Empress Tang Becomes a Nurse!

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As you know, we dogs are having a bit of a rough patch.  Francesca has eye issues, Sharkey has dew claw issues, and both Francesca and G.K. have Lyme disease.  So what does all this mean?  Lots of medicine!

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Yawn...I was having the most wonderful dream.

1 Yawn...I was having the most wonderful dream.

Look at all of this medication and it's all for the dogs!  The kitchen has become an infirmary!

2 Look at all of this medication and it's all for the dogs! The kitchen has become an infirmary!

Between Sharkey's dew claw, Francesca's eye, and both Francesca and G.K. having Lyme disease, we have more pills on the counter than a pharmacy!

3 Between Sharkey's dew claw, Francesca's eye, and both Francesca and G.K. having Lyme disease, we have more pills on the counter than a pharmacy!

Where are you Frenchies?  Come and get your medicine!

4 Where are you Frenchies? Come and get your medicine!

Empress Tang, it's so nice of you to look after us this way.

5 Empress Tang, it's so nice of you to look after us this way.

Let me read the entire label first.  I want to make sure I get these instructions right.

6 Let me read the entire label first. I want to make sure I get these instructions right.

We actually don't mind taking our pills.

7 We actually don't mind taking our pills.

That's right, our pills are often mixed in with food!

8 That's right, our pills are often mixed in with food!

And we love food!

9 And we love food!

Okay, let's go down the list and check off who got what medication.

10 Okay, let's go down the list and check off who got what medication.

Looks like G.K. needs one more pill, but that's not until this evening.

11 Looks like G.K. needs one more pill, but that's not until this evening.

Why does it feel like we cats always have take care the dogs around here?

12 Why does it feel like we cats always have take care the dogs around here?

Now where were was I?

13 Now where were was I?


14 Zzzz...

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  • ..luckily you frenchies and G.K. have the Empress Tang to help out..Hope you all get better soon..taking meds is no fun...it is late and i must get my beauty sleep...will check back later..over and out, Cora-Belle

  • Happy Monday!

    Nurse Nightin-Tang at your service! I was hoping you would be wearing a cute white nurses hat Miss Tang-a-roo! :)

    Glad you are lending a helping paw to your fellow critters. I'm sure they would do the same for you.

    Hey, guess what? I received a Mother's Day card with a picture of a donkey on it! I was beyond tickled! I guess my love for all things donks is getting out! :)

    Have a super Monday...


  • Good Morning Little Furball

    I'm glad to see you are taking such good care of F, S & GK they are sad group right now. Mom said you have to be really orgainzed with multiple pets taking meds - the check list works great. I don't mind taking medication mom puts my pills in liverwurst or cheese which is yummy. She tried those little pill pockets but they didn't work.

    I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. We got mom some really pretty hanging baskets for the yard. Dad took mom and grandmom to the new casino in Atlantic City. I'm glad she had a nice day.

    I can't wait to hear some health updates - Maddox whee are you this morning?


  • You are such a wonderful cat taking care of the three sicko dogs. Very nice of you. I hope they appreciate it and I hope they all get better real soon.
    I can't wait to hear from everyone about their Mother's Day weekend. My Mammy Jean is still in the Intensive Care Unit but she is much much better. The nurse told Karen that she will probably be coming home in a few days so that is a good thing. Thank you for your concern for my Mammy Jean. She is 80 years old but she is in good shape so I think that is helping her. I text her pictures of myself cause I know I am her very special boy.
    Love to all,
    PS - Cora-Belle, this weekend was your chance to give Lucinda any of your pre birthday gifts that you didn't care for too much. You could just have just wrapped them up and let her open them. That would have been funny to watch. But save some for James for Father's Day. hehehehehe

  • Good Morning Empress Tang,
    You are doing an excellent job helping with the medicines for all the dogs. The check list is an excellent idea. I had one for Basil, just for one dog. It is a good thing they have your help for 3 dogs. Hope G.K.'s appointment on Friday went well. Cora Belle, I wish I had your address, and I would send you a big box of my home made dog biscuits for your birthday. Had a special Mother's Day dinner over the weekend. Having the kids and Will with me was the best. Delia, I bet you burned up the phone lines talking to your girls. Have a great day everyone.
    Hugs and smiles,

  • Hello Empress Tang!
    I don't think I've ever "talked" to you before! You are being so nice to the sick pups in the house. What would they do without you?
    Glad to hear all my DW Moms had great weekends, as you know, my Mimi was on the road. I was having fun being pampered at Dr. Becky's place. After I get my teeth cleaned today I will give her lots of kisses!
    Til tomorrow!
    Your pal,
    P.S. Princess Tang, I think you are beautiful!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    What a good weekend it was even with the rain. Yep, it rained all day yesterday and into the night. The other day it rained for only thirty minutes and that was three quarters of an inch. The total for yesterday was one quarter of an inch. Thunderstorms are not only noisy, they dump a lot of water. I guess when you are ill, you’ll let anyone “nurse” you; even a c c c cat. Almost can’t get that out today. Good thing she is around and willing to take care of you. Even if it is between her naps. Speaking of which, I need one now.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Girl Friends, &G.K.+Glue Squad, Empress Tang, you are not only a beautiful young lady, but you have become a fantastic nurse taking care of F,S,&GK so they can get better even sooner! I love your photos and showing Franny and Sharkey in #5,7,8,&9 was so nice! You know I love kitties and you, Delia's Kitty, and Martha's other kitties are my favorites right now! Hope to see you more often! Gail, you are a lucky Donkey lover to get that great Mother's Day card with the Donkey photo! Zoe, you sure were great giving your Mom those baskets! Maddox, my thoughts are with your family and I pray that Mammy Jean is better and home real soon! Lynn, you are a superior Mother and I am so glad you had a great weekend! My Mom had a great weekend, too and I helped her working outside to clean up our yard! Hope all of you had a great weekend and have another great day today! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Hello Nurse Empress Tang, G.K., Francesca, Sharkey, lynn, Maddox, Rebel and all the glue squad, I am glad everyone had a nice Mother's Day weekend.
    It is so nice of you Empress to help take care of your canine buddies. they are lucky to have a beautiful, conscientious feline looking after their medication. Mom was impressed that you double read those medication labels too. We both laughed about how Sharkey loves the food with the pills.
    Maddox, I hope your Mammy Jean feels better soon. I saw all my family this weekend up at a lake in the catskills. I even got to swim in the lake a little and saw baby sunfish! No steak for me though, only dog food since my diet continues. Cora Belle, almost your birthday now!
    James Dean our persian cat sends his best hello purrs to the Empress Tang. Hugs to Nicky, Kris, Lynn, Rebel, Lola, Rapper Zoe and all my friends- Lake Dog Abby the frenchie Pug

  • Empress Tang you are such a cat!!! ;-)

    I spent the day with my youngest daughter in White Fish Bay(Milwaukee)she made me a "wonderful" German meal, Beef Rouladen, Rotkol, Knöd "ach du lieber it tasted good" gifts with an endearing card. Had a great Loving day, and came home to Skype with other daughter in Kansas...all in all a Blessed day. :-)

    I hope everyone had a wonderful day!
    delia & Kitty =^. .^=

  • Nurse Tang Nurse Tang! Empress that is very sweet of you to take care of the doggies while they are the 'walking wounded' around the farm.

    Glad to hear that all of the Moms had a fun Mother's Day. Maddox, I'm sending prayers and warm thoughts to you and Karen that Mammy Jean gets well very quickly and comes home soon.

    The blog site is still acting funny. I tried to post first thing this morning but I got the 404 error message.

  • Good Morning Girls and GK,

    Boy Nurse Tang must be exhausted taking care of all of you. But you are lucky to have such a great nurse. Mom told me she had cat named Alex (he passed away 4 years ago at the age of 13) who always would lay with her or the kids whenever they were sick. Don't know if she distributed the meds LOL but he had wonderful bed side manners I heard. :)
    Mother's Day was really nice. Got mom some great gifts with the help of Abbie. We were all together just hanging out in the yard and mom cooked some crabs. Now let me tell you....... those things are nasty!!! Mom had them in a big basket and I just wanted to be friendly so I stuck my nose in and all H E double L broke loose. They were snapping at me with their claws trying to bite me. I gave up trying to be nice and watched mom throw them in the boiling water. Who got the last laugh :) .....try and bite me!!!!! Did a little digging too. :( So now mom puts my "special " collar on me when I go out in the yard. I just put my paw in the garden and BAM, I fell a little something that tingles. So I decided to stay out of the garden for a bit. I know mom has something to do with the tingling. LOL I have been really good in the house though. No jumping on the furniture. Mom is really happy with that.

    Well, I hope everyone has a great day! Abbie is home from school sick today so maybe I will be like Nurse Tang and take care of her. Think she may need a little nip on her toes to make her laugh :)

    Chloe xx

  • ..back again..Lucinda had a nice M.Day..Samantha called and James and i got her some goodies and cooked some burgers...Thanks Lynn,,could you post your dog cookie recipe and maybe Lucinda could make me some..bet they are good!..the countdown continues..16 on the 16th..today I got a tennis ball that squeeks..sounds just like a small animal being munched..I love it!Hope Mammy Jean gets to come home soon!..Sounds like everyone had a really good week-en..Chloe, James was a king crabber in the the Bering Sea during the 70"s and 80's..(that makes him old!)..good thing one those didn't latch onto you..he did that befor the deadliest catch was a big deal..he has some wild stories to tell...it is getting hot out and this double coated old farm dog gets really over heated anymore and I can't walk to my favorite swimming hole anymore..so guess what..an A/C appeared yesterday just for me..I sprawl in front of it..that is a special b.day treat for me! Gail, I like donks, too, glad you got a donk card..I must take snooze and stay cool..later all my glue squad buddies..Cora-Belle

  • Hi all,
    Hey Zoe, how did your rap song go for your mom yesterdsay? I bet she loved it. Rebel, you were supposed to tell us what you would have written about Mimi on Friday if you were home. Cora-Belle, what was your pre birthday gift today? Anxious to hear. Chloe, if you bury that funny collar, you won't tingle any more. Don't tell your mom I said that.
    Karen said to thank everyone for all the nice thoughts abnout Mammy Jean. Me too. She is being moved to an Acute Rehab place, whatever that is. I don't know why they are sticking her in a rehab, she doesn't drink or do drugs. Poor Maam Jean. Well, maybe she will get to meet Lindsay Lohan or one of those Hollywood stars. hehehehehe
    Kirby, we got your rain. You know what that means, tv for this boy. No deck time.

  • To empress Tang, RN, Our mom was listening to Connecticut Public Radio's "FAith Middleton Show" today and Faith interviewed Eugene Shapiro, MD, who specializes in Lyme Disease at Yale New Haven Hospital. Amongst many suggestions on how to avoid Lyme disease, he mentioned that barbary bushes, which grow invasively in our part of the country, are prime breeding grounds for evil deer ticks. Being a caring nurse, I am hoping you can pass this info on to Martha so she may check to see if any of the dastardly weeds are growing there in Bedford. If so, eradicate them. My brother Marcello and I are indoor felines and are fairly protected from buggies, but we are concerned about our fellow furry friends who do venture into the "wilds". We hope that all of your patients will be well soon and that you can resume your naps without interruptions.

    Very truly yours, Poirot

  • Really, really, Cora Belle, can the powers that be send her my e-mail and if Lucinda and James want they can e-mail me their address. It is therapy for me now to do good stuff for other dogs. It would be a belated b-day box of biscuits but still fun. I will post the recipe tomorrow still Cora Belle. Basil and Tasha's favorite was Pumpkin---yum. Mom and Dad could probably even have one.
    Hugs to all,

  • Hi Sweet Furrie Friends and Moms...
    I seem to be posting later every day. Not good. Need to hop to it in the early A.M.
    From the sound of everyone's posts today ... it was a good weekend for all.
    Abby, James Dean is a great name... he must have been a really cool cat to get a name like that!
    Chloe, I swear Girl... you have got to watch yourself. I HATE it when I get the "Special" collar. Although good for you putting it to those crabs... may they RIP!
    Maddox, you be sure and take care of Mammy Jean. My Nana Bernie went to one of those Rehab places after her Hip Surgery. The staff there took real good care of her. Bernie was good as new when she got home and she's 92!
    Empress Tang, You get 3 gold stars today for taking good care of Frannie, Sharkey and GK. :)
    Hugs to all of you.
    Love Little Lola

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