Feeding our Friends, the Donkeys

Posted by Francesca

Martha asked us to do a chore at the farm the other day. She told us to feed Clive, Rufus, and Billie some nice apples and carrots.  I don't mind doing chores, but it would be nice if Sharkey did some of the work, as well. It seems that she always manages to shirk responsibility.

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We collected an assortment of apples and carrots to feed to the donkeys.

1 We collected an assortment of apples and carrots to feed to the donkeys.

Of course, Sharkey was of no help because she went under the fence to harass Clive, Billie, and Rufus, as usual.

2 Of course, Sharkey was of no help because she went under the fence to harass Clive, Billie, and Rufus, as usual.

I'll just do the task myself.

3 I'll just do the task myself.

I'll just nudge this apple over to the fence where it can be reached.

4 I'll just nudge this apple over to the fence where it can be reached.

Yumm!  I know this carrot is for the donkeys, but it tastes so sweet.

5 Yumm! I know this carrot is for the donkeys, but it tastes so sweet.

One bite is enough for me so I'll share it now.

6 One bite is enough for me so I'll share it now.

Billie sure likes it, but I have to be careful that she doesn't think my paw is part of the carrot.

7 Billie sure likes it, but I have to be careful that she doesn't think my paw is part of the carrot.

Honestly Sharkey, give it up already!

8 Honestly Sharkey, give it up already!

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  • Sharkey, you must be careful with those donkeys--One kick and it would be lights out for you! Francesca, it's so nice of you to feed the donks their treats. I, myself, would have eaten all the apples...Mmmmm!


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Carrots and apples are not in my bag of treats. I’ll just stick to those treats for dogs. Mommy tells me that I get veggies in my food, but I can’t taste them in there. That’s a good thing too; I wouldn’t eat it if I could taste them. I have picked up a new trick lately. When walking with Daddy, I keep my tail really close to my back. The long hair on my back covers the missing hair on my tail. Now no one knows that I have a “bald” spot. I’ll be glad when my hair comes back and I can have a “normal” walk with Daddy. Until then, I think I will just have a nap.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Morning Girls & Glue Squad, Hi Lynn,

    Nice to see that both of you are concerned about the donks & their diet. Sharkey, Poco's right, one kick would be one too many; Frannie, be careful, you certainly don't want your paw mistaken for a treat.

    Where is everyone this morning? Maddox, Kirby, Kitty, Abby, Zoe, Rebel, Dudley, Chloe, enjoying the cooler weather, yes???

    I'm keeping Mom company this morning, Dad had to go into the office today, normally he works from home, so may have some c/c time lately, if I'm "really" good.

    Will check back later.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Sorry, Kirby, you posted before I finished.

    Next time,
    Missy Chow

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, Francesca, you are a great helper in feeding those wonderful donkeys some apples and carrots! Sharkey, you are being a little devil teasing those donkeys-sure hope you don't get kicked like Poco just said! I love your great photos and would love to taste those apples and carrots, too! I could probably help out just like Franny does! I am surprised there is only one comment this morning! I will check back later to see the rest of you! Sure hope all of you have a great, safe day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Good Morning F & S

    Frannie I love carrots too!! They are so yummy and very good for us. Sharkey watch out a hoof to the face and you'll be at the doctors office. Plus a turd on the head won't be too nice either!!

    Today is my big sister Sophie's birthday she is 10 years old. My birthday is Friday I'll be 7. Mom is having a birthday cake for us on Friday - can't wait :)

    Last night I got a time out - this is how it went down:
    I was taking a stroll through the house when I noticed the bathroom door was open. I walked in to take a look and there it was, the TP was blowing like a beautiful flower on a windy day (it hangs over the a/c vent) and this beautiful flower was just begging me to pick it and run. So I grabbed the TP and ran through the house and chewed it all up ;) It was one of those big rolls and was just replaced so there was LOTS. Oh my it was so much fun. It ended up ok that I got a time out because I was exhausted, there is lots of paper on those 1000 sheet rolls.


  • Hello Ladies,
    You are giving the donks quite a bit of help these days. Franny, how clever to taste test before giving to them, and Sharkey I am with Poco, please be careful and don't stand behind donkeys or horses. I have had too many furry friends injured by them, so stand your distance. Zoe, I know you can keep Mom calm and happy during Dad's surgery and recovery. You go girl, behaving--you can tee pee Dad when he is recovered. Kirby, you are very clever to have figured out how to hide the bald tail spot. But honestly being the handsome dude you are, everyone is looking at your face, so don't worry. We had drama yesterday--one of our 100 year old cottonwood trees split and a 40 foot branch (like a tree) 2 foot wide fell into our garden and on the neighbor's shed. Glad I wasn't picking veggies. The power line is 8 feet off the ground and we are waiting for the power company to come and fix that and then we can cut up the wood. I saw a 12 year old blue healer cattle dog on the adoption on t.v. last night and wanted to call and Will stopped me. Said we must have a puppy for the insurance to be low and I have to keep my end of the bargain and finish paying vet bills. I thought of you Cora Belle, and how wonderful you are. I would save the world and adopt everyone if I could. Have a great day to all my buddies and I will check later what you are all up to. Enjoy decks and grasses and maple bars all day.
    Hugs & smiles,

  • Now everyone is starting to post and I see Zoe, the t.p. got the best of you. Today is a new day, oh well. Missy Chow good to hear you are doing well and I will imagine your wonderful "cc" time with Mom. Have fun!!!

  • Good morning ladies,
    Oh yes, you must be careful coming around the back of the donkeys. Lights out for sure.
    I'm with you Kirby, no veggies for this guy either. Mimi seems to only drop veggies on the floor, darn. Well, Frannie, you are a good girl and such a big help. I guess if you like carrots then you deserved a bite.
    Bright, sunny and regular temperatures today at our house. I'm going to spend some time in the sun on the patio.
    Til tomorrow.
    Your Pal,

  • Hello Francesca, Sharkey, Lynn, Maddox, Missy Chow and all my glue squad friends,
    It has been cooler and I am starting to feel much better after a few days of soreness from my "puppy" running around at the dog park. Sharkey, be careful by those big donk feet. Franny, it was so nice you helped feed Billie and the donks. Like Kirby and Rebel, I do not eat apples and carrots but cooked zucchini is very delicious! Dudley I am glad you like veggies because they are healthy foods. Poco, those apples look delicious to my Mom. Lynn, be careful by those power lines, sorry to hear about the giant cotton wood tree. Zoe, hope you stay away from the t.p. Thanks Missy Chow for noticing my absense. Mom had a great time in Woodstock, NY on Sunday. She has a new postcard with Zen cat meditating on each precious moment of life. She said the meditation part reminded her of how Maddox contemplates life on the daily wag. Peace, love and music to all my fellow glue squad - Abby

  • Well, I finally got to use the computer. It has been a very busy day around here and we share the computer. Mammy Jean has her own but something was not working right on hers so guess who was last in line to use the computer. Finally I acted like I had to go out and when she went to open the door, I jumped on that computer so fast, I was like a cheetah. Hehehehehe
    Zoe, I am probably the only one that is not telling you to stay away from the TP. I think your TP episodes are hilarious and it isn't like you are shredding up clothes or blankets or anything like that. Hey, I have a great idea. Tell your mom you want a gift certificate from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Then you can go out and buy a whole bunch of TP and when you take it off the roll and run with it, right when she is ready to give you a time out, whip out a new roll still all wrapped up and her heart will melt. Actually, I was going to tell you to wrap your dad in it after his surgery to keep him warm. That is what a good nurse would do, right? Our little Zoe, too funny
    Girls, get GK to help you with the chores at the farm.
    Gotta run, Mammy Jean is coming my way. She probably still thinks I have to go out
    Love to all,

  • You can never have too many donk blogs! :)

    What a treat for me today...

    The pail of apples and carrots actually looks delish.

    Do the donkey's eat the apples whole? Or do they need to be cut into pieces?

    Favorite word: Shirk! :)

    gail :)

  • ..Be careful my little buddy, Sharkey, you are not built to get kicked in the head.. I on the other hand have a thick skull plate..in my younger days, I have been kicked by big bulls and thrown in the air..just got up and dusted myself off and went cattledog on them!..I like veggies..Lynn, thanks for thinking about the cattledog..I bet some old rancher snapped him right up!..perfect day..cool and comfortable for me..the stupid chiweenies stopped by with sweaters on..Lucinda went to the dr. again about her back...maybe she should take my pills for all her aches and pains!!!I must go out and tell all the critters that Joe and Samantha ( my people sister)... are planning a visit and to start behaving because he is a Las Vegas Metro policeman and I could have them arrested for being naughty...!!have a good day all my pals..I love reading about you every day..we are an interesting group..over and out, Cora-Belle..p.s...where is Maddox?..I bet resting in a cool spot

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