The Great Squirrel Chase

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By now you've probably guessed that we Frenchies really love a good squirrel chase.  We didn't get the one in the tree, as we showed you the other day, but we nearly got this one on today's blog.

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Well, looky looky here!  Let's give this guy a good chase!

1 Well, looky looky here! Let's give this guy a good chase!

Maybe I can reach him like this.

2 Maybe I can reach him like this.

There he goes!

3 There he goes!

Run like lightning!

4 Run like lightning!

Now he's switching back!

5 Now he's switching back!

I'll try jumping again.  I almost had his tail!

6 I'll try jumping again. I almost had his tail!

He's fast, but so are we!

7 He's fast, but so are we!

Run!  Be quick!

8 Run! Be quick!

He turned again!

9 He turned again!


10 Persevere!

Now he's leaping!

11 Now he's leaping!

A flying squirrel!

12 A flying squirrel!

Quick!  Under the fence!

13 Quick! Under the fence!

Don't let him get away!

14 Don't let him get away!

Franny!  You are so close!  However, he got away.

15 Franny! You are so close! However, he got away.

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  • Wonderful pictures! Don't know who took them but the flying squirrel would be a good entry for a photo contest.

  • Aw, your squirrel friend is cute! And fast!

    Let's call him "Dash"...

    He certainly dashed away quickly, didn't he!

    Frannie got some nice height in the second photo! :)


  • Good morning ladies,
    Wow, how high can you jump? Super Frenchie! Running lickety split after a squirrel is so much fun!
    It's Wednesday already. I hear there is another storm heading your way. Hunker down girls and be safe.
    Your pal,

  • Hehehehehehe,
    Oh girls, girls, girls. I just love the two of you. I hate to say this but I think that squirrel is just toying with you. Even when you tried jumping up to his level Franny, he just ran back and forth. I am telling you he has a squirrel friend doing a video of The Frenchie Chase and then he gets together with his friends and they have a good laugh. Well girls, don't give up trying. You will wear him down one day.
    I am glad the DW is back today. That was nice of you to shut down yesterday to let us go to the polls to vote. However when I got to the voting place they said that only humans were allowed to vote at that place. They said I should look elsewhere. So, I spent the day looking for the animal voting building but I couldn't find it. I guess I will have to write to the governor of r state to see where I go to vote Hehehehehehehe

  • Hello Ladies & Glue Squad Buddies,
    I love you two on the squirrel chase. You have marvelous aerobic skills---should teach a doggie aerobic class. I am glad we are able to get back to normal today on The Daily Wag. Between the storm out east and the voting, well, you all have a lot to catch me up on. First, I am so glad that everyone is safe and sound. It sounded nasty however. And aren't we glad the political commercials are OVER, and now Lynn can enjoy her Christmas ones. I love them, so festive.

    Well, I have good news on the craft show. I far exceeded my goals, did great and the Warrior Prince's bills are paid and now the search for the new family member begins. Soon old Lynn will be but a distanct memory to you all (you know I will always be here in spirit however) and a new Glue Squad member will need to be inducted. I know our Basil Boy is tired of all his millions of toys getting dusty and he wants someone to watch over---soon, soon, soon. It will be a surprise one morning for all of you. I will check back later and get the updates. Lots to catch up on all of you.

  • Morning Girls & Glue Squad Friends,

    Your determination for a squirrel chase is entertaining
    this morning, keep an eye on those little critters; the can be so agile to run up the trees & jump from branch to branch. Make sure they don't turn the tables and start to chase you.

    Lynn, great news on your successful craft show. I'll be looking for the news on the new pup :) ..I'm saving my new pup tips to share with your new addition...;)

    Well, another storm is in the forecast for today into tomorrow. Hopefully we won't lose power; but the winds are beginning, temps in the 40's, & quite chilly right now.

    Rebel, glad you are feeling better with good blood tests; and that it won't be long before you are back to normal. Hi to Abby, James Dean, Kitty, Zoe, Maddox, Dudley Do Right, Cora Belle, Chloe, Kirby Bear. Hi to Delia, Sonya & Gail.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Good Morning F & S

    I'm exhausted just looking at the pictures. I was hoping the last pictures would have been of a bloody chewed up squirrel - maybe next time ;)

    I told Mom I want to move from the east coast I'm sick of this weather. Between Sandy and now another Nor'Easter bringing snow it sucks!!! I have to get out my coat - where did my nice fall weather go??

    F & S I would go down to the basement if I were you - you have lots of big trees that can come down and we don't want anyone hurt.

    Be safe all my friends


  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, I am so happy to see you beautiful girls again after that storm went away! You two sure did have fun chasing that squirrel and these photos are fantastic! It was also great to hear from more of our great Glue Squaders and everyone sounds so happy and well! Rebel, I agree with you-sure hope they don't have another bad storm! Gail, I like squirrels, too and I like the name Dash! Maddox, hope you can find a place for us to vote because we have good ideas, too! Lynn, you are the best crafter we have ever seen and I am very proud of you! Mom and I loved your beautiful Halloween card! Can't wait to see and hear about your new baby! Will check back later to hear from more of you! Hope you all have a super day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Franny the Incredible Jumping frenchie, Runner sharkey and my glue squad friends,
    What great pictures of the great squirrel chase!! Good job frenchie girls.
    We are getting ready for another nasty storm and Nor'easter!!! Mom agrees with you Zoe, that its nice good at any level. Terrible stories about the poor cats and dogs going to shelters and worse... Please remember to support the rescue groups. Mom is having trouble sleeping at night because of the stories.
    Maddox, we admire your spunk and would like to vote too if you find that cat and dog absentee ballot information. Missy Chow, batten down the hatches for our new storm. Rebel, Dudley good tips on squirrel chasing. Lynn, cannot wait to induct the new glue squad member.
    Abby is not feeling well at all. She has a tick borne disease called anaplasmosis. She is starting to eat again and is on medication. We are all keeping our paws crossed. Mom is going into work early so she misses driving in freezing rain and snow. OOOK. She is staying at the hospital to watch a cat patient overnight. Put all your paws together and wish Abby a speedy recovery. Love and purrs and be safe!!! James Dean the persian cat

  • love a good critter chase..I salute you frenchies, wish I were younger I would come and help you catch that tree rat...Lynn, can hardly wait to hear from a new member of the glue squad...Abby, please get back to your old self soon!..Rebel , hope you are better, too, don't like any of my doggie buddies not feeling up to par..I love you all!..over and out, Cora-Belle

  • Hi James Dean, Thanks for telling us about our great friend Abby's problems! I hope to God that she will get better real soon and my prayers are always with her! Hope you are well, too! Love, Dudley Do Right and Jan

  • Hi everyone, hi Raven Baby! You are a chip of the old block, my little girl-- I can still run really fast and jump very high, even if I am your mother and older than you by several years. Isn't it frustrating when you can't QUITE reach the squirrel you are chasing?
    I am glad to see everyone is alright and safe, although I know that the newest storm has some dangerous potential, too. Be careful!!
    Mom and I have had a lot of adventures since we last visited here. We drove for what seemed like days and days to get to the French Bulldog National Specialty in Portland OR. FirstMama was there with her Blissful Dog nose butter stuff and Auntie Ellen was there with her One Cool Dog REALLY cool coats!! So we girls had lots of fun, selling stuff (I got to model!!) and being in the costume contest (one of Auntie Ellen's costumes that our sweet Demi wore a couple of years ago won one of the prizes!!) and watching all the beautiful and handsome Frenchies strut their stuff. I was a good girl and played with all the Frenchies, but was a little less friendly with dogs that weren't Frenchies; what were they doing there anyway? We helped raise money for French Bulldog Rescue Network, too, which is very important work to do, especially in hard times like now, after the horrible hurricane. And then we got to ride in the car for days and days to get back home. I LOVE riding in the car. I tried to tell Mom that we should just pack some clean clothes and go out and do some more road-tripping, but she is not as enthusiastic about the idea. Oh well!

  • Oh I forgot to comment on you "Frenchie Squirrel Chasers!!!" of course I was pulling for the Squirrel ;-) I don't believe you were that close and did not get that critter...well at least I hope not..
    Kitty went after a squirrel and the squirrel turned around and went after funny!

    delia & Kitty =^,,^=

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