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Back by popular request... Some more celebrity/critter look-alikes for your viewing pleasure...

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Sharon Osbourne

1 Sharon Osbourne

Queen Elizabeth
(Photo credit: R. Phibbs)

2 Queen Elizabeth (Photo credit: R. Phibbs)

Olympic Swimmer, Micheal Phelps
(Photo Credit: R. Phibbs)

3 Olympic Swimmer, Micheal Phelps (Photo Credit: R. Phibbs)

Members of U.S. Swim team after securing the gold in final relay!

4 Members of U.S. Swim team after securing the gold in final relay!

U.S. Olympic soccer goalie, Hope Solo

5 U.S. Olympic soccer goalie, Hope Solo

Russel Brand
(Photo credit: P. Salk)

6 Russel Brand (Photo credit: P. Salk)

The very petite, Ms. Kelly Ripa

7 The very petite, Ms. Kelly Ripa

Regis Philbin
(Photo credit: R. Phibbs)

8 Regis Philbin (Photo credit: R. Phibbs)

As I've said before, I personally find it an honor to be told I look like someone's 'fur kid.' But for those who may not share my sentiments about such comparisons, please know that I mean no offense to anyone.

It's all in good fun!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

Please send me any critter/celebrity look-alike shots you'd like to share!

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  • Good Morning Dr. Pia

    I love Michael Phelps he reminds me of my brother
    T-Bone - such a cutie.

    I wish I could chat longer but mom agreed to take me with her to see my little friend (mom's niece) Nicole off to her first day of kindergarden - it's a big day for the little cheese curl eating cutie :)

    Have a great day!


  • Hello Dr. Pia,
    I like the pictures. Very cute
    Hey Zoe, I am glad you are going to visit your cheese curl girl. Have fun
    I just want everyone to know that I am making progress with going back to read everyone's comments so I can catch up with everyone. I am hoping to comment tomorrow on everyone's adventures. And I know Karen wants to say something too
    She said she will let me go first because I was such a help to her while she was a sicko
    So, until tomorrow, Oh, one more thing, I hope there is enough space for my post tomorrow cause you all know that when I think I tend to go on and on and on sort of like I am right now. Hehehehehe
    And one more thing and this is very important
    I LOVE each and every one of you Glue Squad maniacs.

  • Hi Dr Pia,
    These pictures are always fun. Mimi likes Russell Brand and I, of course, love petite Kelly Ripa. We could be like Frannie & Sharkey!
    Another quiet day here. Hope Karen is having a restful day, too.
    Wishing a sunny day for all my Glue Squad friends & you too, Dr Pia.
    Your pal,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. Not much going on today here. It is a little cooler and I will be spending some time outdoors; maybe not. It will still be in the upper 80’s which isn’t too cool for me with all this fur. I like the lower 50’s best of all. Why not go all the way and say the lower 30’s. Yeah, now we’re talking my kind of weather. It seems that Mommy and Daddy have someplace to go each day and leave me at home by myself. Yesterday they had their teeth cleaned. Just hope they don’t check mine. I told them that they could just eat one of my bones and that would clean them really good. I didn’t like the look Daddy gave me so I just dropped the subject.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Dr. Pia and Minnow, I love seeing your blog with such great photos every Thursday and these photos are absolutely charming! I love seeing everyone of them and the names are precious! Would love to see Minnow again, hint, hint! Hope you have a great weekend and look forward to your next blog! Cora-Belle, I certainly agree with your commenting about the lady who said Martha was wrong about going to a dog shop to decide what kind of dogs people want! Your answer was absolutely great-thanks! Baby Favor, sorry to hear about the loss of Demi-glad she is on the Rainbow Bridge with Basil! Zoe, glad Dad is doing better and hope you are, too! Have fun going with Nicole to her 1st day at Kindergarten! Will check back for more comments later and hope all of you have another great day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Dr. Pia, Super Minnow, Maddox, Zoe, Lynn and my glue squad buddies.
    Nice celebrity photos- yesterday I was walking outside with my mom and a man and his children yelled to us- "look that dog is just like Mr. Quiggley on the sneaker commercial!" Well- first of all I am a GIRL and I like to think I resemble SHARKEY more than the running boy. But the children looked so happy.. I guess that was nice.
    We agree with Cora belle of course- many people research breeds and then choose a rescue dog sometimes with a combination of their favorite breeds. Or a rescue dog turns up that steals their heart- like Rebel and me.
    Maddox, we love you too! Delia, so glad to hear about your parisian locale, say hi to all the beautiful french cats and dogs for me. Kirby and dudley hope you have nice sunny, cool weather free of storms. Zoe, hope your dad is stronger soon and that you find more cheese curls and TP. Baby favor, we are so sorry for your loss. Prince Basil and Herman will help out Demi on the bridge.
    Lynn, hope you are having a good, relaxing day and hope to hear more about your crafts. Karen, hope you are feeling much better!! Have to go cuddle with my grandpa, his Giants lost last night. Love - ABBY

  • Hello Dr. Pia & Minnow,
    Loved, loved and loved all the celeb look alikes today. #7 is my fav, myabe cause it resembles one of the Glue Squad!!! I think a Glue Squad fix pretty soon to see all your photos--hint, hint, Dr.Pia!! I am making it short today as I am trying to get rid of a migrane--too much thinking like Maddox. Anyway, the one thing I need to say is so sorry for your loss Baby Favor of Demi. I just bet she and Basil are playing about now. Be strong you little cutie pie. Have lots of "cc" time with your Mom to help you both.
    Hugs to all,

  • ..cute photos..feels like fall..warm during the day and cool at night..great sleeping weather..I no longer sleep on the bed..I get confused and fall off in the middle of the night..but I have much to lucindas disgust her cashmere housecoat to curl up on at the foot of the bed (actually she doesn't care..she said I could have it)..so I am comfy cozy and a night-lite so nobody trips on me during the night...First day of kindergarten..now that is an event..Zoe, glad your dad is doing better and Karen, glad you are on the mend..must get out in the kitchen and add what I want to the grocery list before Lucinda leaves for the store..over and out, Cora-Belle

  • Love all the Puparazzi Photos...so cute!!! :-)

    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

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