Euphoria in the Garden

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As you know, we Frenchies have been away at Skylands, but we were told that the catmint was being harvested in the Bedford garden.  We remembered this blog posting from 2009 and decided to share it again.  Silly, silly cats!

Sharkey and I witnessed some strange behavior in the garden yesterday causing me to do a little research about the plant called Nepeta cataria, or catmint and catnip. Martha likes how it looks growing along a border because it is pretty with its whorls of lavender or white flowers, which the honeybees are attracted to. Some people find that drinking catnip tea is very soothing. But, for some cats, this plant causes a very different effect, sending them into states of euphoria. After sniffing and chewing leaves, or toys made with catnip, cats may roll around, stretch, shake their heads, stare, and salivate. Some cats will even run and leap through the air. Apparently, there is an active chemical called nepetalactone, located in the plant's leaves that causes this feline rapture. Silly cats - go figure!!!

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Look at Vivaldi licking and licking the leaves.

1 Look at Vivaldi licking and licking the leaves.

Now he's rolling and rolling.

2 Now he's rolling and rolling.

His eyes are so glassy!

3 His eyes are so glassy!

Even Shaun, the gardener can't believe how odd Vivaldi is acting.

4 Even Shaun, the gardener can't believe how odd Vivaldi is acting.

Vivaldi is just staring out into nothingness!

5 Vivaldi is just staring out into nothingness!

Now he's just lying there motionless!

6 Now he's just lying there motionless!

Good thing that Wilmer is there to take Vivaldi home.

7 Good thing that Wilmer is there to take Vivaldi home.

#2 - Do you think the cat mint is causing that bizarre behavior? Franny, I tasted it and it doesn't do anything for me.

8 #2 - Do you think the cat mint is causing that bizarre behavior? Franny, I tasted it and it doesn't do anything for me.

#1 - Sharkey, come out of the cat mint and have a look at Vivaldi, the cat. He's acting very strangely.

9 #1 - Sharkey, come out of the cat mint and have a look at Vivaldi, the cat. He's acting very strangely.

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  • Good morning everyone,
    There are no pictures in today's blog. So, this is imagination day. Imagine Vivaldi and the rest of the cats in the garden, pigging out on the catnip. Then imagine them dancing around all over the farm. hehehehehehe
    Lynn, are the men of the house glad to be back home?
    Dudley, if you like to eat grass maybe Martha could hire you to keep the grass down in the donk field. Rebel, how did you make out with the elderly cousin over the weekend? Cora-Belle, did the Chiweenies wear you out this weekend? Abby, you have to pace yourself when you go to the doggie park. Did you find another boyfriend? Delia, what did you and Kitty do over the weekend? Kirby, is the tail all new and improved again? I hope so. Zoe and Missy Chow didn't report in over the weekend. hmmmmmmm.
    I will check back later.
    Love to all,

  • OK gang, now the pictures are there. I swear, they were not there this morning when I commented. Or did I get into the catnip? hehehehehehehehe

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I would say that the cats have found a real good “weed.” I’ll bet that some of the people around my house would try to smoke it. On my walk a night before last, I saw a boy who could hardly walk he was so high. What’s wrong with parents these days anyway. If I came home in that shape I would be grounded for a month. Then again, I might be grounded for life. Had a very wet weekend here. Rained really hard yesterday morning for about two hours. Will it ever stop? I hope it lets up for a few days, the grass is wet enough and the plants, in planters, are soggy. Now that isn’t a bad thing at all. The squirrels stay out of them and don’t try to hide things in them. I think I will sneak away and take a nap.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • I got lucky today! The photos came through here. I remember this post. It is so silly. Of course, what can we canines say. We do like to roll in some crazy, yucky stuff. Admit it, it's true... And we sometimes eat it, too.
    Vivaldi was surely in kitty haven. How 'bout our Miss Kitty? Does Dehlia provide you with this weird pleasure? Mimi just said something about Alice B Toklas brownies..what's that all about.
    Have a great day everybody.
    Your pal,

  • Hi F,S,&GK+ Glue Squad, OMG! I do remember seeing this blog back in 2009 and how fun it was to see it again! Vivaldi, you look so cute and so happy to have found that delightful catnip in the garden! How nice to see Shaun again and how nice of Wilmer to take you back to the house to be safe! I forgot, did your other kitty buddies go out there, too?! Sure is fun to see you kitties whenever possible! Maddox, I didn't see the photos last night when I checked out this blog and was thrilled they were here this morning and yes, I would love to help Billie eat less grass by eating it myself! Kirby, sorry you got so much rain! We didn't get any rain but it was 30 degrees cooler over the weekend-so nice! Rebel, what do you suppose those strange brownies are?! I'll have to ask my Mom if she knows! Sure hope all of you have a great day and will check back later! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Ladies & Glue Squad Pals,
    I remember this post very well. Couldn't help but notice Vivaldi's glazed eyes. As long as it is medicinal I know it is alright. I remembered that this is the week Zoe's Dad has his surgery, so Zoe and Chloe I know you are practicing on your nursing skills and not really at the Jersey Shore. Rebel, I can just picture you and Mimi buzzing around town with the top down. Kirby, hope the tail is improving and Maddox, the men are back and Weston is back at work today--it is a hard day I know. Tried some of their salmon over the weekend---yum and double yum!!
    Dudley I hope it is cool for you. Abby, enjoy your new dog park buddies, and Cora Belle, don't let the chiweenies tire you out. Keep them busy running in circles in their box. Pam, good to hear from you. I know some days can be a real challenge. I cried on and off all weekend, missing my boy. It comes and goes, so I just go with it. Sonya, you sound like you are a very busy bee. Hang in there. I must keep moving forward for the craft show in 10 weeks. I have all my quotas to meet, so better get my "tail" in gear.
    Hugs & smiles,

  • they had dog-nip..we have some cat-nip growing and the feral cats ignore it..but my buddy Kit-Bang used to like it..I am tired today, so must get some rest...all my fellow doggers have a great, Cora-Belle

  • Cora Belle,
    When Basil's cousins would come and play, he would sleep for 2 days in his later years. Younger years, he gave them you know what. Lucinda just needs to crate up the little guys and give them a time out or two. Then they will settle down, huh? Hehehehe as Maddox say.

  • Hi Girls, GK & Glue Squad, I think Mom is thinking that I could use some catnap just about now; hehe. Energy level has been running high lately and NOT fondly looked up from Mom & Dad. They know I'm still just a pup, but they hope there will be a day of being excited in a good way and then calming down with no ankles to check out. Well, it was a busy weekend so computer time had been limited since Friday; sorry Maddox, I'm here accounted for & posting :) . Mom was buzzing around Friday, then Saturday Mom & Dad had a wedding and guess what, I got to see the world looking out from my crate, but I was good-I went in with no problem although a cookie or two did help,and Sunday I had to supervise Mom plant some flowers called, Mums...that's funny, they don't even look like Mom :) .

    Hope all my buddies are doing well - Abby, has Mom gotten some well deserved rest? Kirby, hope you're tail is doing okay. Cora-Belle, don't let those chiweenies get you too tired, keep an upper paw on them, Dudley, Rebel, Kitty, hope you are doing okay also. Zoe, how are your nursing skills coming along, all the best to your Dad.

    Lynn & Pam, don't feel bad about crying and missing your furry kids, it's been 7 mos and Mom still thinks about my big brother but I still give her a challenge every day. ;)

    Okay, Chloe, your turn to be accounted for & post..

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • ..hi everybody..feeling a bit more new ramp is done and I just test drove it..anti-skid paint and spacers 8 inches apart..this old girl can't slip now, thanks James, you are the best!..Love, Cora-Belle..p.s. Chiweenies went home and forgot their stupid box..does that mean they intend to leave their toys here...?..Chiweenies..who can figure them out!!

  • Sorry for being so late had to find a computer..
    Oh my goodness I love the photos of you enjoying the catnip...wish I was there, I love rolling in it and eating it, it makes me feel soooo good. mommie delia says, that I'm getting High on this and need to go to rehab...really? prrrrruuueeeww, prrrrreeeuuuuuw oh I feel so good ;-) Kitty =^-!-^=

    Yep Kitty likes her catnip ;-) Cora Belle that's odd that feral cats would not respond to the catnip.

    and for me delia, I want to roll my face in that fluffy tummy of Vivali's, love all the darling photos! :-)

    Lynn I wish I was there to wipe your tears, I still cry over my Ibn, it will really never go away, but you have the good memories.

    Rebel and Maddox my Kitty has me trained to do whatever she wants me to do everyday.

    Got to run..............
    hugs to all,
    ~d & ~K

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