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A serious survey for our blog readers – Many of you glue squad members have been complaining that you cannot see the blog photos or that you receive an error 404 message.  We have been trying to figure out the problem and we apologize for the inconvenience.  If you have been experiencing these viewing issues, please leave another comment today saying so.  We would love to get an idea about how many of you there are.  Thanks.

There are so many things that smell really good in the garden at this time of year, in particular, lilac.  Martha has a row of amazing standard lilac trees that grow along the drive and their fragrance wafts through the air.  She also has a long allee of mixed lilac, which are always amazing to see and smell.

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Francesca!  Do you smell that beautiful fragrance?

1 Francesca! Do you smell that beautiful fragrance?

It's coming from the standard lilac trees blooming near the apple espalier!

2 It's coming from the standard lilac trees blooming near the apple espalier!

Francesca, did you know that lilacs, or syringa, are part of the olive family?  The name comes from the Greek word, syrinx, meaning hollow pipe or tube, and refers to the shape of the flowers.  Let's drive to the long lilac allee.

3 Francesca, did you know that lilacs, or syringa, are part of the olive family? The name comes from the Greek word, syrinx, meaning hollow pipe or tube, and refers to the shape of the flowers. Let's drive to the long lilac allee.

Here we are, Sharkey.

4 Here we are, Sharkey.

Wow!  The lilac allee is bursting with fragrant blossoms!

5 Wow! The lilac allee is bursting with fragrant blossoms!

Like many pretty spring flowers, the lilac has a short season.  They start blooming in the early spring and typically last throughout May.  Except, this year everything is so early!

6 Like many pretty spring flowers, the lilac has a short season. They start blooming in the early spring and typically last throughout May. Except, this year everything is so early!

The colors of lilacs are often pale shades of blue or lavender, but can also include white, pink, and rich purples.  Flowers can be single or double.

7 The colors of lilacs are often pale shades of blue or lavender, but can also include white, pink, and rich purples. Flowers can be single or double.

Their beautiful aroma is definitely an indication that spring is here, wouldn't you say, Sharkey?

8 Their beautiful aroma is definitely an indication that spring is here, wouldn't you say, Sharkey?

Their fragrance also helps attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

9 Their fragrance also helps attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

The wood of the lilac plant is very hard and is often used for musical instruments and knife handles.

10 The wood of the lilac plant is very hard and is often used for musical instruments and knife handles.

Sharkey, I'm so glad we get to enjoy so many beautiful flowers that grow at the farm.

11 Sharkey, I'm so glad we get to enjoy so many beautiful flowers that grow at the farm.

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    It is Maddox here. I am among the Glue Squad members who has been having problems. If that error thing comes up, I clicl on blogs which puts me on Martha's page, then I click on the DW picture of the girls and then it puts me back to the DW page. Also, sometimes the comments are not on for a long time. I missed a couple from the past several days and had to go back through several days to see them.
    But, I want to tell you that we, the Glue Squad, have faith that you will figure this problem out and then everything will be good again. Maybe, Sharkey's paw gave the DW a virus when she typed her blog cause she has a sore foot. hehehehehe

    Good morning girls,
    I bet you feel fantastic sitting in the midst of that lilac aroma. I hope it makes you forget all about your boo boo's, if only for a little while. Another week shot. But it is nice and cool this morning. That means deck time for me, probably Kirby too. I will check back with all you maniacs a little later today.
    Love to all,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I often don’t take the time to stop and smell the sweet blooms of the flowers. I’m too busy but I know that I need to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life. Franny, I’ll bet that the “cone” intensifies the aroma of the flowers and surrounds your head with their sweet fragrance. Enough with the sweet ‘mushy’ stuff. It’s Friday and the weekend is here. I don’t have anything planed, but everyone out there have a good and safe weekend. Another “error 404” message today but the back arrow button trick works.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good Morning F & S

    My mom just loves the smell of lilacs. We don't have any of those growing in our yard but she has lots of lilac scented candles.

    I missed posting yesterday mom had another golf outing. I'm going to have to insist that she get later tee times so it doesn't interfere with my schedule.

    Glad to hear C.B. had a fun birthday party, uh where was my invite? You know I do road trips and would have brought treats :)

    So this is my last weekend with mom then Super Nanny makes her appearance here on Monday. No blogging for me next week :(

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. F & S I hope you are both healing well.


    PS - no error message this morning - yipee :)

  • I view through Google Reader and have no problems with the photos and when I came on here, to the actual blog, there was also no problem. Just the problem of my heart skipping a beat - lilacs are one of the few things I miss about New Jersey, down here in Florida : (

  • I got the error this morning the first time I viewed picture #8. Next time it was okay.

    Chrome v 19.0.1084.46

  • Hey ladies!
    I love lilacs, too! My neighbor has a really big lilac bush that is very smelly, I mean fragrant. We have some smaller ones that Mimi says are "Miss Kim" lilacs. Hey Frannie, I bet you can hear everything better and is your bark louder? Your cone is like a big megaphone! Sure hope G.K. & Sharkey are starting to feel better.
    I'll be back later to see how Cora Belle's party went. Hey, Just B, I used to live in Florida. I am beginning to forget what it was like, I know that I like the grass here in Illinois better then the Florida grass. I'd like to come visit you in the winter though, still not sure about the snow! LOL
    No error 404 today tech squad! thanks!
    Your pal,

  • Yes, problems seeing the photos, and occasional Error 404 messages. Thanks

  • Error 404 - Not Found....yep it happened! I just hit the Back button or refresh, but this has been happening to me for a while now(year or so)

    My favorite flower the Lilac and then the Violet. I use to have a huge Lilac bush in California it bloomed twice a year, Spring and Fall...very odd.

    Francesca and Sharkey you guys are so lucky, I mean really lucky to have all this beauty around you. :-)

    Zoe good luck with your Super Nanny, Kirby you have to stop and smell the flowers and Maddox enjoy your deck time!

    Kitty is catting around this morning so haven't seen her :-( can't wait for her to come home, I don't like this...Yes Lynn maybe she should have a camera on her, I would love to see her travels.

    Have a save and happy weekend everyone!
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Hello Francesca,Sharkey,Maddox, kirby, Lynn and all the glue squad,
    We get the error 4 message all the time on the new message of the day but just arrow back. There are no messages on the older comments and photos.
    Glad to see Frannie and Sharkey out sniffing the beautiful lilacs! note that syringa, looks so similiar to SYRINGE which gave me my lyme vaccination yesterday at the hospital. Glad those vaccinations are done, feel like bee stings!
    CORA BELLE, your party must have been great fun! Maybe you can extend the celebration through the weekend. Its National Police Week so high paws to all our police dog friends!
    Hugs to Nicky, Kris, Kitty, Empress Tang and the cat crew. Barks and good weekend to all my canine buddies and new friend LIAM the black lab--Abby

  • Have not had any problem's Love reading all the post and comments each day.We have two Beagles... Maggie and Stuart and do not live far from Francesca,Sharkey and G.K.Thank's for the fun Blog!!!!

  • Hi - I also have problems viewing the pictures. It freezes up after the 1st one. I have to go to the bottom - and click on a picture to read the caption. But - I can not scroll thru them at the top using the next arrow. I don't have any problems with Martha's blog. Thanks!

  • Lilacs are the best! Have not had a problem with an error message. I sign on by just goggling The Daily Wag. Would that make a difference. Pretty morning in Ohio.

  • I receive the Error 404 - Not Found notice when looking at the Daily Wag and Kevin Sharkey's blogs but never on Martha's. Strange.

  • Hello All,
    Just as I was getting ready to type my comment, error 404 reared its head. I click back arrow and then things come back. Yesterday I couldn't view any comments, just type my own. Sometimes when I push Read The Blog nothing will come up and I wait and wait and click again. This has been going on for several weeks now.

    At least today I finally got to read Professor Maddox's beautiful poem for our dear Cora Belle's sweet 16. Now this is why you are the professor---such wonderful talents. I imagine you in front of the Glue Squad (like a classroom on Little House On the Prairie) and you are teaching an English class. Next the Glue Squad goes to music where Rapper Z conducts class and then on to Health where Doc Kirby conducts his class. The rest of you are in charge of recess. Abby, I am soooo glad you got your Lyme Disease shot. Can any of you easterners tell me about this disease? If you get the shot can you still get the disease? Basil could not get shots after the reaction to his distemper when he was 1 yr., so I am not up to date on shot info. Colorado is getting more cases of Lyme so I need to be prepared. Zoe, we will miss you, but try and behave for Super Nanny. Where are Little Lola and Gran? Maddox and Kirby you enjoy your deck time. We are going hiking today as the garden is planted. Cora Belle I finally got to read yesterday from you and am so glad the biscuits were a hit and your party was too. I wish I had been there to see you all. Glad you all enjoyed the biscuit recipe. Kitty I think you are gorgeous, but Mama Delia is a better woman than I---I would stay awake nights worrying if my kitty was out. We have coyotes that are bold enough to come down the street with a cat in mouth. Outdoor cats are not safe here--small dogs either. Have a great weekend all.
    Hugs & smiles,

  • I have had no pictures come up only 1 or 2 times. If I come back to the site later it seems to work fine. Love seeing pictures of F & S and they are the reason we have now become parents to a French Bulldog, Gigi, and have had a wonderful time for the last 3 years.

  • Hi Daily Wag Group, We have been having trouble with the error 404 appearing for a week or so and when I click on the back arrow on the top, left hand side of this page the blog comes back and I can comment just fine. Yesterday, there was no problem, but today when I clicked on photo # 10, the error 404 returned and I clicked on back arrow and here I am. This happens on Kevin's blog, also but not on Martha's. Now to F,S,&GK, I always love your blog and today's blog is wonderful! Those lilac bushes are beautiful and its so much fun to see you traveling around and letting us see all of those beautiful lilacs! You two sweet girls are looking better every day and sure hope GK is doing better, also! He did look great with Martha on her blog today! Sure hope all of you great friends have a great weekend and stay safe! Will come back and check out all of the comments later. Love, Dudley Do Right and Jan XOXOXO+

  • I too am have problems viewing the pictures. Hope you can get this fixed.

  • I too have had problems viewing the pictures. At first I could only view them via Internet Explorer. Then that stopped working. I switched to Firefox and had the same problem. I can only click through the first two pictures and that's it. I've had the same problem on Kevin Sharkey's blog but never a problem on Martha's blog.
    Thanks for trying to work it out!

  • I keep getting error 404 when trying to view today's Daily Wag.

  • DW Administrators: So far today no 'Error 404' message. Over the last two weeks though I've had problems viewing the photos-get to the third photo and it comes up blank/doesn't load, load's slowly. Sometimes the DW site itself loaded very slowly or not at all. Hope the info helps.

    Ladies, even with your health issues you two still look good getting around the farm among the pretty flowers. Cora-belle hope your B-Day was great. Zoe, we're going to miss you for a week. "Try" to be to Super Nanny. :wink: Everyone, have a lovely, safe weekend! :smile:

  • What the heck, I was typing and all the words went away. Darn it. Now I have to start over.
    OK, Zoe, tell your mom I hope she does extremely well this weekend on the golf course. I can't wait for you to come back in a week and tell us all the bad things you did to get on the SN nerves. hehehehe
    Cora-Belle, where are you? Is the party still going on? By the way, did you read the poem I wrote for you on your birthday? I don't know if you got all your messages or not.
    I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will check in again later to see if Cora-Belle comes on here and the rest of the Glue Squad that didn't report in yet for the weekend.

  • I have never been able to see more than the first picture when viewing on my computer (Mac through Firefox.) Starting with Sharkey's Special Bootie, I can no longer see all the pictures through my phone's Twitter feed, which is how I had been viewing the photos. Comments come through fine. Hey, good thing I know Sharkey is talking about her foot, not her hinder!

  • Hi girls! I'm a big fan and read yours and Martha's blog everyday. I just wanted to let you know that I also had a lot of trouble viewing your great blogs for several weeks. It wouldn't let me view the pictures, it would keep bringing me back to the first photo only. I would get the Error 404 message as well. Happily, this past week I've been able to view everything again, and I'm busy catching up on your past blogs! But, I also received a new laptop for Mother's Day, so I'm not sure if that's why the problem has been solved for me or not. (?)Anyway, hope all of you puppies feel much better soon!! Best Regards, Kathy

  • The lilacs are beautiful and so vibrant in color.

    Glad to see both of you out and about enjoying the nice weather. Hopefully you are both feeling much better.

    Weather in NH has been down right beautiful the last two days!

    I can almost taste summer! :)

    Happy weekend to everyone...


  • I noticed a problem with viewing the Daily Wag about 2-3 weeks ago. The problem started for me when the site for the Playlist for Chew it Over with Francesca and Sharkey appeared to the right. Not sure if this had something to do with it. Also, the main page, where you can click on the featured items...this week it's Home....Strawberries....Graduation, etc did not work at all....only displayed one screen and no tabs. These problems only occur in problems at all when I use Firefox or view on my Ipad.

  • Hello all,
    I look at the blog everyday....I don't have trouble seeing all the photo's. I am going to post to see if the error comes up for me....

  • ..yes, I too, have encountered the 404 error message, but not today...our lilacs are not blooming yet..thanks Maddox for the are a poet and your feet show it...HEHEHEHE...I hid some Warrior Prince cookies from my I must sneak off and eat them and take a snooze..I am one tired Cora-Belle...all my glue squad buddies have a great weekend...over and out..Cora-Belle

  • Het glue squad and my buddy Lynn,
    Up late after taco night and trip to the park today to feed my mom's duck friends. Her favorite duck Quacky with the mohawk is missing along with her mallord hybrid duck boyfriend so more little ones may come soon. We fed her duck son who has a mohawk, her brown daughter and two sister hybrid ducks.
    I saw two great turtles and ran all around!
    Lynn, those lyme vaccinations help a lot to prevent lyme disease but are not 100% effective. Many dogs are wearing scalibor collars in addition to advantix topically here to ward off those nasty deer ticks. I am not wearing the collar yet since I have sensitive skin. Tick checks every day. Hugs to all and PARTY GIRL CORA BELLE. High paws to Professor Maddox, Licks for my friend "Wolfie". Abby the frenchie pug

  • I am not a glue squad member but I am having those problems as well. It's not just the Daily Wag, it's the entire website of It has been going on there for months and months and months. I use IE 8 and that may be where the problem lies. It started when they put out a new release, at least the Daily Wag part did. The rest of the website started so long ago I cannot remember when it was. It is not consistent either place. Many times it happens and many times it does not. Your QA people will have to be persistent to find it. That said, in the other parts of the web site is also common to have expeced content like he Daily Organizing Tip simply not show up at all some days, sometimes for several days in a row. Or one tip shows up and another does not. It makes no sense other than a human is not getting them all put out there. I've been frustrated with this site for many, many months and frankly, it is only because the content is so good that I endure it at all. I do not want to be negative but I'm an IT person and the problems are glaring to me.

  • yes, getting the 404 for several wks., now--thought it was my machine. I hit back & go back thru all the pics, & it gets thru the 404, then, to continue on, if that clue helps.

  • Always have problems viewing pictures, esp if blog is more than one day old. Usually first one or two pictures work but not the rest.

  • Hey gang, It is Sunday morning. Hope you are all having a good weekend. Cora-Belle, I hope you are back to normal after your big party. woman, you are a party animal. hehehehehe
    Kirby, I hope your mornings are cool right now like mine are so you can just chill out and relax before the sun beats down on us.
    I was amazed at the number of people/animals that read the DW yet we don't see that they post. Karen is on some chow lists and they call that lurking. There is nothing wrong with it. They just like to keep up with what is going on and that is kool that so many are interested in the DW.
    It is going to be different this week not hearing from Zoe. Maybe Chloe can let us know what kind of trouble the both of them get into. hehehehehe
    OK, I was just checking in to see that everyone is alright. Talk to you Glue Squadders tomorrow. Can't wait to hear what went on with all of you over the weekend.
    Love to all,
    PS - Baby Favor, did I read it correctly before, are you Francesca's mother? If so, is Sharkey related to you too?
    PSS - GK, F & S, I hope the three of you continue to improve with your boo boo status.
    PSSS - I'm done. hehehehehehehe

  • I have been getting the 404 error message for a while now and I thought it was my computer. As a matter of fact while I was looking at the lilac pics, the 404 error popped!

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