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Here are some pooch pics sent from Dr. Pia to  you daily waggers ...all the way from Sweden!

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hej pa dej! 
That's how humans say 'hey there!' in Sweden

1 hej pa dej! That's how humans say 'hey there!' in Sweden

' I like to think of myself as a canine Viking of sorts....'

2 ' I like to think of myself as a canine Viking of sorts....'

Dr Pia is still wondering what F & S would think if she brought this duo home from Scandinavia...

3 Dr Pia is still wondering what F & S would think if she brought this duo home from Scandinavia...

Stay tuned to meet many more of Dr. Pia's Swedish 4-legged furry friends on tomorrow's Daily Wag!

Safe travels Pia!

Btw...How do you say woof in Swedish?

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  • Hi everyone,
    What the heck, Dr. Pia went to Sweden and didn't invite the Glue Squad to accompany her. What's up with that? I think the Swedes would have loved our group.
    Everyone is so sad about Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow. I went back two posts ago and I read what Pam wrote. Pam, I, along with Karen, am sorry to hear abour your surgeries. We hope your eyes are better. Karen said that she could not write to each person that sent donations as there were so many and it was very painful for her but she thanks you for your kindness. She said she would never willingly be without a dog. She said they give humans so many precious memories and so many things to laugh about if we did naughty stuff. Only you will know when you are ready for another dog but when that happens, the dog you get will be a very fortunate dog. Please coment on the DW when you can. We are here for you.
    Cool this morning, that means deck time. Kirby, so so sorry about your tail issue. I will be thinking about your tail all day.
    Love to all,

  • Hello All,
    I didn't even know you were traveling Dr. Pia. What fun. Do you do the sciping to say hello to Minnow? I bet she and the rest of the gang miss you. The universal language from our four legged companions is a tail wag or a paw shake. I bet Dr.Pia is getting lots of those. Kirby, I hope your tail is doing better, and Zoe, keep us posted on Dad. You will all be happy to know that I have my Warrior Prince Basil portrait framed and home. It is absolutely fantastic by our own Delia from The Daily Wag. Pam, you might want to think of doing this for yourself. I am doing a legacy wall of all our 4 legged family members, and Basil's portrait is the start. To the powers that be, could you send Pam my e-mail and if she would contact me, I would like to e-mail her something special. I was just thinking too, that when Dr. Pia returns, we should get her to do another photo shoot day of all The Daily Wag kids. I would love to have some more photos of all of you, to put with your flags on the map. Until I get another pup, it comforts me to see all the Glue Squad buddies. Could we make it a Christmas in July photo shoot Dr.Pia? All my friends have a great day.
    Hugs & smiles,

  • maybe a woof is väft-vov??? ^(0)^

    what cute "Swede doggies!" Are you in Sweden Pia? if you are have a wonderful time!

    Kirby hope your tail is better...and everyone here that is having problems...POOF I hope they go away ;-)

    where are you Lynn?????

    geepers the days are going by so fast, pretty soon I will be off to our River Cruise in Europe(Prague to Paris via Germany)...I can't wait.

    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Ahhh there you are Lynn! good to hear from you...I would love to see a photo of the framed painting (email me one). I have special pricing for the DW Glue-squad if anyone is interested in a painting of their furever friends.

    Hugs to you Lynn,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. And I thought that all Sweden had to offer was meatballs. They have some cute critters there too; well live and learn. I guess I will have to get my maps out and check the world out; could be other cute critters there too. I agree with Maddox; Mommy and Daddy couldn’t live without a pet dog around. That would be me! Hehehehehe. Tail is coming along just fine. It gets care about three times a day but I still have to keep a sock on it at night. I’m just trying to be a help but I only make things worse. I need some of those “don’t give a darn” pills to keep me calmed down. I get things on my mind and can’t let it go. Comes with being a Chow I guess.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good morning Dr. Pia!
    Thanks for the pics. They look like great friends. I bet Martha would like the statues for one of her gardens!
    I think I'd like the little cutie in pic #1 to come live at our house. We'd have lots of fun!
    BTW - woofing is a universal language. Yah?
    Til tomorrow
    Your pal,

  • Hi Dr. Pia, My goodness, you sure must be having a great time in Sweden right now! Thanks for these 3 photos, they are so cute! My sweet little Dudley Do Right would love to meet the dogs in photos#1&2 and he would love to have #1 as a friend just like Rebel would! Those little statues of the bulldogs would be fun for F&S to enjoy! Sweet and wonderful Maddox, Lynn, Delia & Kitty, Kirby, and Rebel all of you wrote such great comments again today and will check back to hear from the rest of you later today! Hope all of you are doing well and staying safe! Also hope to hear more from you Pam and hope you get another chow very soon! Love to all, Jan & DDR

  • hej pa dej!
    Thank you to everyone who has left me PAW messages about Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow. I just returned home awhile ago from picking up her ashes and have placed them here in my office where she spent a lot of time being near me. The vet and the memorial service place have been very kind to us that hasn't always been the case in the past with our animals passing.
    I received flowers to plant in Bosley's memory as well as a paw print of her paw that they made for me. Like the ones we made of our hands as a child. They also gave me a death certificate and I am thankful she wasn't cremated on my birthday but the day before. Her ashes were placed in a beautiful Burgundy box with key which they provided with service. I love that color so it is a good choice they made. Above Bosley's ashes is a beautiful sketch a french friend of mine made for me a few months ago of Bosley. I have never met this kind lady but she saw Bos photo once and asked if I wouldn't mind her using Bos as a model, Bos could walk off the paper it is that real! This hangs above her ashes and her little paw print to the right. I have to the left of her a beanie baby Chow from TY toys the same color as Bos. She loved to snuggle and so the little Chow snuggles next to her box of ashes. She is home now in a sense and back to rest. One day I will be buried with her as it is going to be an addition to my burial wishes. Many states don't allow it yet but it will be so none the less.
    I always wished that The Daily Wag would have allowed a jpeg box for us to post photos of our beloved pets to share here maybe sometime in the future that will be added to the blog with attachments.
    One of my hobbies is photo collages so when the time is right for me I will make a collage of all my chows that we have had for the past 40 years I am 51 so they have been in my life for most of my life.
    Unless we find modern eye miracles my eyes will never improve I have 30 percent vision in one eye 50 percent with eye reading glasses the other is blind but has color. I am grateful for what I have and am able to do well with lack vision.

    If anyone is on Twitter or FB I am PamfromCalif Martha follows me and 8,000 other people HA! Since we aren't allowed to give our email out on the blog you could find me that way. I was once her #41 she followed back but that was when she first got on Twitter seems like a zillion years ago we followed her first to Myspace then FB then Twitter!
    I would so love another Chow, here where I live in a Senior mobile home park they allow dogs up to 20 pounds if not homestead in like Bos was. I don't want little dogs I love the chow breed. I am sure when and if the time is right for me there will be a Chow Chow who needs me and me the Chow and Bos will direct the next one to me.

    Looking forward to more photos from Sweden.
    Thank you all for your kindness.

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