Wardrobe Malfunction...

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As promised... More irresistible little fur-goblins for your viewing pleasure...

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True superheroes!  Stella with rescued pooch Major. Major is Stella's service dog. Stella has type 1 diabetes and Major is trained to detect fluctuations in her blood sugar. He has saved her life on more than one occasion! Go team!
(photo by Frank Wise, http://frankwisephotography.blogspot.com/)

1 True superheroes! Stella with rescued pooch Major. Major is Stella's service dog. Stella has type 1 diabetes and Major is trained to detect fluctuations in her blood sugar. He has saved her life on more than one occasion! Go team! (photo by Frank Wise, http://frankwisephotography.blogspot.com/)

2 "A phone booth is harder to find these days, so I just keep the cape on when it seems I might be called upon to save the day...cuts down on my prep time and the commute..."

Canine rapper Jacques...

3 Canine rapper Jacques..."The names Jacques... Jacques with a "J"... and yes oh yes...yes I say... I fancy a drink, from time to time... it's not a crime...but just to be clear, the one on this collar is mine all mine..."

4 "What? A girl can't sport a fabulous chapeau and have the occasional cocktail? FYI-Chapeau is French for "hat"...I'm very well-traveled..." (Photo courtesy of: sleepswithdogs.net)

5 "As a matter of fact yes, yes I CAN fly..." Photo of Ella from Laura at http://www.facebook.com/PauseDogBoutique?ref=ts&fref=ts taken by Lisa at, http://www.printzphotography.com/

6 "Welcome to Fantasy Island..."

7 "Ahoy there... why am I dressed like what? A pirate? I'm not dressed as anything...what are you talking about?" (Photo courtesy of: http://sleepswithdogs.net)

Pam says,

8 Pam says, "Halloween gets us fiery red headed party girls all jazzed up! My favorite part is dressing Ruby Red Slippers up like the pageant queen she is, so I get to be the doting stage mom that I was meat to be!"

Logan exclaims,

9 Logan exclaims, "I'm not entirely sure what we're going for here...am I a prize winning Bunny? Pig? or a pink horse who won the school dodgeball tournament?"

10 "I may be cute as button but I will bite your head off if you don't get this peppy little house coat off of me immediately...ya feel me?"

11 "Can you tell I got highlights or do they blend in naturally?" (Photo courtesy of: http://sleepswithdogs.net)

12 "As I said before...This ain't no costume...capice?"

13 "Bikers love animals too!"

14 "Ok, this is the LAST time though... 'I am the frito bandito...pow pow...ole...' "

15 "Hopping like a bunny was NOT part of this arrangement..." (Photo courtesy of: http://sleepswithdogs.net)

16 "You better not forget the treat-filled piñata..."

17 "Please mom, MUST we do the royal wave again?"

18 "I will tolerate this silly get-up for approximately 30 more seconds...29, 28..."

19 "Meet my pit bull monkey... she's also my seeing eye monkey..but just for my right eye...she's a rescue and I adopted her!" (For more fun with Bella and Piggie check out: www.sleepswithdogs.net)

Piggie says,

20 Piggie says, "What? Pit bulls can wear tutu's and lounge on pink furniture...why ya gotta bust on me?" (Photo courtesy of: http://sleepswithdogs.net)

Our very own Missy Chow Says,

21 Our very own Missy Chow Says,"I CAN pretend to be the birthday guest of honor on Halloween...Now where's my gift?"

22 "Sup dog?" (Photo courtesy of: http://sleepswithdogs.net)

Alex's Crew:

23 Alex's Crew: "Ooooh spooky laser-beam eyes!"

24 "Why on earth would I cover this fabulous natural frock of mine with a silly costume?" Exclaims Dudley!

25 "Mother dear...if in fact that is a real spider you have placed on my head...I will not be pleased...and for the record, you have been warned..." (Photo courtesy of: http://sleepswithdogs.net)

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Hi everyone.
    Hey Dudley, love your costume. Is that the au natural costume? You look good dude. Is one of those pictures Missy Chow? It looks like her.
    Cute pictures.
    OK, so what is anaplasmosis? How are you feeling Abby? What symptoms do you have? We need to find out what this is and how we can help our little Abby.
    I hope the people that have it bad due to Storm Sandy are ok after being hit with the wind and snow on top of it. Let's keep them and Abby in our thoughts today.
    Love to all,

  • Hello Dr. Pia & Professor Minnow,
    What a great way to start my day, seeing all the wonderful friends and even our own Dudley Do Right. Dudley you are one handsome dude in #24. I just want to reach through the computer and give you hugs. Of course Dudley you are my fav on all the photos, and I can't decide on the others, but love #7, #12, #19 and #23. I am going to enlarge your photo for me Dudley Cutie.

    Also, Dr.Pia, could you possibly do what you did last Christmas and everyone can send in their personal photos? I love seeing everyone on The Daily Wag and Glue Squad.

    Another thing gang, I just got my new December issue of Martha Stewart Living, and guess what, (Zoe will be mad too) Martha did her ads for Petsmart and hired actual animal actors for the ads. Can you believe it--no Franny, Sharkey, G.K. or GLUE SQUAD? What was she thinking when she has her own private model squad and then we all could get together and meet. Martha, you need to put on your thinking cap. The Glue Squad ads for your products, and then a calendar, with money going to rescues.

    Have a great day all---I am loving catching up since the storm and craft show and reading your updates. Glad Rebel is doing better, but am very, very, very, worried about our dear Abby. Get lots of "cc" time with Mom, little Miss.

  • I just noticed when looking through our celebrity photos that our own beauty queen Missy Chow is on #21. Somehow I missed the first time---goofy Lynn. That was your first birthday, and so beautiful. Rapper "Z" were you in costume for Halloween, or hiding from the storm?

  • What fun photos! I had to smile thinking what these poor pets must think of us making them dress up like that...Dr. Pia did you make up those Great quotes? :-)
    Nice to see some of the fellow Glue Squad Pets...
    Hey Lynn maybe F&S ask for too much money using them in the ads, but I do agree with you...or maybe the animals are for adoption and this is how to get them out for people to see for adoption.

    OK off for a Mammo ;-( but at least it's the new machine, no squashing...he he :-)

    Take Care...
    delia & Kitty =^. .^= prrurrr and rub to all my friends

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, Thank you so much for all 25 of these adorable, fantastically commented photos of these wonderful sweethearts! I love everyone of them and would love to hug them all! Thanks so much for sharing my photo, #24 and your comment for me was great! I just can't wear any clothing-sorry! Was great to see beautiful Missy Chow in photo #21 and Happy Birthday to her again! Thank you so much for you comments Maddox, Lynn, and Delia!!! Will check back later to read more! Dearest Abby, sure hope you are feeling well and doing better and Rebel, you sound like you are doing better, too!! Sure hope all you buddies have a great, safe day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hi Dr. Pia

    No Halloween for me this year due to the storm. I'm not the least bit disappointed. When the Governor finally told the kids they could trick or treat only
    5 kids came to the house. Dad was happy because we all bark like crazy when someone comes to the door.

    Well the snow came last night only about an inch and we never lost power. I hate walking out on the slushy stuff - my paws freeze and those big snow flakes get in my beautiful big eyes ;)

    Abby I hope you feel better soon - nasty ticks. For being a tiny bug they sure do cause a lot of problems.

    F & S I hope you didn't get too much snow. Give us a farm update let us know how you are making out.


  • Hello Dr. Pia, Professor Minnow, and my glue squad buddies-
    So great pictures of Missy Chow and Super Dudley!! Mom was so excited to see you both. Dudley you are a handsome fellow :) .
    Good luck on your medical test Delia and my finest purrrs to Beautiful Kitty.
    Zoe, hope you and Ann are doing alright after our latest nor'easter. Mom stayed over at work and just got home. They had high winds, freezing rain and some snow. Roads are clear now, snow still on the ground.
    Maddox, anaplasmosis is a nasty tick borne disease. Abby was very lethargic, did not want to eat,looked pale and kept whining when touched. She also has had an upset stomach but no fever. She was carsick this morning on the way home but managed to find the taco mix in the grocery bags so her sniffer is working. mom says her face and eyes look brighter today :) .
    We are hoping she continues to improve over the weekend. Mom is giving her lots of c and c time.
    Rebel, we are glad you are feeling better. Hugs, purrs and high paws to all my friends-
    James dean the persian boy

  • Good morning Dr. Pia and Minnow,
    Love the pics! It's so great to see Missy Chow, the birthday girl and Dudley Do Right!
    I'm so sorry to hear about Abby! James Dean, please keep the daily reports coming in. Sure hope it doesn't take too long to get better.
    Delia, Mimi wishes that she had the no-squash & hopes all findings are negative.
    That nasty nor'easter, sure has added to the misery out East. Stay warm little Zoe.
    Til tomorrow.
    Your pal,

  • ..great photos Missy Chow and the Dudley..yes, we all could have been in a photo shoot...I would herded everybody around...Abby, good to hear you are perking up..want all my buddies to be healthy..oh, I hear the magic words maple bar..I"m out of here..love, Cora-Belle

  • Hi All-
    I updated some of the photo credits. I wanted to make sure Missy Chow got some proper recognition too!
    I'd be happy to do some more Glue Squad specific posts! If you Squaders can designate a point person to contact me re: all things GS related, that'd help keep me on track.
    Let me know who wants to take the 'leash' and 'lead the pack.'
    In kinship,

  • Hey Glue Squad,
    I tried to get back on the computer but had no luck until now.
    Please everyone, wish my son, the fabulous handsome GK a Happy Birthday.
    Karen and Kathi, his breeders, along with his mother Eden, want him to have a very special day today. Maybe Martha could have Chef Pierre come to the farm and whip up some scrumptious meal for him cause he is such a good boy and oh so handsome. Takes after his dad. Sorry Eden. Hehehehehe. Eden is a looker too. He gets his looks and sweetness from the both of us.
    You rock.
    Love and sunshine to you,
    Your proud dad, Maddox

  • Sweet Abby I hope you will be all better.

    Happy Birthday G.K.!!! :smile: We really need your photo and bio up too so we don't miss out on celebrating your birth!!!

  • Hey G.K., Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear G.K., Happy Birthday to You......and many more!!!!! Remember I sing it through the computer, and I hope you heard it your handsome dude you. Proud Papa Maddox you have a great son, and I know he gets many fine qualities from his dear old dad. Love ya G.K.

  • Hi Maddox and Lynn, Thanks so much for telling me that today is handsome GKs birthday and I hope he had a great time! Martha earlier said she was taking F,S,&GK to the grocery store earlier on her tweet! Gk, how old are you now? Hope you have a great party! Love, Dudley Do Right and Jan

  • Hello everyone,
    I just want to wish GK a very happy birthday. You are an incredible dog. You are so well mannered and i loved being your travel companion when you went to the shows. So many people say chows are a nasty breed. That is so far from the truth. I am so glad you are with Martha because you get to go so many places and see so many people. You are a wonderful representative for our breed and I thank Martha for allowing everyone to see just how precious and sweet you really are. Happy Birthdsy big guy. I love you very much and miss your company
    Love always,

  • ..wow! G.K,....Happy Birthday!..love, Cora-Belle

  • H Dr Pia and & Glue Squad - A late posting but not forgotten. Love all the pictures on your post today. Everyone posed so patiently; and yes, let everyone guess as to what we are thinking when we are dressed up. Dudley, you are one handsome fella :) . Abby, hope you are feeling better-James Dean, take good care of her. Zoe, don't feel bad about Halloween, Mom only had two kids and lots of candy leftover too. Rebel, how's it going today, feeling better?? Cora Belle, good idea to round up everyone for a Christmas picture. Hope Kitty, Kirby Bear,Chloe & Maddox are all okay.

    Delia, hope your test today came out okay. Lynn, have you recovered yet from your craft show?

    We've had plenty of rain and high winds the last couple of days, but no power outage this time, thank goodness. :)

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you, GK, sure hope you got lots of gifts and treats.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Belated Birthday Wish to Fluff Face GK! :-) sorry we missed it..
    Love from,
    Kitty =^. .^= & delia

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