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Ok, so I've taken lots and lots of photos while visiting Sweden! Needless to say the majority of them are of Scandinavian pooches we've seen in our travels... While we didn't formally meet the canine's in today's gallery, I decided to hazard a guess as to their respective names...

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I'm thinking these little Swedes might answer to:

1 I'm thinking these little Swedes might answer to: "Gulig Hund" and "Lilla Flicka." That's Swedish for, 'Cute Dog' and 'Little Girl.'

This sweet pooch struck me as going by the name

2 This sweet pooch struck me as going by the name "Blomma," which means 'Flower' in Swedish.

'Julia' and 'Oscar'...taking a stroll in the town square....

3 'Julia' and 'Oscar'...taking a stroll in the town square....

'Linus' contemplates the plight of his Viking ancestors...

4 'Linus' contemplates the plight of his Viking ancestors...

5 "Matilda" was a bit shy at first....

But she gave our request to pet her some serious thought....

6 But she gave our request to pet her some serious thought....

...and agreed that we seemed trustworthy enough to get close tourists go that is....

7 ...and agreed that we seemed trustworthy enough to get close tourists go that is....

'Matilda' couldn't stay too long though...she was off to get some new clogs...2 pair...

8 'Matilda' couldn't stay too long though...she was off to get some new clogs...2 pair...

'Benny' hopped along happily with his human....

9 'Benny' hopped along happily with his human....

10 "Gustav" here was very helpful when asked for advice on where to find the best pastries...

11 "Erik" while quite reserved, was clearly proud of his Swedish heritage.

12 "Albin" was busy tracking a nearby goose at the city's river walk...

13 "Claus" here was also a tourist...he brought his human along on holiday from Finland.

14 "Melanie" impressed us with her fluent English. Apparently she had Au Pair'd for an American Family one summer after high school.

15 "Anton" had recently received the key to the city of Gothenburg for being such a loyal friend and attentive listener.

16 "Soker" seemed a fitting name for this blonde pup...That's 'sugar' in Swedish...the "o" needs 2 dots over it, but my keyboard only speaks English ;(


17 Meet "Maribou" (A yummy brand of Swedish chocolate) and "Lakrits" (Swedish for licorice).'s

18's "Lilla Hund" again!

Let me know your thoughts on how fitting you find the assigned names!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Good morning Dr Pia,
    Gee, I didn't see any Cattle Dogs or Chows, Frenchies, or Huskies among your parade of dogs. They were all a nice bunch though. I hope you told them all about the Glue Squad and how famous we are here in the United States. I still think you should have taken the Glue Squad with you. We could have talked "doggie" to them and given them all kinds of advice. We could have taught them how to dig the perfect hole, how to shred TP the proper way, how to keep all the ducks in a row, how to properly bark at critters, all kinds of stuff like that. . Hopefully, you will remember us in your next visit there. Or you could charter a plane and bring all the Swedish dogs and cats you met back with you so they could visit us here. Ok? Ok!
    Rebel, tell Mimi to be careful working outside in the heat. We don't want anything to happen to our Mini. Abby, Missy Chow, Chloe, Kitty, Zoe, Baby Favor, Cora-Belle, you girls better watch being out too long in this heat. We guys, Dudley, Kirby Bear, Rebel and myself , we all have to be careful in the hot weather. And the humans too. Hey, I just gave a weather advisory for the Glue Squad. Hehehehehehe
    Well, I guess I will go lay on the deck for a few before the sun sneaks out and warms things up too much.
    Love to all,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. I’m up early this morning and can send you a post before anyone else. But I can’t beat Maddox to the story line. I guess not being able to sleep does have it’s advantages. As for me, I sleep the usual 20 hours each day. Let me put it to you this way, sometimes I’m not sleeping just being quiet and listening to what is going on around me. Mommy watches my ears. When they move towards the sounds she knows that I’m not sleeping. It’s cooler this morning so I think I’ll go out side and take care of business. And that would be agitating the girls next door. What did you think I was taking about?
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hallå Dr.Pia, Hellolåter som en underbar tid...

    what cute, cute photos and cute names, love the translation of them. I was able to make out what they meant in Swedish (somewhat German)

    Thank You for sharing your time in Sweden, we are happy you are having a great time..

    Glue-Squad friends, my doctor said he can safely say I am cancer free of my thyroid (actually don't have one)...yeaaaa! :-)

    It rained real good yesterday and last night, but the damage is done to the crops, let's just hope the farmers don't lose all of refreshing to smell the wet ground and air.

    Hugs to Dr.Pia and all my friends here,

    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Hello Dr. Pia & Glue Squad,
    These Swedish pooches look grand. It looks a bit cooler there than in the U.S. about now. Sweden looks nice and clean also. In any language they look very happy. I agree with Maddox that everyone needs to keep cool these days. I hope everyone is preparing for the very one and only Glue Squad Olympics. You are my favorite Olympians. Hugs to all and have a great day.
    Hugs & smiles,

  • Good morning Dr. Pia,
    Another bunch of great hunds! Kitty needs a friend, too. Can you find one for her?
    I think that Matilda would be a good pal for me. I too am bashful at picture time. We would look like Frannie & Sharkey, one black & one white sitting side by side.
    Delia, is it your thyroid or Kitties? Anyway, glad it gone and no big "C" to bother you anymore.
    How's the weather in Sweden? It's still too hot here.
    Stay cool everybody!
    Your pal,

  • I'm back...I decided that as a Squad, we-be-cool all the time anyway! LOL

  • Hi Dr. Pia, Thank you so much for sharing all of these fabulous photos of those wonderful Swedish dogs and their delightful parents! I love every one of them and DDR says he sure would love to meet every one of them and so would I!! You must have had a delightful time there in Sweden! Maddox, I love all of the great comments you share with us-thank you so much! Cora-Belle, you sure did have fun running down the driveway and how great to call yourself The Explorer! Delia, so happy that you are cancer free! Good luck, my friend! So happy to hear from the rest of you yesterday and will check later to read more comments! Hope everyone has another great day and hope you have a great weekend Dr. Pia and family! Love, Jan and DDR

  • Rebel, you made me laugh! :-) this is delia typing now...guess Kitty should have been more's my thyroid (delia's), it was cancerous in 1990 and had it removed at the University of Wisconsin Hospital...

    actually Kitty has a minor thyroid problem as well, but so far so good.

    You're a schnitzel Rebel ;-) also...thanks Jan for your sweet comment.


  • ..cute little doggies..thanks for the photos..first glad to hear your good news, Delia,.. I take medicine for my thyroid..if I don't i am real sluggish..wish all my doggie pals could be with me today, it is cool and misting at my house, we would all lounge around my yard, eat Warrior Prince cookies, and maple bars, bark at critters and we would all take a quick dip in the river and then roll in the ticks here to worry about.. and my human friends Karen, Jan, Delia Sonja, Pam and Lynn could have snacks and refreshing beverages..but I will just have to make do with the goofy chiweenies ( are they ever going home?)..should not say that..their people are not doing too well health wise and the chiweenies are are a handful so Lucinda and James and I help out...oh, needless to say the gate at the end of the drive is shut today..just in case I decide to go for a stroll..everybody have a great, Cora-Belle

  • Just had to check back in as I saw the good news on Delia's cancer check. You go girl!!!! Today I must have had my laughing juice, as you all are cracking me up, Maddox, Rebel, Cora Belle. We just have to say the word Chiweenies at our house and I laugh. Glad everyone is feeling fit and frisky today.

  • Very refreshing blog post, thanks for sharing these wonderful pics of everyday Swedish life with dogs.

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