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Some wise reflections from our furry friends. Enjoy...

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1 "Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long as there’s a dream, there is hope, and as long as there is hope, there is joy in living."

2 "Don’t be afraid of change. Oftentimes you will lose something good, and then gain something even better."

3 "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."

4 "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." Buddhist Proverb

5 "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." Albert Einstein

6 "You don’t need a lot of money to lead a rich life. Good friends and a loving family are worth their weight in gold."

7 "One of the greatest freedoms is truly not caring what everyone else thinks of you."

8 "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes." Marcel Prouse

9 "Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth." Benjamin Disraeli

10 "Sometimes you need to be alone to reflect on life. Take time out to take care of yourself. You deserve it."

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Good morning Dr Pia,
    I was trying to choose a favorite and could not. Thank you.
    Your pal

  • Good Morning Dr. Pia

    My favorite was #2 looks like that pup chewed up something good - now that is what I call fun ;) And the caption is perfect don't be affraid of change - that is why I choose to chew up dad's books to change the look of the bookshelf :)

    Dr. Pia are you ready for Thanksgiving? I can't believe this time next week we'll be eating the big bird again. I'm very excited mom is having dinner at our house this year. They have been going to the Country Club for the past 10 years and last year they said the food was horrible. Really ?? How can you screw up a turkey? So we have 14 guests coming for dinner. I'm upset no little ones to drop food so I'll just have to pray someones sneaks me a taste.

    Another day of construction at our house today the contractor tackles the 3 sliding doors in the back of the house. I can't wait until all this is over so I can get back to my routine - hoping it is soon


  • Good morning Dr. Pia,
    Very nice pictures. I thought of Zoe when I saw the one with stuffing all over the floor, although that could be several of our gang. hehehehehehe
    I gave Karen a big old sloppy kiss today for her birthday and I invited her to share a Warrior Prince Basil biscuit with me. We have them on special occassions only. We just had them for GK's birthday, then Veteran's Day and now today for Karen's birthday. I guess we have to wait till Thanksgiving to have more. Maybe I should not have shared mine with her today. Thanksgiving is a long way off. Na, that is alright. I love her and I was more than happy to share with her. Besides, now she will have to share her bithday cake with me. hehehehe
    Soooooooooooo, what is everyone up to today? I will check back later.
    Love to all,

  • I love #1 quote and all the photos! Thanks for sharing Dr.Pia! :-)
    Happy Birthday Karen, have a Wonderful Day! ;-) and a Belated Birthday wish to GK!

    Everyone enjoy this day in whatever you do.

    prrrruuuurrr from Kitty =^. .^=
    hugs from delia

  • Morning Dr Pia & Glue Squad, Yes, Maddox picture #2
    does look familiar even to me. Not that I've ever done it, hehehe, yeah right.
    Happy Birthday to you, Karen. Hope your day is full of fun and surprises. Maddox
    tell Karen to. Ask her to check her email too, I think Mom sent a surprise to her.

    Have to run now, but will check back later. Hi to my buddies, Lynn, Delia,
    Gail and Sonya.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Oops forgot my


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!!!!! woofs and purrs to you!!!
    Hope Maddox gives you big hugs and some more warrior biscuit pieces, its really nice he loves his mom so much.
    Zoe, we were thinking of you looking at the "changes caption" photo too. No t.p. though, looks like some chair stuffing. I bet you would like turkey stuffing much better. Dudley, are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? You are always so busy thinking of others, we give thanks for your friendship.
    Lynn, good luck with the double puppy adoption. We hope you have a wonderful trip away this weekend.
    Missy Chow, maybe you were just doing some decoupage work with your mom's fall decorations. You could tell her its an art project....
    Delia and Kitty, hope you are having some fun today and enjoying nice fall weather. James dean sends his biggest purrrrs.:)
    Rebel, how's your fur doing buddy?? We liked seeing Jane's carousel in yesterday's post. G.K. looks very handsome and furry. Cold but bright and sunny here today in New York. Hope everyone has a great Thursday- woofs and high paws- Abby the pug/peke/frenchie girl

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, I absolutely love seeing all of these fabulous photos you shared with us today! My favorite is #9 which is a beautiful photo of my girl friend, sweet Minnow! You just made my day! Rebel, I think you would love Minnow, too! Zoe, sure hope you have some great food drops on Thanksgiving at your house! Maddox, please give wonderful Karen a big hug and kiss from me and wish her a delightful birthday today! Mom and I are going out to cut more wood today to stay warm! It's foggy and cold right now but could be sunny a bit later! Delia, I'm sending a hug to you and Kitty plus I can also puuurrrr! Will check back later and hope you all have a great day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Dr. Pia, Professor Minnow & Glue Squad Buddies,
    It certainly brought many rays of sunshine seeing all the great photos today. I love seeing everyone in their frisky form. This helps me prepare for when little one/ones arrive. I practice patience daily as I anxiously await an arrival. We have "passed" the adoption tests with flying colors and received rave reviews from the rescues, so everyone keep your paws crossed that Lynn's new family member/members arrive soon. Will is the one that thinks with his head. I think with my heart.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR KAREN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.....and many more!!! Could you hear me Karen through the computer? Have a great day with the gang at your house.

    Abby, I am so happy you are feeling up to posting again. Rebel, it sounds like you are feeeling better, and the last shot on its way. Now we just have to make sure Cora Belle gets those wonderful Maple Bars to make her day complete. Zoe, I am excited like your Mom to cook Thanksgiving. I love the start to the holidays---had my first Eggnog Latte of the season yesterday. Tis the season for thankfulness. I am sooooo very thankful for all my Glue Squad buddies, from the youngest of Missy Chow to our matriarch, Cora Belle. You are all the best and I love you clear up to God. Have a great Thursday.
    Hugs & smiles,

  • Hello everyone,
    Love the captions with the pictures Dr. Pia. Perfect fit
    Thank you to all for the birthday wishes. Very sweet. Thank you
    You don't know T'ang, he was one of Paw Paw's offspring along with T'ang's sister Marti. I gave Marti that name as I felt it was short for Martha. Yes, I named her after our Martha. Anyway, those two chows were born on my 50th birthday. What a gift that was. And I believe that Paw Paw was also born on the 15th of November.
    I thank everyone that sent me pictures and emails and phone calls and wishes on Face Book as well. It is a very good day because I have you for my friends.
    Thank you everyone

  • Miss Lynn, I cannot imagine you NOT passing with flying colors. But I know that rscues can be very particular, and while that's alright because they should be, it doesn't make it any easier while you are waiting to hear. Mom is getting very excited to leave for Michigan to pick up the new one, AND she is also keeping an eye on the Humane Society website because one of the dogs she bathed (an older boy, 10 years old like me and Millie) made her sad and she might adopt him too. I am prepared to have a young Frenchie girl in my world--- I am a VERY good Mom, just ask Raven Baby-- but I don't know what I think about sharing everything with an old man. But if Mom says we should then I will trust her.
    Happy Birthday, Miss Karen, I hope it has been a great one!

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