Training Humans: Midterm - Squeaky toys prohibited during testing

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Welcome to this week's class: The midterm exam is really more of an exercise than it is a test. Today's photo gallery offers a variety of ambiguous facial expressions and situations. Students are to provide captions for as many of the photos as possible.

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Exhibit A:

1 Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

2 Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

3 Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

4 Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

5 Exhibit E:

Exhibit F:

6 Exhibit F:

Exhibit G:

7 Exhibit G:

Exhibit H:

8 Exhibit H:

Exhibit I:

9 Exhibit I:

Exhibit J:

10 Exhibit J:

Exhibit K:

11 Exhibit K:

Exhibit L:

12 Exhibit L:

Exhibit M:

13 Exhibit M:

Exhibit N:

14 Exhibit N:

Exhibit O:

15 Exhibit O:

Exhibit P:

16 Exhibit P:

Exhibit Q:

17 Exhibit Q:

Exhibit R:

18 Exhibit R:

Exhibit S:

19 Exhibit S:

There are no right or wrong answers. The objective is simply to give students who will be training humans, some practice thinking like a human and considering how a human might read the cues offered by the non-human animals in these photos.

Take your time and simply answer as many as you can. Use the comments section below to log answers with an un-chewed number 2 pencil. Please be sure to note which photo is attached to each of your responses. If you prefer, you can send your responses to me at email below.

Good luck and remember there are no right or wrong answers.

In woofship,
Dr. Minnow Salk

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  • Hello Dr. Pia,
    Where is Professor Minnow? I woke up and thought I would check out the DW. Now, I will have to think about the photos and sayings to go with them. I better go back to bed because if I start to think now, I will make my head dizzy. I will be back in the morning. Good pictures.
    Love to allm

  • OK Dr. Pia,
    I have my exam paper done.
    A - Hmmm! Explain to me again why you can't put the thermometer in my MOUTH instead of the other end?
    B - This is the prettiest urine sample cup I have ever seen. Do you think I gave enough?
    C - Are you sure this is the area where you lost your contact lens?
    D - I don't care how big you are or how much space you need on the bed, around here we go by senority pal.
    E - We better eat this quick. I think there is a flash mob forming behind us.
    F - I told you I'd be the tallest one here. It happens wherever I go.
    G - It's true. I am one of those exotics. I am a cross between a cattle dog and a racoon. I am a cacoon. hahahahaha
    H -This is like looking in a mirror but there is no mirror. Interesting!
    I - Hey, back off, this is our street corner. We have been yodeling here for months.
    J - Come on, get up,dance, move that body. Shake it baby shake it!
    K - When did you say the moving van is coming? Where is the bubble wrap?
    L - My, what big ears you have. Are you one of those jackalopes?
    M - I'm so excited. I'm on my way to audition for Canine's Top Model.
    N - Get the popcorn, turn on the tv. I am ready for Grey's Anatomy.
    O - I told them to get a Frenchie or Chow Model for this shoot. This is Martha Stewart's magazine. What were they thinking?
    P - Now I lay me down to sleep.......
    Q - They said I was getting another canine companion. What the heck are you, a Great Dane?
    R - Can you say exhibitionist?????
    S - What do you mean, doesn't everybody's head match the color of their tongue?
    Now I am going to lay down. My head is empty from all that thinking. hehehehehehe
    Love ya,

  • O.K., here goes. I must say, I feel a headache coming on!
    A: What you lookin' at Willis?
    B: You don't expect me to drink that!
    C: Where ARE those fish?
    D: You expect us to sleep together?
    E: No thanks, garlic does nothing for me.
    F: I'm a good dog & please don't make me give the kids a ride.
    G: Ahhhh. That feels good!
    H: Back off, she's mine!
    I: Hurray up Giselle! I'll keep watch for you....
    J: Really? I'm going to be the next Wonder Pet?
    K: Yes, I love this box.
    L: Found the squirrel, Let's go!
    M: Summer breeze makes me feel fine!
    N: Yes, I really am the doctor.
    O: It's a weird thing.
    P: Hmm, what could this be? Holmes asked Watson.
    Q: Who let you in the house?
    R: Yes, I am quite comfortable, thank you. Brandy please.
    S: Shocking, isn't it. Just the look I was going for!

  • Hello Dr. Minnow and Dr. Pia,
    I love all the photos today. Are any my Glue Squad pals? I know being human I am not as clever as my four legged pals like Professor Maddox, Doc Kirby, Zoe, Dudley, Rebel, Cora Belle, Abby, Kitty, Chloe, Missy Chow and all my other pals, but here is my best:
    A - Who me? No not me.
    B - Every Professor needs a hot cup of joe to start the day
    C - I lost my contact, where's my contact?
    D - No officer, we were here together the whole time. It couldn't have been us.
    I - Where, oh where, can my baby be?
    J - A ten hut!!!
    K - Don't even think about it.
    I think my fav is A. Cora Belle you need to send in a photo of you and the Chiweenies. That Chiweenie stuff cracks me up. Have a terrific day all.
    Hugs & smiles,

  • Hi Dr. Minnow, These photos are terrific and i will try to comment on all of them-here goes #1 Did I do something wrong?! #2 Is that for me to drink?! Looks good! #3 Lets see if I can find what I dropped-hope so! #4 What happened to our eyes? They look like buttons! #5 Yum! That look good! Can I have a bite?! #6 Can I get up now? I'm wide awake! #7 Yippie! You are finally drying me off! #8 What did I tell you? You lay down and behave yourself! #9 Come on buddy, let's go! There is something fun over here! #10 Gee, I thought there was more food down here! Where is it? #11 Why do I have to sit in this uncomfortable box?! #12 Now listen, you just stay here and I will see what I can find for us. OK?! #13 WOW! These sunglasses sure make it fun to ride in the car! #14 This mask will only help if it covers my nose better! What is that smell? #15 How great that I look so beautiful on the cover of Living Magazine! #16 I'm getting a little tired but I love this food! #17 Did you want to sit here on the couch with me?! #18 Gee, sure wish I could lay down-this looks uncomfortable! #19 How did I get that pink on my head?! Sure hope you have a great day, Dr. Minnow and Dr. Pia! Hope all of our great buddies have a great day, too! Love to all, Jan and DDR

  • Hello Dr. Minnow, wow here's my exam,
    A- You have to do what to my anal glands??
    B- be still my heart.
    C- Black beard's treasure??
    D- There she is with the camera again.
    F-More training? I thought we were on summer break.
    G- yes, Rocky raccoon, no I don't have my license and registration.
    H-Yes, i watched dances with wolves.
    I=Feel the breeze and look for the hotdog wagon!
    J- I smell cheese!
    K-What do you mean think outside the box?
    L-No I did not see a lady with a pink purse.
    M-Road trip!
    N-Dr.kitty ready to scrub up.
    O- Yes, smile and say Sharkey.
    P-Yes, I am nocturnal, now please turn off that light.
    Q-Knew i had too many margaritas.
    R-What do you mean mad men finished the season 5??
    S- Ready to party!!
    Ok there's my exam. really liked Maddox's comments too. Hugs to Sonya, Delia and kitty, Lynn, Kirby, Missy chow, Cora belle Clampett and all the glue squad- Abby
    Q-Knew I had too many margaritas.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. Ok here goes the exam answers:
    A-Is that a treat in your pocket?
    B-Se, but I only took a little sip.
    C-Just checking to see if my watch is really waterproof.
    D-Dear Caught in the headlights.
    E-Is that pepperoni?
    F-So ok I’m still sorry I spilled your ink.
    G-Go ahead, move that finger a little closer.
    H-That’s right; when I say “down” you go down.
    I-I think that cat went up the tree over there.
    J-You may be a mouse; I’ll be a man.
    K-Melvin trying to be a boxer.
    L-See, when you touch my nose my ears go up.
    M-Do I look god in purple? Yeah, I do.
    N-If I hide as part of the staff they may not “fix” me.
    O-Come on Millie, you are NOT Martha Stewart.
    P-You eat things your way; I’ll eat things my way.
    Q-I still don’t get that joke Jack.
    R-watching Animal Planet.
    S-Is it time for a walk; huhuhuhuhu.
    It feels so good to “ace” a test.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • My big paw got in the way; M should read: M-Do I look good in purple? Yeah, I sure do.

  • Good golly that was fun!
    Thanks Dr. Pia...........;)

  • Hey everyone.
    I enjoyed reading everyone's answers. That was a good exam cause we all passed. Dr. Pia should take us on a field trip for this one. hehehehehehehehe
    Catch you all tomorrow.

  • captions from my fellow glue squaders....I have a couple: G: Wish I had teeth, I would bite you!..P: Now, listen closely, this is the plan.., James and Lucinda said to tell you all, you are all so clever!!..over and out, Cora-Belle

  • Very cute titles!!!! :-) :-)

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