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Today's post is a mixture of silly and serious. Given all the cuteness that Halloween tends to bring out in our furry punkins'- I offer you today's photo gallery...just a taste of what is to come next week.

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Cutest trash can ever!

1 Cutest trash can ever!

A lobster ate Piggie!...

2 A lobster ate Piggie!...

Senorita says,

3 Senorita says, "Ola!"

Purring and Pink!

4 Purring and Pink!

Rasta pooch!

5 Rasta pooch!

Witchy Woofer!

6 Witchy Woofer!

A very sultry purple haired Daisy!

7 A very sultry purple haired Daisy!

As for the more serious...On the heels of hurricane Sandy, many animal advocates are asking me how best to help the animals still stranded and affected by the disaster. There are two organizations to which I can confidently refer people.

Kinship Circle is a remarkable non-profit group run by Brenda Shoss, who I spoke with just prior to Sandy's landfall. Kinship Circle volunteers have been on the ground working directly with FEMA, in areas that have been hit-
they are working around the clock to save stranded animals. Brenda and I worked together during hurricane Katrina and I can say without reservation that she is completely dedicated to the animals and those concerned about them.

Another organization in the center of this disaster is The Humane Society of New York. I have been getting regular updates from executive director Sandra Defeo, who stayed at the shelter to assure the animals were safe and cared for.

With regard to both of the above organizations, you can feel totally confidant that your funds are going directly to help the animals who are desperately in need!

Donations to both of the above groups are entirely tax deductible.
You can also sign up to volunteer for disasters with Kinship Circle - but right now, funds are essential!

Thank you so much for your concern!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. Halloween is such a hard time for me with all the strange people coming to my home. Some of them are really scary and look like something the cat drug in. I did see some really pretty little princesses. I even saw a dog with wings. It was great fun but I know just how dangerous it can be for pets. Good to have everyone back online. That storm really did a ‘number’ on the northeast. My trip to the mountains may have to be delayed for a few days; they have snow drifts four feet deep along some of the roads. What am I thinking? Some people don’t even have houses and I’m worried about the snow. Now my head is back on straight. My paws are together for those who have losses.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • How Cute!!!! :-) Well Halloween is over, and Kitty is happy, she would not go out last night because of the kids...I was a happy camper.
    Love the cat wig photo, maybe I can get Kitty dresses up sometime and get a photo LOL ;-)
    Watching all the devastation on the east coast, how sad...and what about the animals? :-(
    I wish everyone safety and well being today and everyday.
    delia & Kitty =^, ,^=

  • Hello Dr. Pia, Sharkey, Franny and all my glue squad buddies,
    I hope everyone is well today and safe. Mom worked two shifts- so was at work overnight taking care of a sick dog. I am now going off to nap as a very vocal beagle kept me up all night too.
    We did share breakfast at McD's this morning though.
    So glad to hear from sharkey that Martha, Sharkey, G.K., Franny and the animals are safe.
    Bet Lynn is almost ready for her craft show. Hope Corabelle had a great halloween even though Rototiller was not present.
    Hugs and sleepy woofs to all- Abby batgirl

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, Thank you so much for all 7 of these darling photos of your friends with Halloween costumes! Sure wish I could get sweet little Dudley Do Right to wear anything but, he just won't let me cover his body even if it's wet and cold outside! It took my brother quite a while to get DDR's photo to you yesterday and sure hope you got it! Hope you are having good weather-we are having lots of rain! Hope you have a great weekend! Hey, F,S,&GK plus The Glue Squad sure hope all of you are OK and will check back later to read your comments! Love Jan and Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Thank you for the link, Dr Pia. Mimi says we'll send a gift out today. I feel sad for all the pets that are alone and afraid separated from their families.
    Til tomorrow.
    Your pal,

  • Very, cute, pictures!
    Writing from Ontario here and we even felt the storm all the way up here. Hope all of you are safe and dry!
    Jon and Lars

  • Hello glue squad buddies,
    Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people and pets who suffered losses from the terrible storm.
    For our dog and cat buddies, I hope everyone has a good weekend.
    Maddox, hope you are o.k out there, we miss you! Good luck lynn with the craft show!!
    Love and purrs and only one woof- Abby and James Dean

  • I love this image!

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