about the reindeer crew. I'd like to propose that you consider me for the job...keep an open mind..."


10 Ruby, "I'm already a lucky girl. I have The Glue Squad , my forever home, and lots of toys and food. I am asking for all those friends I left behind in the shelter to find loving homes. Please Santa try and help all the friends still left behind. Also... if I could have 1 new Nylabone, that would be superb. I love you Santa. Love, Ruby Girl

Hi Santa,

11 Hi Santa, "Im Basil, the Warrior Prince you may have heard about...Since so many DWaggers seem to be requesting Warrior Prince Biscuits, I thought I'd weigh in and let them know I'm watching over them and sending love!" (Portrait by Delia Pacheco)

12 "Santa, please help our fellow shelter critters stay warm and loved like we are, as they search for their furever homes!"

Kirby Bear,

13 Kirby Bear, "Santa, I'd love to get an ample supply of days with my grand-humans..."

Missy Chow, getting sentimental about Holiday time.

14 Missy Chow, getting sentimental about Holiday time.

Missy Chow,

15 Missy Chow, "Mr. Santa...Please do not take offense at my efforts to emulate you here... I do this with only the utmost respect for your fabulous fashion sense."

Missy Chow,

16 Missy Chow, "Santa...Please accept my thanks in the form of this very large sock. You may leave any gift items here as a sign that you received my gracious gift..."

17 "I wish more humans adopted from the shelter and I also wish to always keep my fetching girlish figure!"


18 Chloe, "Um Santa...Perhaps you could find me a book that explains why my humans feel the need to affix silly hats and ears to my otherwise beautiful head?..."

Zoe says,

19 Zoe says, "Yeah Chloe! I hear ya! Can i borrow that book when you're done reading it?"


20 Zoe, "I'd like to close with a little ditty I wrote for my fellow comrades in fur... if the orchestra could accompany me... Santa I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year."


21 Zoe, "Santa...perhaps you remember me from when I was a mere 2.5 pounds years ago...Anyhoo, if I may be so bold...This year, T-Bone, Precious, Sophie and I would greatly appreciate a selection of treats, various chew toys and ample TP ...please confirm receipt of this note..."

22 "Santa! wow you snuck up on me there!... um... about the TP...I have to say I’ve been extremely good this year ...It’s not my fault the TP calls my name and the devil in me forces my body to run with the paper."


23 Zoe, " you know Santa is coming? yeah...Santa...I'm told he enters via the chimney...can you confirm this so I'm sure not to attack him on evening patrol...I'm working the night shift on x-mas eve so I wanna be sure,..."


24 Santa, "While this may look a bit precarious, I'll have you know that I was merely helping my humans to clear the table... so many crumbs, so little time..."

25 "I wish that all the animals who are spending this Christmas at a shelter get adopted soon and get to live in a loving home with lots of TP to play with...I also wish for peace so that all our military can come home..."

26 "Dear Santa, Precious, T-Bone and I would like to request a steady supply of snow in which to play... What are your thoughts on that?" Sincerely, Sophie"

Dr. Pia,

27 Dr. Pia, "Santa, I wish everyone had a great crew of animal loving friends like I do. They provide loving homes for animals in need and even send me thoughtful creative gifts like this cool magnetic flower I received from Lynn of the Glue Squad!"

28 "Santa... I dream of a day that shelters will be empty because all the loyal critters out there are adopted into loving homes..."

Fortunately Santa and his crew do not discriminate between humans and other animals when doling out rewards for loyalty and other good deeds.

Here's to a happy and healthy holiday for all creatures everywhere!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

Adopt a Friend and Save a Life this Holiday Season!

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  • Hello Dr. Pia & all my Glue Squad Buddies,
    Santa Day is here. Oh joy, I am soooooo excited to see many of The Daily Wag Glue Squad. Everyone looks so fine. I just keep pawing over every photo. We have a wonderful and good looking group. Thank you all for being my (and Mom's) friends. This is the best Christmas ever---my forever home and my Glue Squad Buddies. Really, what more could a girl ask for.....well one nylabone too!!!!! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Have a GEM of a Christmas.
    Love & licks,

  • Love, love love this blog entry! :)

    Brings a smile to my face to see all the happy furry critters! :)

    Thank you to all the wonderful pet owners that truly love their bundles of joy! :)


  • Hell ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia and all the DW crew. Well it won’t be many days until Santa Paws will be here. I like that name for the “big guy.” I guess that Maddox has this one figured out. After all he is so smart you know. The Mayans did not know about the “leap year” in our calendar. So if you take leap year into account, their calendar ended at the end of March. Don’t worry about tomorrow, just enjoy the beginning of winter and the snow. That would be at 11:12 on the 21st of December. Wait, I won’t be having snow so I guess I’ll just have to do without unless Santa Paws arrives early at my house. Stay warm all.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good Morning Dr. Pia!

    This is SO COOL!!!! Thank you for letting us all see pictures of our friends getting ready for the big fat guy in red to arrive :)

    I'm being extra good the next few days maybe I'll get a few extra treats.

    Dr. Pia my family and I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year. Thank you for being a part of our lives.


  • Hey, Hey, hey!
    Isn't this just the most fun? I just love to see my DW buddies. Sure hope Frannie & Sharkey check us out to see what great friends they have.
    Thanks Dr Pia.
    Your pal,

  • Morning Dr. Pia,

    Thanks for sharing all the photos. I really missed all my glue squad friends, but I am back.:) And I am really trying to be good the next few days so Santa brings me lots of treats :)
    Just want to wish you and all my friends a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year :)

    Chloe xx

  • Hi Dr. Pia, Minnow, Daily Wag,& Glue Squad, This is the most stunning, beautiful, happy, blog you have shared with us Dr. Pia and part of our thanks go to Professor Maddox who is so brilliant! I just adore seeing these awesome photos of so many of our Glue Squad superior friends and the comments are so outstanding! My Mom is going to make copies of all of these photos for us to enjoy every day! My prayers are with all of you to have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! Mom and I are asking Santa Paws and God to take care of all of our animals and humans, especially the children in our schools! We wish everyone to be happy and safe! I'm asking Santa Paws for more treats and lots of toys! Hope all of you have a wonderful day today and forever! Bless you Basil for your delightful thoughts, too! Love to all, Dudley Do Right and Jan XOXOXO+

  • Morning Dr Pia & Glue Squad,

    It was nice to see everyone all dressed in their
    fine Christmas attire. Thank you for sharing our friendships
    with one another. I'm very happy to have new friendships
    even though it is long distance.

    Wishing all of you Merry Christmas with lots of fun
    and happy memories and Happy New Year.

    I think Mom is going to start a photo album too :-)

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Hi Dr.Pia, Maddox, and all my glue squad buddies!
    What a great, happy blog today and wonderful idea Maddox. Thank you so much for showing me pictures of my glue squad friends and all the holiday captions. Zoe, you had mom laughing so hard with that t.p. Maddox, incredible show picture, incredibly handsome.
    Kitty looks so festive! Ruby looks so settled into her wonderful loving home. Rebel, you are our hero. Dudley, too cute. Chloe, great to see you too hope the antlers don't itch. Missy Chow, beautiful.
    Merry christmas to everyone on the glue squad and a safe and happy 2013 to all! Abby is being extra good because santa Paws is coming.
    love to all- Sleeping Abby and James Dean

  • Oh my heart be still, all those fluffy Chows and all those lovely adorable fur-friends...and uuuhhh Kitty is in love with JD ;-)
    Thanks for including Kitty, if my head was not screwed on, I'd forget that as well. :-(

    Kitty and I absolutely enjoyed seeing those that I've never seen before.

    Look at sweet Basil, you'll never be forgotten!

    My personal wish is, that God Blesses us all and Thank Him for His ever-loving kindness...and that human beings make a change in how they take responsibility in owning animals and pets, they are a gift from God.

    Dr.Pia you are the Angel of those animals in need...Thank You!
    All Good Wishes to everyone here...
    Love & Hugs
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • I love all the blogs but this is extra special. Seeing all the Glue Squad is a joy and thank you Dr, Pia organizing this. Nouri, Bella, Tina, Bonnie,
    Clyde and Angus wish everyone a happy holiday and lets make 2013 a year when all animals will no longer be in shelters but loving and happy homes.

  • Thanks Dr Pia and Prof Maddox for this wanferful blog. Merry Christmans and Happy New Year to all and Basil. XXX lots of love from Sparkle, Sandee (min pin) and Ringo (grandpa Shih Tzu)

  • How nice to see what everyone looks like! I wish Mom had had an opportunity to get a picture of me, Millie, and Roxy to share, but with Dad's New Knee taking up all of our spare time, you can see how it just wasn't possible. Maybe next year. Oh, and Mom said that picture of Warrior Prince Basil made her eyes a little sweaty.
    That great big 'blizzard' that came our way? We only got a lot of rain and just a little bit of snow. So it is a slippery, slidey world out there for us right now, but at least Mom didn't have to use the new snow blower.
    Oh, and could everyone keep their paws crossed today? I find out if my eye is healed enough not to have to wear the Cone of Shame anymore.
    a bientot!

  • Brava Brava! Thanks Dr. Pia. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Beautiful wonderful Glue Squad buddies.

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